Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Split Into Two Vita Games Due To Cartridge Size

By Spencer . March 26, 2013 . 1:01am

imageSquare Enix talked a bit about Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster, which will bundle Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 together on one disc. The two games will be sold separately on Vita as Final Fantasy X HD Remaster and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. Why? Speaking with Famitsu, Square Enix said because of storage issues the Vita version will be sold separate. Cross save data between the two release is something the team is looking into.


Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster will have enhanced pre-rendered movies with better quality in the HD version. Character and enemy textures have also been revised to increase the fidelity of the game’s graphics.


Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster is slated for release this year.

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  • LustEnvy

    The only way to make this a non-issue is if each game is $20.

    • Duc PC-QB

      If you tell me this about months ago then I wouldnt believe it.
      That’s SE you know

    • Ehren Rivers

      The games will almost certainly be $16-20. Almost all HD collections are priced at $40 for the full collection and $20 for individual games, whether they are on the PS3 or PSVita. The only deviation I know of is the Metal Gear Solid HD collection on the Vita; As I recall, the individual games of that collection are $17 instead. That is probably a price cut through from an original $20.

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      The problem is most HD collections are just smoothed out texture ports, this is an actual remastering of the game. Thus cost more to make, and is cross platform. Finally it is SE we are talking about. I expect $30 per to be the price per game. Possibly even $50 for the PS3 version. Take also into account SE recent CEO step down due to 13.5 billion Yen loss last year.

    • The Vita cards will be $30 minimum each, cant get away from that Square tax.

      • LustEnvy

        You have the inside scoop?

    • Romangelo

      and you bought Tales of Graces f, a ported game from the Wii for $60 ?? btw I think this bundle will be $40-45. KH HD is cheaper than other retail games as well.

      • LustEnvy

        One flaw in your argument. Tales of Graces was never released here, so it was brand new. FFX and X-2 were both available here, and for a loooong time.

        • Rogerrmark

          HD ports are not made exclusively for U.S public.
          HD ports are not made exclusively for people who already played the game.
          X International was only released in Europe.X-2 International+Last Mission was never released anywhere else.
          Both are not the same game available for a long time,worldwide.
          Do the math.

    • I’m still OK for 25-30€ because the fact I can take it with me is a plus. But 30€ is tops.

    • isotrex

      Probably more especially that Squeenix prices their games way too expensive.

  • Hi Spencer,

    When you say “enhanced pre-rendered movies with better quality in the HD version.”

    You actually mean “in the PS3 version”?

    Also. What do you think are the odds of the game not using the Vita’s full resolution now that we know that cart size is an issue?

    • They’re probably aiming to get the game on a 4gb card.

      The video will be .h264 which’ll mean it’ll take up significantly less space than the mpeg2 of the original, no reason to believe it won’t be the full Vita resolution.

    • Detrimont

      it’s going to use the Vita’s full resolution, the reason the games are separate is that if both were to fit on the same cartridge, the games quality would go down. a vita game cartridge can hold a lot, just not 2 full ps3 games

      • I really hope they use the Vita’s full resolution. However, there are some issues that might make it hard to do so.

        – To start, we have to consider the Vita card space, 4GB, which is about the same as DVDs had when FFX first shipped. Yet they have to fit a game with much improved visuals in the same space.

        – There are Vita games that are rather large, like Uncharted (2.9GB) and P4G (3.1GB) that are already quite visually intensive but either short (Uncharted) or quite large, but that have not used the Vita’s full resolution in some areas (P4G). So it makes me wonder how they are going to keep the full quality of FFX on a qHD display (the Vita’s) when the game is far more extensive and visually demanding than both examples mentioned previously.

        – As I already mentioned, P4G is widely known to have already downgraded some of its visuals, so we already have a precedent.

        In the end, even if they downgrade the visuals a bit, I doubt it wil be noticeable at all. And of course, all I say is based on informed guesses and not on technical knowledge, so anyone who know more about this is free to prove me wrong. I would be happy for that.

