Mega Man Ultrabooks Are The Perfect Device To Play Street Fighter X Mega Man On

By Spencer . February 26, 2013 . 4:30pm


Capcom is celebrating Mega Man’s 25th birthday with a mega thin laptop computer. Fans can vote on which case -Rockman, Roll-chan, Dr. Wily, Mega Man or a design you choose – will be on the Mega Man ultrabooks. If you want to vote go here, select your age range, and gender to cast your ballot.


Each Mega Man ultrabook has a 14.1" anti-glare LCD screen, weighs only 1.67kg, and is 19mm thin. The specs for the notebooks can be customized, but Capcom says you will get a solid state drive (with an unspecified amount of space) and energy efficient 3rd generation processor.


You can reserve a Mega Man ultrabook on March 29 in you’re in Japan, but you won’t get your PC until July.

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  • ninjabart122

    Roll and the Bad Cover Art Megaman ones look interesting.

    • Krisi92

      How is MM1’s European boxart bad?

  • Zonic505

    I can’t decide between the 3rd or 4th design. That 4th one has an awesome MM9/10 box art vibe going on.

    • Krisi92

      It’s the PAL cover for the first game.

  • Is it like the Sega ‘netbooks’ that cost upwards of 2000 dollars for a halfway decent system?

  • Juliano C

    I love capcom, instead of wasting time in a new megaman game they prefer to release those trinkets that we fan are craving for

  • Visa Vang

    I want that Roll skin.

    • countupyoursins

      Creepy. :p

  • Reminding us of the bad boxart megaman was funny the first time, but I wish they had given it a rest after that…

    • Krisi92

      What are you talking about? The European Mega Man 1 boxart was freaking amazing in every way. Just take a look at it.

      • Niko Sandwich

        I love how that cover says ‘High Resolution Graphics,’ just since, you know… how 8-bit it is. It kind of shows how far we’ve come.

      • wow, I have never seen the European one before, actually :O I didn’t know that they had their own bad boxart Mega Man… I actually thought that they had made a new bad boxart artwork for this :P

      • Happy Gamer

        this has to be the most accurate depiction ever for a bad box art.

        • Krisi92

          Have you ever seen the American boxart for the first 2 games? That was bad. It looked nothing like the game, and the art style was pretty bad, too. What’s the problem with this one? Everything looks exactly as it should. Mega Man’s clothes are the way they supposed to be, the robot masters look exactly like they do in the game, and there’s even Dr. Wily – again, looking exactly as he should. And the background even looks much closer to stuff that’s found in the game than the American art. I seriously don’t see what could your problem be with this boxart, as I truly believe it’s easily one of the most epic ones ever – and one of the most accurate from the NES era.

          • Happy Gamer

            haha I was being sarcastic. Was saying the 3rd party drawing was “bad” but everything in it is right on point as far as design etc. I think my words didn’t connect well. Adding that facial expression of emotion and the spiky thingies coming out of his ears does the job for me. This pic is oddly addicting.

          • Krisi92

            Well, yeah… Those ARE a bit weird, but you gotta love the whole pic.

  • Namuro

    Wow…look at all those Rolls…(^ q ^)

  • Roll!

  • zero254

    I wonder if they will throw in this mug as well?

    • LOL, moe~ mega man.. XD I have to say, I’d rather have that than those =P

  • Isaac Newton

    I see so happy birthday Megaman :D

    So Capcom it’s Megaman’s 25 Anniversary so can we start the project for Megaman Legends 3

  • Göran Isacson

    Man, European Mega Man beats American Mega Man by nautical MILES… not that it’s HARD to do so, but really- that is a pretty kickass cover.

  • CirnoLakes

    Wow, I could have swore I had a comment on this article before. Did it get deleted for… being on too old of an article? I remember making some criticism and praise of the thing both. For instance, saying how I loved the Roll design, but didn’t like how it mismatched the color scheme.

    Anyway, if they were deleted and that’s why, I doubt this post is going to fare much better. But I’ll take my risk anyway.

    There’s an update on this, sadly, these have been cancelled.

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