Gundam Breaker’s Micro Vs. Giant Gundam Battles Will Be Tested On Free Open Beta

By Spencer . March 12, 2013 . 2:13am


Gundam Breaker has a unique premise of giving players Gundam models to customize and pilot. The online enabled game is in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Namco Bandai announced players will be able to try Gundam Breaker first through a free open beta on PS3.


The open beta will have a tutorial mission that explains how to play the game. Each Gundam has two attacks an A attack which shows a Mobile Suit with weapons like the Heat Hawk and Zaku machine gun, a B attack with a launcher or rifle, and an EX attack for special moves. Gundam can also carry extra optional parts that changes their move set.



One of the missions in Gundam Breaker is a defense mission that takes place on a desk. Players have to guard pylons and as the mission continues stronger enemies will attack.



The game also has giant Gundam battles.



Master Gundam from G Gundam is one of the kits in Gundam Breaker.


gundamb38 gundamb39


Freedom Gundam from Gundam Seed is confirmed too…


gundamb40 gundamb41


… as well as Gundam Heavyarms from Endless Waltz.


gundamb42 gundamb43


Namco Bandai also revealed a new stage, a plastic Gundam model workshop.


gundamb45 gundamb46 gundamb47



gundamb01 gundamb03 gundamb13 gundamb14 gundamb15 gundamb17 gundamb18 gundamb19 gundamb20 gundamb21 gundamb06 gundamb07 gundamb31 gundamb34 gundamb36 gundamb37 gundamb30 gundamb32 gundamb33 gundamb35 gundamb28 gundamb29 gundamb11 gundamb05 gundamb22 gundamb23 gundamb24 gundamb25 gundamb26 gundamb27

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  • Andrew Arndt

    i so kinda hope this makes it over hear TT< to the west id love this game to death

    • No way in Hell we will ever see this in US.

      • Seeing how there a gunpla market in the US, it actually might be possible.

    • Threule

      If they wanted to release this in the west, there would be a date. And if it is. Shuddup and take mah moniz

  • HassanJamal

    Heavyarms! I hope we get Deathscythe :D Also that Workshop stage looks awesome. I want this game!

    • it has 3 MG 00 Raiser…not sure what the owner of that workshop is going to do with it.

      • HassanJamal

        What do you think? He’s gonna build em ;D

        • like Barbara answered I’m surprised that a student can get paid $7093 in a few weeks on the inetwork.

        • ….— (Home more information)

        • HassanJamal

          Ok why are these spambot replying to me on Siliconera? This is weird :L

      • Threule

        Add raiser arms to fucking everything. just imagine using exia thruster + gn raiser arm. 3 gn thrister all the way for max speed.

        • HassanJamal

          Green after images, green after images everywhere.

    • Threule

      If you watched the trailers, there was a Wing Exia who had a DS Scythe

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This is the type of crazy gundam game i can never ever dreamed on happening lol.
    Using “Hunting genre” on Gundam? And all of them is about plamo? I hope we are not going to get limited to small sized only here. I would also love to use a bigger size gundam there.^_^

    • Seeing how they display the scale when you kitbash, I’m sure you can do the same for 1/100, or even the 1/60 megasize/PG.

  • Guest

    Heavyarms from Gundam Wing. Endless Waltz Heavyarms Custom has a different color scheme. If it’s also in this game, I’d be happy, but the screenshot isn’t the Heavyarms from the OVA.

    • GuhROOgaTRAVIS

      The OVA’s version is blue, but they are basing it off of the newer model that they released last year. IMO, the Heavy Arms will always be red. Also, I don’t know the story about why the color changed back to red from blue, but I’m sure you can find out online.

    • Guest

      It is from EW, but not the OVA version. Bandai released new Master grades for the EW models, and they returned Heavy Arms to red. Look at the shoulders in the pic; it has those stupid should claws that the OG Heavy Arms doesn’t have. Either way, the new look is based on the model, not the OVA.

  • So any word on how to sign up? Also why are they doing a beta, I did not know they confirmed online play?

    • Threule

      You get a Japanese PSN acc (search a tutorial on google) then download it when its avaible

  • Kaihedgie

    Oh gawd yes, paintjobs!

    And Heavyarms EW is delicious :3

  • Just Tim

    Needs more ZEON love. SIEG ZEON!

  • Threule

    THeres a EW version for default HA

  • Threule

    Beta is today mah gundam fans

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