Bravely Default Twitter Says They Can Hear Western Fans

By Sato . March 1, 2013 . 11:00am

It’s been nearly half a year since 3DS RPG, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, was released in Japan and we’ve yet to hear news regarding localization in the West from Square Enix. That isn’t necessarily cause to lose hope, though. The official Bravely Default Twitter posted a little message for fans outside of Japan this morning.


A tweet from Bravely Default’s Twitter account mentions that it’s been a while since Square checked the game’s Twitter feed. The tweet in question adds: “A voice of the foreign one arrives properly!” (Yes, they used translation software.)


It may not be the announcement you’ve been waiting for, but it’s a nice reminder that our voices are being heard.


Previously, Square Enix asked for fan feedback in Japan for a future sequel to the game. Bravely Default has shipped over 300,000 copies in Japan alone.


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  • kylehyde

    Do you hear the people sing?

    Singing a song of angry men?

    It is the music of a people

    Who will not be ignored again!

    When the beating of your heart

    Echoes the beating of the drums

    There is a life about to start

    When bravely default comes!

    • MrTyrant

      I want that song in the limited edition haha

    • puchinri

      I think my boyfriend would love to sing this version of the song.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      Gamers having diverse interests; what a concept! (ahem…I love Les Miserables)

    • You sir, have won yourself many internets! Bravo!

    • AnimusVox

      I love you so much right now lol

    • Kris

      In this situation, is Square Enix Javert? XD

    • LonelyGamer

      Will you join our crusade ?

      Who will be strong and stand with me ?
      Beyond the Barricade

      Is there a game you long to see?
      Then join the fight

      That will give you the right to play!

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      A wild Javert appears!

      You use honor

      It’s very effective!

      Javert fled.

  • Andrew Arndt


  • neo_firenze

    It feels like they’re just jerking people around at this point. I’d guess it will get a Western release (maybe E3 announcement?), but there’s honestly no point in playing these stupid will they/won’t they games.

    Just like the mega-fail announcement of an announcement strategy they’re so fond of (e.g. the “wait for E3” BS at the PS4 reveal), Kingdom Hearts iOS announcement fiasco, and similar. It’s a disrespectful way to interact with their fans, who seem to be getting more fed up and not supporting the company as strongly.

    • I don’t think that’s the intent. Square Japan can’t make the localization announcement. That’s Square USA’s responsibility and Japan won’t step on their toes. This is just Asano—I’m assuming he’s still handling the Twitter—trying to acknowledge his western audience.

      It’s not perfect, but these things take time. Bravely Default is a very recent release in Japan. I don’t think there was ever any doubt of it coming over. Just a question of when.

      As for the PS4 conference, that wasn’t Square’s fault at all. They’ve always, always maintained that E3 would be where they showed off their tech and upcoming plans for it. My guess is Sony requested them to put in a word for PS4, so they did. The same thing happened at TGS 2011. They clearly weren’t ready to announce FFX HD, but Sony probably asked them to do it, since there wasn’t much else for Vita.

      • Nightmesh

        I thought the same thing about Type-0. I mean their is no reason it wouldn’t do well in America if they released it on the vita if piracy is something their afraid of.

      • neo_firenze

        Bravely Default isn’t THAT recent, it was out almost 5 months ago (October 11) in Japan and had pretty significant hype for long before that. And why wouldn’t fans have some doubt if S-E won’t even release a recent Final Fantasy title (Type-0) outside of Japan? Not just that, but they’ve also had a somewhat spotty record of releasing non FF/KH portable games outside of Japan the past generation anyway – Blood of Bahamut, Lord of Apocalypse, SaGa 2 & 3, Sigma Harmonics, Nanashi no Game, Dragon Quest VI and IX (published by Nintendo in NA), etc.

        I do get that this is one guy answering a Twitter account (though an “official” Twitter account), and I don’t blame Asano personally. But it’s an embarrassment for the company that one guy has to give that kind of encouragement to the people who are clamoring for this game when EVERYBODY KNOWS there are lots of people clamoring for the game. S-E Japan most certainly does have the authority to tell their US subsidiary what to do, so saying the parent company is just not stepping on their toes is a pretty lame excuse. Tell people it’s coming and problem solved.

        This isn’t like the premature announcement of Versus XIII when it was early in development, it’s a game that has been on store shelves in one territory for nearly half a year.

