Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta To Add More Testers In April

By Ishaan . March 21, 2013 . 11:30am

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer Naoki Yoshida posted a new “Letter from the Producer” column this week, providing an update on the ongoing beta for the game.


“The beta test is well underway, and the team is working hard to implement more features while addressing your feedback,” Yoshida writes. “All of you gamepad lovers better grab your favorite controller, because we’re making final adjustments to the system so you can test it out in phase 2!”


“With 100,000 testers already playing the game, we’ve had severe server congestion every time we start up the servers, and I apologize for the trouble it’s caused. One good thing that’s come from this, however, is that we’ve been able to spot problems that didn’t show up in the alpha test, and we’ve managed to fix them as quickly as possible. These issues wouldn’t have been resolved without your help.”


Phase 2 of the beta, Yoshida says, will kick off in early April. Square will be adding more testers to the game for phase 2, in order to put further strain on the servers, so if you’ll have another chance to sign up if you haven’t yet.


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  • gamerdude

    Not going to spill the beans but there are also other reasons why they need more testers to keep playing…

    • James

      It’s not exactly a secret. The Beta Roadmap and Yoshida have stated that Phase 1, and 2 are pretty much exact. Only so many times testers can do the same content before wanting to take a break.

  • Go2hell66

    Played the beta a bit last weekend. Geez the town is huge. i actually got lost. Took me almost a day just to make my way out of the town so i could start hunting monsters for sidequests :(

    • Crevox

      Except, you know, you’re breaking NDA simply by saying you’re in the beta.

      • Go2hell66

        Is that so? :/
        Ah well screw it

      • Sardorim

        And you couldn’t just tell’em to just delete their post? That isn’t helping at all.

        • Ferrick

          in disqus, we cannot delete our own posts, instead the self-deleted post will reemerge from deletion and disfuq us all

        • Crevox

          That’s basically what I did? From what I said, that’s what he should be doing.

          To be honest, in the first place, I don’t have much respect for those that break the Non-disclosure agreement contract they agreed to. You’re being allowed to test (yes, test, not demo) a game before its release in order to help Square Enix. The least you can do is read the documentation they provide and honor their wishes.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Is this parody? People actually read those things and expect others to as well? Whats going on here?

          • Crevox

            An NDA is not a joke.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And it isn’t much worth getting this angry either. When the enrollment is open, you’ve got emails, logs and plenty of other things which will show who is playing the game. Sharing excitement isn’t showing disrespect.

            After the absolute mess that was the first game, Square’s going to need plenty of buzz and notes of enjoyment to get folks burned once to try again.

          • Crevox

            No, but sharing the fact that you are in the beta is against the NDA. The NDA specifically states that the user must not divulge the fact that they are participating, lest they be banned and lose any accounts they have for FFXIV (both old and current).

            It’s annoying when people do break the NDA. I simply stated that he was breaking the NDA in hopes he would edit his post… not only did he not edit it, someone questioned me, so I responded with my reasoning.

            Not sure where you’re getting anger from. Sharing excitement is fine. Breaking the NDA is not. People seem to think it means nothing, which is far from the case.

  • Pick me!

  • How do we sign up when they’re available again?

  • HerosLight

    I wasn’t picked for the first phase, I hope I’m picked this time.

  • Belcross

    You only need to sign up once. You don’t need to sign up twice.

  • Guest

    Never got a chance to be picked on FF XIV tests since the first version but Hopefully this time they pick me and pick players who worth getting on test , .. not those people who create Multiple accounts to get in -_-“

  • Draparde

    I can’t wait to see more awesomeness from this game :o.

    i miss my 1.0 character :(

    • Ferrick

      and you’ll probably see him soon enough (wasn’t there a character transfer from 1.0 to 2.0 ? Because sili had an article saying that)

      • Draparde

        yeah there is. you get to remake your character too~

        • Ferrick

          yep, and Ferrick Shall liveeee =D, though the need for a last name is rather weird and since my chara is a transferred chara from 11, so it will be something like Ferrick [server name from FFXI]

          • Draparde

            lol, i could have imported my XI character name, but i decided to make a female Lalafell and i’d feel odd if i used the same name.

          • Ferrick

            XD, and i’m still a hume in both games, so not really that awkward (other than adding the server name), and you’re a tarutaru back in vana’diel huh =P (off note: are you going to play Seekers of adoulin ?)

          • Draparde

            nah, i was actually Hume. decided to change my race after having played one for so long. (and i liked the way Lalafell looked, even though its not a huge difference from taru’s)

            as for Seekers, im not sure. i might. (probably not on release) its been a year or two since i’ve played XI tbh. though i’d love to try out the two new jobs lol.

          • Ferrick

            ah i see, well i do agree that hume is a bit plain after a while XD

            and its been 3 years since i’ve played 11 =P, hopefully i’m not too rusty when i get back (and i hope RUN isn’t hard to get =X)

          • Draparde

            oh man… i hope they wouldn’t be hard either. but if the areas are for lv 99s ….. >_<. (though it could be like sch/dnc's if i remember those where just buying/traveling quests mostly )

            speaking of new jobs, i hope SMN turns out good in XIV, and that some(all!) of XI's jobs appear in it as well lol

          • Ferrick

            i don’t think they will make it that hard to get XD, or else i would be screaming my lungs out cuz the highest level i have atm is 65 and i didn’t increase it because it was the cap back then XD

            and this, i would love to see SMNs and other XI classes appear, and hopefully SMNs get to summon alexander and odin again this time, or better yet summon bahamut XD, though that would destroy Eorzea yet again XD

  • “Sigh” The beta looks fun, wish I were in it.

    • Crevox

      -removed- statement no longer relevant due to above user editing post.

      • Jordan Coleman


        • Crevox

          It’s extremely disrespectful to them after they let you in the beta. Rude, unappreciative, and yes, I could easily report.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I think someone’s taking this a bit too seriously.

          • Crevox

            An NDA is serious. If you’re not taking it seriously, then you shouldn’t be accepting it.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And with the fourth time, the point has more than been made.

          • Draparde

            it wouldn’t get you anywhere… unless their forum name/SE account name/character name is the same as it is on this site. it will hardly cause any problems for them. unless you did not mean report to SE. in which case, forget you even read this.

  • Bob Stockalockapoulos

    If anyone gets an invite on April 1st, I would be skeptical. ;)

  • and how are they going to find out just becuz i say im in beta doesnt mean they are going to ban me if they have no clue to who or what my account is from this site or other sites that i post too so tell me how will they know

  • Sean Patrick DeMarco

    I got invited to the beta test but don’t when my time to play starts. I wish this was more clear. I got a legit invite on April 1st, 2013.

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