Another Look At Sega’s Near Future, Dragon Slaying, Tokyo Based RPG

By Spencer . February 28, 2013 . 11:06pm

7th Dragon 2020-II picks up after the events in 7th Dragon 2020. The Murakumo held the dragons back and cleared the poisonous flowers from Tokyo. While the city is still in ruins, all seemed peaceful until the dragons returned a year later. The game adds a new idol class and gives Hatsune Miku an even more prominent role. Players can find her in the Diva Room and change the background music to Miku versions.


7th Dragon 2020-II comes out on April 18 for PSP.

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  • revenent hell

    Eh ,I could care less about Miku but it would have been realy awesome if Sega would have considerd releasing this for the west as well,yeah I know its because with the Vita out it renders the PSP obsolete in the views of many since thats just how the US seems to roll when new technology is introduced to the market. But its still so saddening to see/know so many good PSP games are/will get looked over because of this.Its frustrating.
    Im sure a ton of people will want one game over another but for me this game has an interesting look and appears to be quite detailed. WHile the story may be fairly simple the game overall looks like it would be fun to play.

  • natchu96

    Give a schoolgirl a katana, teach cat-eared people how to throw fireballs, and have a chibi vocaloid sing in the background, and suddenly you have a team of people killing space dragons!

    Having an idol involved apparently helps.

    • Zarx

      Having idols always help.

    • TatsuyaKyo

      Of course they do. Don’t you remember Macross?

    • If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

  • Prinnydoom

    So would people recommend playing the first game because this is growing on me.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that I did something to anger SEGA and must apologize in order for them to localize the series lol =P

    (Gets on hand and knees and bows)

    Please SEGA, please.

    • TatsuyaKyo

      You did nothing wrong. *Pats Nova on the back*

      SEGA simply gave up on the West. T_T

      • Lovely, we have a downvote troll.

        Yes, its an unfortunate truth, but Sega seem to don give a damn abt us anymore T_T Drakos, we are counting on you XD

        • JMaster3000

          Sega gives a damn but not for PSP.
          That’s the truth!

      • @TatsuyaKyo:disqus @facebook-100000854638739:disqus

        (Starts to raise head slowly, sniffs and wipes eyes) It-It’s just not fair though =(

  • O Drakos the moonreader, wht the trailer says?

    Good to know Redhead SDF survive :D This just makes me want to play the game more ;A; I hate you Sega.

  • JMaster3000

    If the game came to 3DS i would buy it for sure.
    Reason : Miku

  • Rodolfo Notmyname

    Anyone knows if this and its prequel work on the vita?

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