        And there’s no excuse for the PS4 conference. “Look forward to our next announcement in a few months!” is the worst possible response. If you already know what you’re going to announce, just announce it. Or, keep it a surprise and reveal all at E3 instead of a lame non-announcement. A press event asking people to tune into the next press event is just plain bad.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But it is kind of hard to fault Square for their announcement of an announcement, when that was basically what Sony did.

          • neo_firenze

            Sony showed video of lots of actual games, talked specifics about system architecture, showed off system features, showed the controller, gave a rough estimate of when the system would release, etc. They didn’t tell EVERYTHING about PS4 (price, exact release date, exactly how all features worked, final physical system design), but they did give lots of first time reveals of legitimate information.

            S-E showed the same tech demo they had already shown at E3 2012 (running on PC hardware, by the way) to highlight their next gen engine, then built up a little anticipation to say… look forward to us revealing a FF game in a few months!

            These two scenarios are most definitely not basically the same. Saving /something/ for later is not the same as saving /almost everything/ for later.

          • …but why should Square blow their load at Sony’s press conference when they already have their own schedule for revealing their games? That’s the point we’re making.

          • neo_firenze

            Then why participate at all? If the only input they’re going to give is the same nearly year old trailer they’ve shown before and a “wait for E3”, it would have been better if they declined. I can’t imagine Sony begged them just to… get on stage and say nothing.

            They could have still revealed something. If they know they’re going to release a FF game on PS4, tell us what game and give us cool trailers and info at E3.

        • OK, let’s take these one by one.

          Type-0 – On the wrong platform at the wrong time.

          Blood of Bahamut – Terrible game, DS piracy

          Sigma Harmonics – Also reportedly a terrible game, DS piracy

          Lord of Apocalypse – Wrong platform (PSP)

          Nanashi no Game – Still a risky game, but okay, sure.

          Square have been very good about bringing games over that they thought there was a market for. They even brough over T3B at a time when PSP piracy was at its peak. I don’t see why you’re holding it against them for not bringing over a couple of no-name crappy Nintendo DS games when most of their good stuff did come over and will continue to in the future.

          • neo_firenze

            Blood of Bahamut terrible? Outside of Nier and DQIX (which is more Level-5’s doing), it’s arguably the best Japanese developed game Square-Enix released on any platform in the four or so years prior to Bravely Default. YMMV depending on how you feel about the FFXIII games.

            Lord of Apocalypse? Um… it wasn’t just a PSP game, it was also released on Vita. In fact, it was one of the better reviewed early Vita releases with an extremely respectable 9/9/8/8 from Famitsu, and for whatever reason it got passed over for Vita localization while they did release the decidedly less enthusiastically received Army Corps of Hell.

            And you can’t selectively blame “DS piracy” for lack of localized versions of some games, when they did bring out several other DS titles during the same timeframe. Was DS piracy suddenly not an issue for stuff like DQM: Joker 2, 4 Heroes of Light, Chrono Trigger, and a bunch of Taito-branded releases?

            But besides arguing about specific games, my point is that there are plenty of examples of “second tier” (i.e. not FF/DQ/KH) Square-Enix games that they haven’t localized in the past generation, so it’s not really surprising that the Western fanbase has some reasonable concern that another new portable RPG without a big franchise name behind it might get left in Japan. Do I think it will get a localized version? If I was betting, yeah I’d guess it will. But it’s certainly not crazy that people would have some concern.

            And it’s entirely within S-E’s power to correct that and get some POSITIVE press by simply saying “yeah, Bravely Default is coming – stay tuned for more details”. If it’s such a foregone conclusion, why all the drama instead of just coming out with and making people happy?

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Now I can’t stop saying “Blood of Bahamut” in the voice when you press start in the House of the Dead 2 title screen

      • Crevox

        In October 2012, producer Tomoya Asano stated that there were no current plans to localise the game.

        • I’d love to see a source for this.

          • SeventhEvening
          • “Keep talking about on Facebook and watch for info from us” sounds like the usual “no comment as of this time” to me. That doesn’t mean that plans for localization don’t exist. We’ve been through this so many times now that I’ve lost count.

