Soul Sacrifice’s Valkyrie Gave Up Her Humanity Hoping To Win Her Father’s Love

By Spencer . March 1, 2013 . 4:02pm


The Valkyrie is one of Soul Sacrifice’s noble "monsters." She didn’t succumb to greed like the Griffon and wasn’t consumed by jealousy like the Harpy. The Valkyrie is similar to the Cerberus who made a wish with good intentions that went awry when it was granted by a mysterious voice.


The Valkyrie was the only daughter of a famous knight and she lived a comfortable life. Chastity, happiness and charm – she had it all. However, there was one thing the Valkyrie didn’t have… her father realized that he would need a “man” to be his successor. He realized that he will never have one and began to harbor deep emotions about his misfortune.


“I don’t have what my father wants, but I want him to acknowledge me. I want him to love me.”

In desperation to get her father’s acceptance, she decided to become a knight. Using her inherited talent, she trained hard to make her dream a reality. Years went by and the young girl was well into her 20s and the cold hard truth struck her. There was an obstacle should could never hurdle – her gender.


In order to give her father the one thing he wanted more than anything, she paid the price to a certain “voice”. By sacrificing her own beauty, she was able to obtain an incredible power.




“Father will surely love me now.”

Her excitement was short lived, after receiving a letter regarding her father’s death. She rushed to the battlefield where he fought in order to seek the truth. While she was on her way, her rash feelings caused a part of her helmet to sprout a wing. The wing gave her powers to move as fast as lightning. However, when she arrived, she could not find her father. She searched for three days and nights but was never able to find her father anywhere.

On the fourth morning at the battlefield, she has come to a decision she will become the greatest knight in the name of her father.




“By doing so, perhaps word will one day reach father, no matter where he could be. And then maybe I could be with him again… my beloved father.”

Since then, she continues to travel from battlefield to battlefield, in order to challenge the most famed knights known to man.

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  • Curan_Altea

    God this game is awesome. All of these backstories are awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on it, especially after the demo.

  • venomryu

    o wow that so sad shit

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    Still a better love story than Twilight :L

    • TheExile285

      10/10 Post

    • Minos


    • Lol @ Twilight bashing XD

    • Christopher Abraham

      3 fans of twilight can’t face the truth and dislike your comment, but you sir deserve my vote up!

      • Elvick

        I hate it with a passion.

        I downvoted because I’m tired of that stupid meme. If you don’t like something, maybe you shouldn’t talk about it on things completely unrelated to it?

        Nah… that’d be smart.

  • benhofb

    Damn. The creators and writers of this game are really doing an interesting job with their interpretation of the beasts. It’ll be really fascinating if the game has a monster-viewer to just scroll through and look at all the back-stories.

  • Ferrick

    damn ninjas cutting onions under my eyes ;_;

  • I will save her :)

  • DanijoEX


    Stories like this one reminds me of how a girl become a flower when she was in love with the sun god, Helios. Although… a tad different…

  • ragingmerifes

    And incest creepiness. I’m loving this game so much.

    • jujubee88

      You’re thinking of “Game of Thrones”.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    That’s… actually quite noble. I don’t feel sad for her at all, I kinda want to cheer her on… until she faces me. Then the bitch’s gotta go… just sayin’.

    • Give her what she deserves to get, a valuable and honorable opponent.
      Saving her could give you a good ally ;)

    • AyaisMUsikWhore

      Omg… You took literally everything out my mouth lol! I would have said the exact like.. Literally the exact same thing. Wow lol! 100x this!

  • Well, if her father sees her after she receive the power, he would probably call her a monster and make her crazy anyway. So it’s better have him died instead..

  • Valtiel Ikari

    they are not even trying to hide the Berserk infkuece, and I love that!

  • brilliant.

  • isotrex

    SS backstories are interesting. It keeps me interested on this game until it’s release.

  • Rohan Viajar

    One question: why is she so big? (I mean if she isn’t a monster like the others) O_O

    • Because she IS a monster :)

  • Spider-Man

    She needs senpai to notice her instead.

  • jujubee88

    A child seeking their parents approval. Turns to knighthood. Fails. Gives soul to the devil. Turns into Norse mythology/demon thing.

    Okay. You have my attention.

  • MediaMindControl

    Kinda like a darker version of Mulan in a way. okay maybe just the gender thing.

  • brian

    I wonder if this is the last one, since they seem to have a theme of 7 deadly sins and this is the seventh.
    Cyclops, Harpy, Elf, Cerberus, Griffon, Kraken, Valkyrie.

    • I dont think so, your forgot Jack O Lantern, the guy with the horses and the Slime and an other that i dont know the name.

      There is several versions of each monsters, the slime for example, we saw two versions, one made by gold desire, an other made by food desire, each version has some differences, like some unique attacks. For what i understood.

      But you’re right about the 7 deadly sins ( even if i dont really see the sin for the valkyrie)

      • Locklear93

        If the Valkyrie fits into one of the seven deadly sins, it’s lust. Remember that while lust is almost always used to mean sexual desire, you can “lust after” anything you really want–originally, in fact, the word was more general in connotation. The valkyrie lusts after her father’s approval and validation, and has carried her desires for them to an extreme.

  • YouGusta

    They should make an anime about this game. :D

  • Ni

    This game has Berserker all of it! And i’m okay with it

  • Abyan Haidar

    This Lady will be saved as I’ll take the path of sage..

  • Locklear93

    I guess I’ll be “that guy.” I feel sorry for her, certainly, but I don’t find anything about her noble so much as pitiful. She wasn’t what daddy wanted, so she became obsessed with overcompensating where she could. As a child and teen, I’d consider it tragic. By adulthood, it’s time to face your daddy issues and develop a life of your own. Unless she does something like that during the game’s story… I won’t be saving this one; I’ll put her out of her misery.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    I actually don’t sympathize with her any more than the other Soul Sacrifice enemies. She just wanders from battlefield to battlefield killing people just to prove her worth to herself? If that’s not ignoble… well, that word must’ve taken on a new meaning. I’ll be happy to take this monster down, can’t wait.

    • Locklear93

      No, no, to prove her worth to her DADDY! It’s all HIS fault; she’s clearly an innocent! <_<

    • Calintz YT

      Agreed, I shall happily sacrifice her soul after slaying her.

  • Calintz YT

    This has got to be the most cliched crap I’ve ever seen.

    • Mr_SP

      That’s… Kind of the point. These are sub-bosses. They don’t get lengthy detailed explanations.

  • tovarichyuri

    I thought it was the PS3 since the graphics!

  • Her story was pretty sad. It was simple, but effective. I liked this one better than the ship captain story.

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