Shooting Love 10th Anniversary XIIZEAL & ΔZEAL <3s Xbox 360 In May

By Spencer . February 26, 2013 . 2:30pm


Triangle Service quietly announced a follow up to Shooting Love 200X. Shooting Love 10th Anniversary XIIZeal & ΔZEAL has ports of two arcade shooters.


ΔZEAL, an arcade game from 2002, is is coming home for the first time. This vertical shooter has standard power ups like wide shot, laser, homing missiles, and bombs you can use to blast through stages. XIIZeal came out the same year and bombarded players with a barrage of enemies. You can fight back using a side shot, backfire, and bomb barrier.


Shooting Love 10th Anniversary XIIZEAL & ΔZEAL comes out on on May 30 and includes a soundtrack CD.


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  • Guest

    Who is responsible for naming this game?

    • neo_firenze

      Does look a little goofy, but Triangle is trying to be consistent with their “-zeal” naming that identifies their games (Trizeal, Exzeal, XII Stag becoming XII Zeal, etc.)

      But if you’re referring to the “Shooting Love” part… well, that’s just awesome so there should be no complaint :)

  • neo_firenze

    Couple of points:

    1) Apparently there will be a normal and Limited Edition version, and the LE is the one that will also include a soundtrack CD.

    2) “ΔZEAL” is the new name for the game originally released as “G Stream 2020” before Triangle Service existed, by the people who would go on to form Triangle Service. XII Zeal is a game some people might know better by the original arcade/PS2 release XII Stag.

    Oh, and this is releasing on the same day as Saidaioujou. Like a shooter holiday, I tell ya!

    Once again, the “dead” genre keeps on kicking with Ginga Force, Caladrius, Saidaioujou, and now this… all within the span of just over 3 months.

    • AweOfShe

      Same day huh? That’s okay with me! ;)

      And indeed there are a lot of surprises on the shmup front this year. I am beyond happy.

      I just got myself a new stick too, so I’ll be breaking it in with a bunch of new games. :)

      • neo_firenze

        I love that we’re getting a double-dose of new STG releases, no complaint from me either :)

        And I think we now officially need to consider the 360 in the discussion of best all-time STG console! From a Cave perspective it’s obviously fantastic, but all of these other releases from companies like Moss, G.Rev, Triangle Service (their whole history is now going to be available on two 360 releases), etc… Pretty strong overall lineup.

        Wondering whether I should get myself a backup stick while it’s still easy to get good ones for 360, in case anything ever happens to my precioussss – aka my 100% Seimitsu Hori RAP-SE, customized a bit with Manly Pink and black color scheme :)

        • AweOfShe

          Yeah, I think at this point, it has one-upped my Dreamcast as my main shmupping console now, hahah!

          I’m still kind of behind on the pick ups though. I still don’t have Bullet Soul, Radirgy, Raiden IV, and Raiden FIghter Aces. Though, the main reason I haven’t grabbed Raiden IV yet is because I’ve been playing it frequently at the local Arcade anyways.

          The stick I just picked up recently was the Q4RAF. Not sure how I want to go about modding it yet. I love that it comes ready for 360, PC, and PS3. I’ve been keeping an eye out on the Eightarc Fusion too, thanks to one of my buddies.

  • CirnoLakes

    Home of the shooters.

  • Jungle Aris

    And now I have that weird song from Shooting Love 200X in my head.

    Great news anyway !

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