More Dragon’s Crown Tidbits Confirm The Game Has A Town

By Spencer . March 19, 2013 . 2:36am

dca A few more details about Dragon’s Crown slipped out alongside the game’s July release date. Famitsu reminds readers that Dragon’s Crown is a hack and slash game with action, character growth, and collecting elements. Before you trek into a dungeon you can purchase provisions in town. The game has quests to take on and events scenes. In dungeons, players can earn experience points, money, and equipment.


Dragon’s Crown will be released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. You can transfer save data between the PS3 and Vita versions to continue the game on the go. Famitsu also re-confirms Dragon’s Crown will have online multiplayer (infrastructure mode) for up to four players.


Sorceress – Kikuko Inoue (Sunny in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Elf – Asami Imai (Kurisu in the Steins;Gate anime)

Amazon – Atsuko Tanaka (Motoko in Ghost in the Shell)

Wizard – Hiroki Yasumoto (Asura in Asura’s Wrath)

Dwarf – Unsho Ishizuka (Dojima in Persona 4)

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  • jujubee88

    i am a dwarf and i’m digging a hole

    • Testsubject909

      diggy diggy hole. I’m digging a hole.

  • Go2hell66

    Awesome just another reason to play the elf

  • Yes please. This game will be purchased. Awesome info. I most certainly will be playing as the beautiful and cute Elf.

  • Yes please. Awesome info. I will be playing as the beautiful and cute Elf.

  • z_merquise

    I’m going to say it again, they sure got an impressive list of voice cast. Now I wonder if there’s a dual audio option for the game’s English release. I really wanted to hear Atsuko Tanaka, Kikuko Inoue and Imai Asami’s voices while slaying monsters, you know.

    Also expecting a new trailer in the coming days.

    • Aoshi00

      Totally awesome cast indeed, there should be a high chance of dual audio if it’s like Odin’s Sphere :)

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      THE MAJOR!

    • >Imai Asami.
      ’nuff said. If there’s dual audio then it’s definitely sold for me!

      • 3DBudgie

        Chihaya elf day 1 buy

      • Testsubject909

        Even without dual audio I’m sold.

  • I excpect the Wizard to never forgive his enemies for making his daughter cry!!

  • Xeawn

    I thought there was a knight at some point?

    • Solomon_Kano

      There was. Huh. Guess they axed hi- *shot*

      • Testsubject909

        Whew, lucky you that shot missed you… Care to purchase a bulletproof vest? Real cheap, slightly used.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Slightly? Sounds like it didn’t do its job for the last guy…

    • MrJechgo

      There still is… guess Spencer just couldn’t find the voice actor.
      Fighter – Sawada
      (form The Magic Box)

  • HassanJamal

    Any confirmation of cross buy? Also, ill still be playing this on ps vita even if theres not cross buy deal.

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      Other than a few number of other games that have come out, I’m guessing this won’t be a cross-buy title since it’s not published or developed by Sony themselves. Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll drop dime for both versions just because it looks that damn good.

      • HassanJamal

        Really? Shame, guess Ill be buying it on vita. Dont have extra cash to spend on both versions. Unless you know the cross buy but whatever. I just gotta play this game, the art and animation will be stunning!

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          Though that info hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. I remember a PS Blog post when Atlus first said they would be taking over, that they were thinking about it. But I personally don’t see them doing so.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Sweet, so glad there’s a new wave of information coming out. So looking forward to the next media outing for this! Need more time to oogle at my precious Elf and Sorceress…

    *smooch, smooch, smooch*

    o3< ~~<3

    • Testsubject909

      Get a room?

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        F’ dat! My affection shall be on display for all to see!!! Mwhahahahaha!

        • Testsubject909

          Eh… Might as well roll with it *gets a tripod and camera*

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I really like how they are adding cities for 2d beat’em up platform here.^_^
    This game seems to focus a lot on coop too i see. Hope that when this game come out, i will be able to play with many of my friends here.^_^

  • Yesfir

    Aww, I am so excited for this game. I am glad there is finally some news around it, yay!

  • Kama

    Kikuko Inoue is a veteran who has voiced much more famous characters, like Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess and I-No from Guilty Gear.

    • Zhizn Snake

      I-No, Nurse Tatase, Panther, Mei from Mouse, Mizuho Sensei, Goei Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen :3 She’s too perfect for voicing the Sorceress, lol! But I think she’s quite the voice acting legend with her notable roles and versatility as well.

  • Altritter

    Damn, that’s gonna be one manly-sounding wizard.

  • loempiavreter

    Nooooooo… a town, this means like in most vanillaware games there’s gonna be a lot of backtracking :( I thought because of the score system on the top of the screen this was gonna be more straight and linear. Ruins my day :(

    • Armane

      I think it’s a little early to make any judgements about the amount of backtracking, it could just be a central hub for buying upgrades and such.

    • Testsubject909

      Ragnarok Odyssey and Monster Hunter has a town…


      Oh yeah, I remember lots of backtracking on both of those games…


  • grevlinghore

    They sure take their sweet time with this one. Hope it`ll be worth the wait…

  • The amount of huff dual-audio is causing lately is almost troublesome… Good grief. Anyways, the game looks fantastic, I expect to get it Day1 and play the hell out of it. :)

    • Testsubject909

      People should remember that Dual-Audio is an extra. It’s a neat little extra. That’s all it is… Anyone making a fuss about it as if it were the end of the world is more trouble to his or her fanbase then they realize.

      • ShadowDivz

        Personally i dont really see the big deal.

        It’s nice to have, but some people are like “NO DUAL AUDIO?! NO BUY FROM ME!” despite the fact they were really excited for the game/wanted it.

        Eng voice acting isn’t as abysmal as some people think.

  • I did not know it had online co-op.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yep. That was confirmed early on. They also talked about a mechanic where you could encounter the bones of dead players and get something, I forget what though.

      • PoweredByHentai

        You can summon dead players as AI-controlled party members/henchmen in your dungeon brawling expeditions. That’s what those bones are for.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Ah. That’s what it was. Still such a cool sounding feature. I wish more games would make dead people useful. Can’t just be this and From’s Souls games, man. Put the dead to work!

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yup. You can have your choice of playing co-op with your friends or you can summon their carcasses to help your sorry behind. >:D

        • Testsubject909

          Let’s team up and kill everything!
          Edit: Seriously. If I find you or anyone else from Siliconera online on PSN, I’ll hit you up with an invite to play… if it works that way for this game.

  • michel

    Glad that this isn’t going to be a pure beat-em-up, but a deeper kind of game. Could turn out a very beautiful and successful game…

  • Learii

    how many towns will there be?

  • AdachiTohru

    Vita on fire !

  • Testsubject909

    Just to make sure. July is the release date for Japan or internationally?

    I want to know because my credit card has been ready for just about a year or so for pre-ordering this… Hell my Vita wake-up screen is that of a character from Dragon’s Crown…

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      That date is for Japan, as of now. But I do remember getting a recent email from Amazon saying the NA release date was changed to August 8th…

    • Hopefully that leaked amazon date is true for the US. I can’t wait for this beautiful. beautiful game.

    • And btw, if you need someone to play it with, you know who to call. PSN = VXLbeast.

  • Lester Paredes

    I am sooooooo PUMPED for this game! I can’t decide if I should go Dwarf or Amazon first…

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