          • SeventhEvening

            It doesn’t sound like a no comment nor does it sound like the game would never come out in the west. Crevox just said “In October 2012, producer Tomoya Asano stated that there were no current plans to localise the game.” You wanted a source, and sure enough, that is an interview where Asano does in fact say “That they currently don’t have plans to bring it to America yet,”. At the time of the interview, there were no plans to localize Bravely Default, that is exactly what Asano said: “I know that we don’t have plans to bring the game over to America yet, but thank you for your interest in the game. Keep talking about it on Facebook andTwitter, and keep watching for new info from us!” I don’t really care one way other another about Bravely Default, but Crevox wasn’t just making stuff up, or even just inferring something, he just happened to leave out the positive note Asano put at the end, just like how you quoted only the positive note and said “That doesn’t mean that plans for localization don’t exist.”

            What we know from the interview is that in October 2012 there were no plans to localize the game. That means plans for localization didn’t exist. Do they exist now? Perhaps, October 2012 was several months ago and Asano implied that localization plans change.

            I understand your frustration since their are a lot of commenters who take things out of context, warp them, or flat out say something they think they heard that wasn’t actually said by anyone (the DMC threads were the worst), but in this case, Asano really did say that.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Come on guys, that’s not even close to a denial. If I were to take my own shot at translating that corp-speak, I’d say it’s more ‘just shut up for a bit guys’ than anything else. We’ve all gotten jaded by Atlus at times making a localization announcement damn near alongside the JP release. Given the system, I don’t see how we don’t get it. Patience grasshoppers — close your eyes and remember Master Miyagi’s teachings. Wax on, wax off; and go paint the fence.

          • And my point is that the positive note means much more than the “no comment” part of it. You know how these things work. There’s an official schedule by which these announcements happen. No one’s going to give it away in a random interview.

            Sometimes, however, particularly passionate executives (like Asano or Sven or a few others) do drop hints and expect fans to read between the lines. Unfortunately, that almost never seems to be interpreted the right way.

          • Crevox

            “we don’t have plans to bring the game over to America yet”

            My original comment holds true

          • Crevox
    • benhofb

      Square Enix has really been letting me down lately. They have been creating and marketing games that frankly, no one wants (I’m looking at you “All the Bravest”). Then a game like this, which did well in Japan is demanded by western audiences and they could care less. It just annoys me. How bout they quit focusing on iOS games and focus on the content people actually want.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        You know this whole ‘games no one wants’ posting is getting old. Its like you think western gamers or people on blog and forums are the only people that play games when it gets proven wrong all the time.

        • $29082171

          I’m having a hard time figuring out who the hell could have wanted or even liked All the Bravest, I’ve yet to see anyone say anything positive about it.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Because western gamers are th only ones in the world. Thank you fo proving my point again.

          • benhofb

            Thanks @neo_firenze:disqus. Yeah man, you kinda mis-interpreted the message. My comment didn’t say anything about west and eastern markets and the differences between the two. I was stating that Square Enix lately has not been releasing amazing content. That recently it feels like their manpower has been focused on the mobile market instead of localizations and new IPs for console platforms (the content people actually want). If you are one of the people who does enjoy “All the Bravest”, more power to you. But I miss the old Square Enix.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            I might have and I’m sorry but using “games nobody wants’ tends to honestly nerve rack me

          • $29082171

            Are you implying there’s people who actually liked it? Please post evidence, I need to see this with my own eyes.

        • neo_firenze

          I can’t help but think maybe you read benhofb’s comment wrong. The comment specifically cited All the Bravest as a game no one wants, and that’s not a very controversial statement in the least.

    • MogCakes

      Personally to me it seems their fans are mostly a bunch of disgruntled teens-to-20-somethings who preemptively make conclusions about what they do and then selectively search for evidence to back up said conclusions. They certainly haven’t made the best decisions in the past decade or so, but from an outsider’s point of view the hate ratio is ridiculous. Meanwhile, the moment they release something new, said disgruntled fans eat it up, and then complain some more. That’s my observation.

    • デ オオカミ

      I wouldn’t be surprised while people are complaining for a western release, they’re already in the process of localization. It takes some time to translate and overdub an rpg like this packed with dialogue, archaisms and item/magic/attack/enemy/etc names you know.

  • Whenever the Japanese say something in English it always sounds so cool, it’s like poetry.

    • Man, its not a japanese, its a google translator x)

      • デ オオカミ

        It’s a literal translation though. If you look at it with rational eyes only, that’s exactly what it says. :)

    • Neophoton

      The tweet straight up says they used a translator for it at the end of the post, haha.

