Watch Naruto Unleash An Ultimate Jutsu Finish

By Spencer . March 1, 2013 . 5:35pm

It’s inevitable, Naruto and Sasuke are going to clash in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. Developer CyberConnect2 gave the rival characters news moves.


Naruto has the Planetary Rasengan and can shoot a Tailed Beast Ball as his Ultimate Jutsu. Sasuke has Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and can change Amaterasu’s black flames into a sword.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 comes out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next week in North America and Europe.


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  • Sergio BriceƱo

    Loving both Ultimate Jutsus. Liking Sasuke’s a little more, probably because he uses a giant sword in black flames to trigger a nuclear bomb.

  • yoUNg_grOUp568

    Instant Awakening is OP.

  • Kaihedgie

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more pathetic collection of “fans” in one video

    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      What annoys me is how they keep writing “I want X! I will kill CC2 if they don’t do it” even though CC2 went to introduce Madara Uchiha before the anime adaptation.

      • Kaihedgie

        No we can’t possibly allow the hyped up ultimate big bad of the entire franchise to get an early bird spot or Tobi with Rinnegan active. No, let’s instead waste our money and effort on characters who didn’t even get any screen time right after their introductions in either illustrated or animated or non-fan favorites who aren’t even remotely interesting and basically serve as carbon copies of their successors

        • Shogunreaper

          edo kages didn’t get any screentime?

          Wow, who was i watching naruto fight then? Must have been hallucinating.

          Gin/Kin didn’t get any screentime? Wow, i must have imagined them fighting and destroying a lot of people, and using the kyuubi’s power.

          Or are you talking about the pts characters who haven’t been relevant in half a decade?

          • Kaihedgie

            Even so, did anyone actually give a crap about these characters before this game? Gin and Kin left no lasting impression and were basically superfluous in the wake of the Gedo Statue. and the Seven Swordsmen only had like 10 seconds of screen time throughout the entire war. The only Kage worth noting was Gaara’s father and he didn’t even really fight back. He only showed he used gold dust instead of sand and…that was it. He spent the rest of the “fight” listening to his son.

            Are we simply suppose to suddenly care about a bunch of already dead characters that were JUST introduced just now just because a vocal minority is getting their panties in a bunch? I’ve been to several art sites, both English and Japanese and you’ll be hard pressed to find any fanart of those guys. Be grateful you even get to fight these people in the first place. You weren’t even promised that they were going to be playable so why care now?

            The PTS characters was to celebrate the series history and even then, people actually prefer the PTS versions of some characters over their current ones

          • Shogunreaper

            Obviously a lot of people care about them or no one would be complaining.

            But even so thats not an excuse for not including them, who the hell cares about karin? She showed absolutly nothing to be worth making a full character out of, yet they did that. But suddenly characters who actually fought in meaningful battles are minor and should be ignored?

            Also PTS characters were not put in to “celebrate” the series (Did we forget about generations already?), it was so they could reach the character mark they set for themselves when they started advertising the game, if those weren’t in they would have missed the mark since they didn’t include the kages or ginkin7swordsmen.

          • Kaihedgie

            A vocal minority cares about them. They bark louder than everyone else so because you keep hearing them all over the place, they seem like a lot.

            They don’t need an excuse. There was never any plan to make them playable in the first place. They explicitly said in the scan they were story-only, not playable. It’s your own fault assuming they were playable where it was never said.

            Karin actually has a fanbase unlike those guys. She was also part of a major team as well.

          • Shogunreaper

            No they were never specifically said to be story only, it just said that they were in the story. There is a big difference and NB knows it, thats why they chose to say it like that.

            The latest madara scan says it the same way and yet he’s playable, they went out of their way to make it looks like they were playable characters giving them almost full movesets, and all the while never outright stating that we weren’t going to be able to use them.

            And No karin doesn’t have a fanbase, if you had asked anyone before storm 2 came out which characters you wanted playable how many do you think would have come up with the answer of karin?

          • Kaihedgie

            When I mean fanbase, I’m referring to the franchise itself, not the games

          • Shogunreaper

            Fans of the games are the only ones that matter.

          • Kaihedgie

            That might have worked…if the vocal minority was the majority. Obviously there are far more people interested in playing this game than there are people spamming up the videos in a vain and selfish attempt at getting what they think they’re entitled to.

            Fans of the games are the only ones that matter? I’m sorry, but which was the source material again?

          • Shogunreaper

            Doesn’t matter what the source material is, if you aren’t a fan of the actual video game series you aren’t going to be buying it.

          • Kaihedgie

            So nothing matters so long as you get what you want, right? Nice to know how to feel about your fellow fan

          • Shogunreaper

            That would be fine, because I’m confident that what I want would make a great naruto game for any fan of it.

          • Kaihedgie

            You can’t. Because every fan has their wants and exclusions. You simply cannot please everyone or “anyone”. You presented yourself as an example of such

          • Shogunreaper

            No, CC2 can’t please everyone, i certainly could.

