Khezu Makes A Return In Monster Hunter 4

By Sato . March 5, 2013 . 3:14pm


According to the latest Famitsu issue report from TaleTaleSource, Khezu will be making a return in Monster Hunter 4. Monster Hunter Frontier aside, this will be Khezu’s first reappearance since Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite (pictured).


Tigrex won’t be the only monster infected by the feral wyvern virus. The virus can spread to players, which will in turn affect their natural recovery rates. It can be reversed by repeatedly attacking the monster. Doesn’t sound too bad now, but wait until you’re facing a raging infected Tigrex!


Monster Hunter 4 is slated to be released in summer 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Justin Perry

    Wow Freedom Unite looks so terrible now lol

    • I think that might be Freedom 1, not Freedom Unite. Not sure… But yeah, the first two PSP games look horrid in screenshots. P3rd looked wonderful, though. Better than the Freedoms in just about every way.

    • Qyuubi786

      Well it is terrible but you end up forgetting the graphics when you start playing it. Freedom unite is actually more challenging than the modern MH series. In the modern versions of MH the monster’s are easier to track when they leave the area (just follow their shadow).

      • J_Joestar

        Hitbox fixes are probably the biggest reason the games are easier now… *eyes Plesioth*

  • Spider-Man

    Khezu was also shown during the latest Nintendo Direct MH4 trailer a while ago.

    • Eriol

      Yes, along with its Assassin’s Creed-esque hooded armor.

      • Spider-Man

        That armor has been around long before Assassin’s Creed’s creation. Would be surprised if the creators played MH.

  • Xerain

    Well if it’s just HP regeneration it’s no big deal as the raging Tigrex will near one shot you anyhow…. but if it’s stamina….

  • konsama

    Khezu is back to test the players that are worth keep hunting.

  • Ferofax

    PROTIP: Reverse natural recovery by repeatedly attacking the monster. To prevent it from recovering health, whack it some more!


  • tovarichyuri

    why not Monster Hunter for Sony anymore?

    • Qyuubi786

      That’s probably because Nintendo signed a big contract with Capcom. So Nintendo’s competitors don’t get nothing. There won’t be a MH for the Vita as they are a direct competitor for the 3DS. Like the PSP was the direct competitor of the DS.
      PS. That’s my view.

      • The-Beast

        I think it’s not a matter of “if” they will still make MH for Sony consoles, it’s a matter of “when”, just look at the history of Capcom exclusives with Nintendo, they are always timed exclusives, even Tri got a port for the PSP.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          That is not Tri though. It is Portable3rd which is a tottaly different title.

          • The-Beast

            But isn’t Portable3rd based on Tri ?

          • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

            Nope. Portable3rd is based on Freedom Unite.

        • Qyuubi786

          Yh true. I just want Capcom to prove me wrong. Too bad Portable 3rd was exclusive to Japan.
          There hasn’t been a next Gen MH for Sony consoles since the 2nd Gen MH series.
          I wonder if the 5th Gen MH or MH5 will be exclusive to Nintendo as the 4th Gen is 3DS exclusive.

          • J_Joestar

            Thank Sony for the lack of NA MHP3rd & HD.
            They are the ones who roadblocked Capcom’s localization attempts.

  • Literally infested by Khezu! A dream come true.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    ……….. my nightmare,it seems you have returned again.T_T

  • MediaMindControl

    My favorite to hunt especially in Freedom Unite. For some reason I always got along with khezu and found him particularly easier than many other monsters besides I used the khezu blood horn a lot. Can’t wait for 4. Still not happy about the 3ds exclusivity and because of that capcom contract with nintendo, I can only hope for a wiiU version.

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