    • You have an… interesting definition of “cool”.

  • benhofb

    “The voice of the foreign ones is heard! And ignored! Hahahaha!”

    -_- the hell Squeenix. Quit teasing us. There are thousands of people who want this game in places other than Japan.

  • Jahred Down

    Sure they hear us, question is, “are they listening?”

  • “‘No,’ says Bravely Default”

  • Stop talking, SE, and start localizing.

  • SirRichard

    Going to place a bet; Nintendo are going to show this one off at E3, if Square doesn’t beat them to the punch themselves. The 3DS is relatively fertile ground, it has enough of a tie to Final Fantasy to interest that crowd and it’s another card up their sleeve to stave off the opposition.

  • TheExile285

    They said something similar about Type-0. Although to be fair, there is really no excuse as to why this game shouldn’t be localized. None

    • Nightmesh

      I was just thinking about this as I read it. Seems like the same pr stuff they did for Type-0.

      • raymk

        Its not the same because Type-0 was on late life psp. Nintendo has actually gone on record and said they want to help bring over games to the west and they are doing it, just look at project x zone.

        • Nightmesh

          In the end its not really up to Nintendo though. Its Square that has to give the go on localizing it. That’s where it becomes the same sadly. The big N can only do so much. =/

  • CirnoLakes

    That’s… a yes?

    That’s a yes, right?

    Please say that’s a yes.

    • amagidyne

      It’s more of a “hmmmnnheeehrrm” with a rising intonation.

  • Junko Enoshima

    If it gets localized, I will cry. Because of all the money the 3DS will make me lose this year.

    • But I thought your kind have no emotions? XD

      • Junko Enoshima

        this is different

  • They hear us, but do they care about us?

    And besides I won’t be surprised if it isn’t Praying Brage instead.

  • HerosLight

    If Project X Zone can do it, I’m positive Bravely Default can make it too.

    I really want this game to get localized.

    • AnimusVox

      I wonder if there’s some way around it to have Xseed localize this, they’re being real homies this gen.

  • anarchy_panty

    In a follow-up tweet, the Bravely Default devs state that, “helping u is a gentlemen’s jojob”

  • raymk

    We are getting this game people why people don’t think we are are beyond me. First off its a new IP 3ds game and square has to release games. Second nintendo said they would help developers bring over games to the west and they have helped bring over square games in the past. 3rd even without nintedos help this situation isn’t like FF type-0 at all because its not on a dying system in the west. You people always fear the worst at times when you really shouldn’t.

    • DQVI and Terry’s Wonderland say hi,

      • DQVI? We got DQVI from Nintendo. And DQVII only came out in Japan a month ago. As for Terry’s Wonderland… DQ has a hard enough time in the west if Nintendo aren’t pushing it. I don’t think a spin-off with a whole load of text is something that people expected to see come over.

        I do agree with ray’s general sentiment, though. People are way too worried for no reason. A few months ago, folks were wondering about Rune Factory, a series in which every game has made it over to date. Then, people wondered about Soul Hackers, which is by Atlus, a company with a very good localization track record.

        I feel like a lot of the uncertainty is unwarranted at this point.

        • Made a mistake with DQVI.

          Anyway I think people want to know more about things more then ever as opposed to being kept in the dark and I think it is more then reasonable to want to avoid a Namco Game Hoarding situation.

        • Armane

          Really? You think Terry’s Wonderland won’t come out? They only just released Joker 2. Give it time, it’ll come (I hope).

          • Nintendo released Joker 2 because Square passed on it.

          • Raos

            Square didn’t pass on it, if I remember well they have an agreement over Dragon Quest games to get published by Nintendo outside Japan so any DQ game not localized is Nintendo’s fault

          • We don’t know if the deal extends to every game or not. All we know is that Nintendo have been publishing DQ games in the U.S and Europe of late. This could be on a per-game basis or it could apply to the mainline numbered games, with other titles being selected on an individual basis. Or even some other kind of arrangement entirely.

            But I’ve heard that Square weren’t interested in bringing Joker 2 over themselves. I can’t provide a source, unfortunately, but yeah, that’s mostly why I think Terry’s Wonderland won’t make it over.

