The Next Inazuma Eleven Go Series Is About The Revival Of Inazuma Japan

By Spencer . March 12, 2013 . 1:54pm

ioLevel-5 has a new Inazuma Eleven series, which CoroCoro Magazine got a first look at. Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy. The story focuses on the revival of the Inazuma Japan team which aims to be the best in the world. A scan shows the eleven players on the team including Matsukaze Tenma.


While this isn’t news about a new Inazuma Eleven game per se, Level-5 tends to create a new video game tie up for each series. The last game in the series, Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone was released on December 13.

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  • sd28

    i thought as much especially after the movie

  • Another series of Inazuma Eleven? Yes, please. I loved the original series International Frontier Football tournament, can’t wait to see GO’s.

  • MikeTxn

    Can’t say I didn’t see that coming, since the GO series had a really similar progression as the original.

    The first game is a national tournament; the second games are about teenagers with supernatural powers (Aliea Gakuen and Second Stage Childrens); and the third one is a world tournament.

    I just hope they don’t end up doing a slightly improved third version, with an extra team from the movie.

    Anyway, I’m still interested in this series. (Even though I can’t play them ;____;)

  • riceisnice

    Gee, I wonder what will threaten Soccer’s existence this time. What else can they introduce besides Kenshin armor? Is the game even balanced anymore? How many new threats can there be with superhuman powers?

    • Guest

      I might be thinking if Garshield ever returns, I can also imagine that there’s a Team Kesshin (all players unite to form one powerful Kesshin with all members in Kesshin armor) but still it’s just my imagination.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I thought they said they wanted to return to the basic Inazuma style here?O_o
    This is more like going further lol.^_^

  • anthony apduhan

    I wonder what will baddies will do to soccer this time. Use soccer as gambling? Use soccer as WMDs? Will Garshield return again? Is there gonna be a Great Kesshin War? Oh my glob. Is there a Team Keshin?(all members will use there energy to form one keshin) Will there be a Fire Tornado Trinity? Who knows…

  • Zenthos

    The original inazuma eleven had way more character development ( ex: tema needs to grow some d*mn balls, only because Endou returned is the only reason I was able to bare with it, and a stale-ish boring mushroom headed goal keeper who has barley any personality… really? One would think that another goal keeper would appear to inherit Endou’s goal keeper techniques, but instead we get a boring character with a fungus on his head),less over powered techniques (the avatars are just ridiculous) and for the original team to get stronger they actually trained, rather than pulling a move out of nowhere with no effort whatsoever. Am I looking forward to “Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy”? Not really, they already killed the plot with the “time skips” from the last arc. A sad disappointment…….. I feel better now, moving on.

    • Guest

      I agreed to you I’m also not looking forward to this but I have different reasons.
      I’ve first tasted pain and torture in the Alien Gakuen season (I watched there episodes completely once.) and I’m not going to fall for that again (though there still a fun on that season and meeting new characters). In fact I don’t really want to watch the GO series due to a dark story of double killing of soccer, protagonist team gets butchered like ragdolls and anti-fun It’s like a thorn in my heart.
      Original IE’s Seasons 1 and 3 have more fun and enjoyment. Kageyama Reiji, Angel and Demon team, Zeus Jr. and Garshield don’t affect me at all.

  • OverlordZetta

    So… What’s gameplay like in this series anyway?

  • Desukoru

    “Level-5 tends to create a new video game tie up for each series”

    Which is kinda ironic because Inazuma Eleven IS originally a video game series, as Level-5 is, you know, a video game developer.

  • Suraj Sharma

    Is this was the end of inazuma eleven go galaxy episode? because the end is not cleared till yet… i want to see the next episode. i want to know what happend to kageyama and what happen after they returned to earth….

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