Super Robot Taisen UX Has Paid DLC Campaign Maps

By Spencer . March 5, 2013 . 10:49pm

imageFamitsu reports Super Robot Taisen UX will have downloadable content. Players will be able to purchase campaign maps that have extra missions. A scan shows mission prices range from 150 yen to 300 yen. If you get maps within one week after their release you can get them for 50 yen off. Clearing campaign maps rewards players with skills and bonus money.


Super Robot Taisen UX comes out on March 14 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • I hope it stays just skills and bonus money. By the first mention of DLC characters I’m going to flip all the table in this world..

    • Brandonmkii

      Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos did. But they were just ” enemies that join your party” kind of thing. I know it’s not a SRW game but it’s close enough :p

      • Ah now that you mention it ><. Generally I don't mind DLC characters, it's just that I have no chance of getting them on a 3DS :/

  • Jungo

    Ugh, I’m afraid of trying to actually buy it internationally. You think an American debit card would work on the Japanese eshop?

    • Exkaiser

      I’m going to guess that it’s like the PSN, and you’d need to buy a points card online instead of trying to use your debit card on the eShop.

    • Actually, as far as I know, US credit/debit cards DO work with the Japanese eshop for 3DS, unlike PSN. I bought a few games that way, including Fantasy Life, and it saved straight on the memory card in the 3DS. Unless Nintendo of Japan changed it around in the month or so that I tried it last, it should still work.

  • Worst SRW version


  • TatsuyaKyo

    This is getting ridiculous, Banpresto. Unless these DLC Maps have a big relevance to the plot, there is practically no point in buying them except for grinding purposes. In the first place though, why make DLC Maps?

    • LynxAmali

      Tsume SupaRobo stages, bro.

      Like what D and J had.

      They’re optional.

    • Brandonmkii

      They might be more difficult than the main missions. Some people might like the challenge, if so

  • WingsOfEternity

    I was always praying that the day that SRW implements DLC would never come…

    inb4 DLC units DLC weapon upgrades DLC music.

  • A little odd that they’re introducing so many newer series to this game in an obvious effort to try and cater to newer/younger players, but that they’re also doing DLC, which involves actually having money to spend on a whim. I guess they’re banking on the older (age-wise) fans picking it up as well.

    • WingsOfEternity

      I would actually say this game is catering to both young and old. Half of the mecha debuting in this game are fairly old series(>6 years) and some are specifically targeted toward more mature audiences (notably Demonbane and Mazinkaiser SKL) The other half of the debuting series kids would obviously be familiar with would be 00 Gundam, Hatsune Miku, Heroman, and SD Gundam.

  • In other news, we as Operation Hotblood fight for the localization of the ‘localizationable’ 2nd Super Robot Wars OG for the PS3. Together, our voice will be heard!

  • Some1onearth

    Why Nintendo…why the region lock!? Whyyy…! *knees on floor, hands to the sky*

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