  • Peeka Chu

    They’ve also heard fans moaning about Type-0 or VS for years. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • raymk

      And it all begins again sigh….also what does VS have to do with anything? Its not a game released anywhere in the world so how can you even bring that up? Type-0 was on a dying platform this game isn’t how hard (and I really mean it) is it to grasp the situations are different than type-0.

      • Sylveria

        A dying platform.. that was still out-selling it’s successor for months after release, if it isn’t continuing that sales trend to this day, and is still getting new releases.

        The point they were trying to make, I assume, is that people have been asking Square Enix for reasons to take their money for years. Them saying “We hear you” means little at face value given their behavior over the past 5 years.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Which also is being strucked by huge piracy problem. Please except for Japan here, where the hell does psp games sell well anymore now?
          Even Digimon Redigitize had the same problem. The actual game only sell for what 100k? while on the same week, the game is pirated for more than 500k.

          • Sylveria

            Every platform has piracy problems. If the logic is “it’s going to get pirated a lot” then there’s really no reason to make games at all. It’s unavoidable. The harm piracy does is all hypothetical as well. When you say 500k, I just wonder how many of those people would actually have bought the game rather than totally ignore it if piracy wasn’t an option and, more importantly, how many of that 500k bought or will buy the game after trying a pirated copy.

            There’s plenty of successful games on the PSP in spite of the rampant piracy it has always had. People will buy quality product. I have 11 PSP games just from Square Enix on PSP. If piracy didn’t scare them off for those 11 games, why would it scare them off for this one which has an immense fan demand behind it.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Let’s leave things on the topic at hand. Warned, as this is far from the first time.

  • Do not. get. your hopes. up.

    Seriously guys, don’t. I’m as excited as everyone else ofc, I’ve been drooling over this…but if SE’s latest endeavours regarding their japanese games being localized recently teach us something, is that we really should be cautious about this stuff.

    Let us savour the moment, and see this as an opportunity for something big. Something we all want to happen. Let us not, however, take anything for granted.

  • I will be annoyed if SquEnix announces a sequel before they announce a localization.

    • benhofb

      Heh,they did say they were working on one…

  • ffboi7

    Give. Us. This. Game. Please!

    Seriously Square stop hanging it in front of us and just give it to us please D: After Fire Emblem, Luigis Mansion and Castlevania I need another game to tide me over until Animal Crossing in June D:

  • Well, i just ordered a 3DS 1 min ago, so i think that in itself is good enough reason for them to bring it over. :3

  • Hmm, nice. We might just get it =^_^=

  • TheBlackKnight3

    I’ve had nothing to be excited about with Square Enix. Literally the only Japanese developer that has been bumming me out with localizations lately, even Capcom has been doing really well. Basically, without any actual statements about something I care about (DQ VII, Terry’s Wonderland, and Bravely Default) Square Enix doesn’t have my attention.

  • Pockystix

    if this game comes out

    that’ll be 2 3DS games that I won’t be able to put down (the other being Fire Emblem Awakening)

  • Edzo

    thats a good sign. the only other one i want localized is type-0

  • Wake

    SE should have Shinji Hashimoto announce that there will be an announcement in the near future. Also, a countdown clock because everyone loves that. They should also put “ios” in there somewhere. Joking aside, I’m not really worried about Bravely Default not getting a western release. SE/Nintendo are saving an announcement like that for E3/TGS or Direct.

  • fds_nextdart

    Squeenix may be a lot of things, but they love money. There’s no way they won’t bring this game overseas knowing it’ll sell a bunch. They are just taking their sweet time~.

  • CAN THEY?!

  • Sylveria

    They can hear us, but their interpretation of what they’re hearing is “Oh you want us to port it to iOS and make it micro-transaction based?”

  • Rogerrmark

    Just hope it really comes,along with DQVII,and,by miracle,Terry’s Wonderland.

    Just hope the day where western and,mainly,worldwide fans won’t have to beg for localizations anymore will,someday,finally arrive.

    It’s just ridiculous that,sometimes,is almost necessary to BEG for oportunity to buy/play a full retail,localized game,when the company itself should give the first step…not their fans. Still utopia,though.

  • Tom

    Maybe the fucked up All the Bravest iOS game, the Star Ocean-kinda countdown and a lot of other things lately because they use that translational program and the fans message is misheard :D Now SE is in deep trouble, they try so hard to appeal western fans they mess up everything :)

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I really hope its a good sign…

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