See Tales Of Hearts R Characters Cosplaying As Other Tales Heroes

By Spencer . March 7, 2013 . 3:07pm

Tales of Hearts R is out in Japan, which means its time to talk about Tales costumes. Players will be able to dress characters up in maid/butler uniforms, school clothes, idol, and what’s most interesting to me – other Tales characters. Here’s a list of who’s who for the Tales legacy costumes.


Tales of Hearts R has a second round of swimwear and what makes these outfits unique is they change the cut-in graphics when Shing and other characters use artes.

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  • Wappuli

    But are the costumes again ruined by added music?

    • Ugh, now that you mention it…it honestly can’t be that difficult to make it optional. :/

    • Syde Tokai

      how is it ruined by adding music?

      • ZEROthefirst

        Some people like the older music and some don’t. Not to mention it’s not always music from the past games, and it’s just kind of re-done and sounds ugly sometimes.

      • Wappuli

        In Xillia, if you give every character a costume with music, it will play just the music from character in first slot. There were many times where I wanted to use or give some other character a costume but listen to music from different costume or Xillias own.
        Also, some people may like a costume, but not the music in it, like I really liked the Vesperia costumes in Graces f but absolutely hated the musics for then so I couldn’t use them.
        If not an option to turn them off then atleast they should not play in every battle but have a change of being played.

        • Guest

          In graces it happened too, maybe in even vesperia but didn’t feel like using money there, but at least in graces u get other char’s by normal gameplay

    • puchinri

      I like that your avatar matches your comment.
      (Still need to get a hold of the game too~.)

  • Ethan_Twain

    I suppose that’s the upside of having a big franchise like Tales with a single entirely uniform art style across every entry – costumes can be mixed and matched without significantly standing out.

    I would still be more interested in a Tales game that dared to look a little more different, but if that’s not to happen then this is a good way to take advantage of the status quo.

    • Ladius

      I would say that’s exactly what they did with Xillia 2, though.

      Also, it isn’t like the costumes are always in the same style: if you consider the DS entries, Innocence had a steampunk, almost victorian feel because of its setting, while Hearts went a completely different way with its shounen fantasy look.

  • raymk

    I love all of innes and kohaku costumes

  • Randy Marsh

    Maid Kohak yesssss…..

    • raymk

      Yess is right ;), I like maid Innes the best.

  • I’m sitll hoping for this to come out in America…

    • JordyZ

      That won’t be for a long time.. Still i have hopes they will bring this to us.

      • raymk

        I do as well for some strange reason. They might skip Innocense(even though I hope they don’t) and release this game. Remember namco is known to skip games if they want to.

  • Nightmesh

    Did anyone see the Repede costume?

    • Radiosity

      See attached. Also, the swimwear costumes are a total ripoff, Scamco really living up to their name now. 500 yen EACH, for Vita costumes. What. The. Hell.

  • jujubee88

    The header image for this article is so adorable!

  • Raltrios

    Ha! I’d love to know the reason behind that slap.

  • Demeanor

    No furigana for Hearts R artes, oh well :(
    Lol at first I mistook Infinite Evolve for the main game, I was all “Hey, was that the most gigantick ripoff ever conceived??!?!” then I noticed the main game still had not finished downloading XD

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