Virtual-On Marz Dashes To PS2 Classics Next Week

By Spencer . March 14, 2013 . 8:30am

vonma Sega will re-release Virtual-On Marz as a downloadable PS2 Classic for PlayStation 3. This version of the game is compatible with the Virtual-On Twin Stick which you probably don’t own since Sega decided to release the arcade port of Virtual-On only in Japan for some reason.


We’re not sure if Sega will bring the PS2 Classic to North America, but if you have PSN credit linked to a Japan region account you can purchase Virtual-On Marz from Japan’s PlayStation Store for 800 yen ($9) on March 21.

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  • Do foreign PS2 classics work? I thought I read somewhere that they were not compatible with American TVs/Ps3s or something. But if that’s not true then that’s awesome.

  • Knowing Sega? We’ll be getting this and not the downloadable version of the original game. Bastards. :P

  • neo_firenze

    Marz is terrible. Even if it is released in your region or otherwise playable on your PS3, don’t buy it.

    This is coming from a big fan of the original, VO:OT, and VO 4Force. I bought Marz on PS2 the day it was released in the US. I hated it, as did most everyone else who played it.

    • Kevadu

      I’ve only ever played Virtual On in the arcade (and arcade machines are practically impossible to find now…), so I really don’t know anything about the console versions. What version would you recommend?

      • neo_firenze

        The XBLA port of VO:Oratorio Tangram, released worldwide, is probably the definitive game in the series. Great port of by far the most popular game in the series, with online play that works well, at a good price. I believe it’s the highest selling XBLA release of all time in Japan (was at one point), and actually has online play good enough that it’s playable internationally – though you’ll probably get absolutely demolished just like me if you aren’t really good :)

        VO 4Force got a really good 360 port too (retail disc release), and it’s a very good game… but it’s Japan-only, region locked, and fairly expensive. Definitely worth playing for series fans able to play region locked Japanese 360 games (I have a J-360, mainly for shooters by Cave and the like), but in any case I’d certainly recommend VO:OT XBLA as the first priority.

        The original Virtual On has seen a few ports: originally on Saturn (a serviceable but not arcade-perfect port), then PC, but to this point the best console release is probably the Japan-only PS2 release from the Sega Ages 2500 series. Great port with a lot of extra modes, enhanced framerate/resolution, etc. Recently the game was re-released on PSN/XBLA in Japan only (no idea if it will eventually get wider release), but that release didn’t include the PS2 extras. Game itself is worth playing in some form for people who get into the series, but again VO:OT is the priority.

        Marz is safely ignored. Instead of porting Force from the arcades, Sega decided to make the PS2 release more of a single player action-adventure mission based game, as opposed to the finely tuned arena battler of the arcade games. Somewhat interesting idea, but really poor execution and fairly bad mission design made it a big disappointment.

        • dldlkdkdfckj

          VO Force isn’t region locked and it also got a Platinum Hits reprint

          • neo_firenze

            Corrections noted, thanks!

            In that case, yeah, a cheaper reprint and region free makes it more appealing to series fans with a non-JPN 360. Worth playing for sure.

            VO:OT is still the king though :)

    • Göran Isacson

      Aw man, I’ve wanted to try these games out but I only own a PS3 :( Guess I’m plum out of luck in that case.

  • I just want to note that to anyone interested, you’re REALLY better off just importing the region-free Virtual-On Force (if you own a 360). Navigating the moonspeak menus is a bit of a pain, but the overall experience is by and far better than Marz.

  • 60hz

    It’s time for a new VO SEGA… i know they aren’t listening but it’s worth a try. In terms of Marz i was probably one of the few who actually enjoyed it though i admit it’s flawed, plus i love Apharmd Hat! He’s the best, and the cypher sisters! Being that i already have the game, and my ps3 is backward compatible i’ll probably pass.

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