          • Kaihedgie

            You certainly aren’t going to get my vote for the way you acted. You did absolutely nothing to contribute to this project and since you don’t plan on buying this game, you never will. Therefore you aren’t entitled to anything this game offers or what CC2 should give you. This is not your game, nor is it your characters or franchise. Unless CC2 or Namco Bandai made a poll or Tweet for character requests, you cannot demand anything

            There’s also the problem of you disregarding people who are fans of the source material and consider them non-important despite the fact that video game adaptations are always geared towards that audience. You aren’t any better than the people you criticize.

          • Shogunreaper

            You seem to be misunderstanding something, i never said that i could develop video games, or that i had anything to do with developing them. Only that if i was developing a video game i would do it better than cc2.

            And I’m pretty sure i never disregarded fans of the source material, i only said that if you aren’t a fan of the actual game the series is based on then you aren’t part of the relevant fanbase.

          • Jrocy247

            That’s a pretty bold statement you got there, too bad its all in your head, instead coming out actually doing it. Like Kaihedgie said, they can’t please everyone’s needs. They just have to give it to them whats handed on the plate, don’t like it? go do something else then. Whatever you think you can please everyone is wrong.

            “Doesn’t matter what the source material is, if you aren’t a fan of the actual video game series you aren’t going to be buying it.” This is what’s called excluding people just because they don’t have the same cause as you.

          • “Only that if i was developing a video game i would do it better than cc2.”

            Just because you were able to spot a few drawbacks of a project doesn’t readily mean you can improve the entire project as a whole, especially in group projects that many games are. People who have first-hand experience in efficient game development would laugh at that statement unless you can actually prove it; talk is cheap.

            And drop the marginalizing garbage. You were warned just a few hours ago for it. This is a second warning; there won’t be a third time.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            We really need to stop determining who the ‘real’ fans of whatever are. It limits the community. Warned.

          • Something Or Other

            Whatever, I wanted to play Karin… I’ll suck some chakra out of her anytime =P

            The game is totally worth the coin and one of the most faithful adaptations of the anime and manga for practically any series out there. You have to be excessively grumpy and just into splitting hairs to get as enraged as some people are getting about whatever it is that bugs them.

            I suspect you have little video game production experience to say you would do better than CC2. They’re implementation of 2D effects in a 3D game are second to none, their cel shading is great, their camera work is classy, the supporting sound design is solid, gameplay is button masher friendly, responsive AND tactical if you get two people who know what they’re doing vs each other, the single player is long, but rewarding, the secrets and decision making process add to replay value… and they do all of that, in one game, cleanly. Like holy crap, it’s one thing to nail an art style, but to implement it under the hood as well as they do… shhhiiiiittt… you’d probably gripe at a winning lottery ticket.

          • OhMyClarence

            You are defending the indefensible. The missing characters play an important role in the series overall backstory, not to mention Madara’s current plan to slow down the advancing army by reviving the most powerful ninjas in ninja history. So yeah, they are important.

            The Swordsmen had significant enough screen time to add them to the roster. You have to include the fillers as well, since the games are based off the anime visuals, and conceivably people watch them.

            All of Kages played an important role in the story because they served as a test for the new Kage and to see if they were up to snuff in terms of battle prowess.

            And all of this is only worsened by the fact that the final roster is filled with what is essentially duplicates. CC2 shouldn’t say 80 characters if it’s really only around 60ish unique ones. Save that crap for a DBZ.

            And people don’t have to be grateful, the game isn’t a gift. It’s a product, that CC2 wants me to exchange $60 dollars.

    • ResidentMetroid

      This is why Naruto gets a lot of hate :/

    • Anko Is Furious

      Lol I couldn’t agree with you more :/… But I don’t think of those kids as “fans” or anything near a fan.. Just a bunch of children who expect to have things their ways.

      • OhMyClarence

        I’m confused. Those “kids” are shelling out $60 to buy something, why shouldn’t expect to have things their way, and why should they be content when the product delivered is below expectations?

        That’s like saying if you got a restaurant and you find a fly in your soup, you should be grateful that the restaurant even served you.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    The boss fights in this game are freaking epic! Probably even better than the ones from Storm 2. CC2 outdid themselves by placing all tailed beasts.

  • Javen

    That rock looks annoying

  • notforsale

    I’m definitely going to get this, but…my god, that FAN BASE DISGUSTS ME o_o”…

  • IshimaruKaito

    3 more days!!

  • Kaihedgie
  • Vash bane

    …….did i just see lee …in a bikini?

  • Chris Cruz

    I’m usually not into the Naruto fighting games but man those visuals are BAWS!

  • Anko Is Furious

    OhMyClarence I can’t seem to reply to you.. So I’ll just put this as normal comment. Please don’t take any offense to any of this but it seems we have a different definition of “kids” it seems.. I don’t think these “kids” as I defined them as are shelling out $60 to buy the game.. Hear me out when you have a set of people complaining over simple nonsense such as characters… I think its safe to say they aren’t mature enough and they expect to have things go their way.. Asking a parent or any other family member for money to buy the game doesn’t give them the right to complain seeing as they didn’t work hard for the $ therefore they can state what the want or don’t want but to say stuff they believe would threaten CC2 &/or claim false accusations on them lol. They don’t realize wasting all their good material on 1 game would lead them to having to end making sequels.. I don’t see “CoD” players complain about guns so why should I see fake fans complain about all the characters they see in this game..??

  • Darkchao45


    That was epic O_O

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