        I just want to see this game run in optimal conditions on my Vita’s beautiful OLED (that’s where I’ll play it most) and don’t want SE to jump the shark on it.

    • Gaardus

      Resolution is an issue of power, not storage space. (In game, that is. Still, I wouldn’t be worried about there being too little space for the cutscenes.)

  • AKA Takumix

    Funny excuse as nothing prevents SE to bundle the two cartridges in one box, but I guess the call of money is too strong to resist…

    • Bobby Jennings

      This. There is no reason why they can’t just do two cartridges in one box. If I do have to buy both, I think I’ll go with $30 for each.

    • Mr_SP

      You’re completely missing the plot. The game is unlikely to become any more expensive, and will only be so because of the cost of extra plastic cases and store overheads – and that’s only assuming that Sony already have a two-cartridge box they can use. If anything, this is the LESS money grabbing option. If they already have to put them on two cartridges, then putting them in the same box simply forces everyone who wants to buy one game, but not the other, to buy both.

    • almostautumn

      Yep. It’s ridiculous, and so a-typical of modern S-E that I’m not surprised one bit. I will absolutely eat my words if the retail copies are $20 each like they should be, but I’m betting all my chips right now that they cost $30.
      And if Sony really doesn’t haven’t dual-cartridge cases ready, or are willing to get them ready, then S-E should vocalize this. Honestly who didn’t see this coming with an S-E IP/Remake, so if this really is Sony’s fault S-E really should say something to retain some character and reason.

  • Adam Zaorski

    There’s nothing like remastering FF X and X-2, when You can do that to 9 or 8, or 7…which all were MUCH MUUUCH better games than the X series.

    • NightzeroAX

      inb4 $hitstorm.

    • You mean the 7 8 and 9 that are already available on PSN?

      Besides which, FFX outsold all of those.

      • Syn

        Actually 8 outsold the ones youve listed only surpassed by the 13 series and 11.

      • Adam Zaorski

        Ye, All those Final Fantasy 7,8,9 HD on PSN….

        And on the sidenote, if You rate games by how much copies they sold, than you must be a big CoD fan.

    • LynxAmali

      7 already has a remaster. As for much better than X, that’s rather subjective. I know for one I enjoyed X more than 7 or 8. 9 was pretty hit or miss too.

      • Detrimont

        the remaster was for pc, and it wasnt really a remaster, it was just adapted to run better on modern PC’s, has same 3d models, just with graphic settings to make them smoother

        • Tien Ron

          the ps2 era was pretty big, even thought 8 sold more but alot of people didnt like it whereas alot of people brought x and liked it alot. you can tell by the squeals. 8 never got one whereas 10 did

        • LynxAmali

          -the remaster was for pc, and it wasnt really a remaster.

          But the point remains. It still had a ‘remaster’.

    • Solomon_Kano

      7, 8, and 9 would need full-on remakes to put them in line with what we’re getting from X/X-2 HD. That’d cost a lot more money and it wouldn’t be worth the return.

    • The structure of the FF games before IX are much larger than X, remaking those on full 3D HD graphics are currently too much, FFX only needed some polish and by polish I mean poligon modifications and change the textures to look more smoother.

      As for which FF is better is a subjective matter but on my opinion X is on par with he previous Final Fantasies so fuchs you very much sir!

  • AdachiTohru

    Ok but i dont care, i just want to know the both are sold at 20$

  • Guest

    Really hope Square Enix is getting Cross Save down for FFX/2 HD

  • artemisthemp

    Really hope Square Enix is getting Cross Save down for FFX/2 HD.

    Also since PS Vita games don’t comes with physical manual could Square Enix do a dual packs – FFX on the Left and FFX-2 on the Right

    • $36598391

      Vita games need to start coming with manuals

      • Mr_SP

        They do… They’re digital. Not that I’ve read a manual in months.

      • Some games do in fact come with one. PSO2 for instance does have a manual afaik. It’s a shame that not all games do have one anymore.


        in japan comes with a mini guide and publicity in america i was depressed to see no papers in the box

      • Elvick

        Europe got a manual in New Little King’s Story. That’s the only game I have with a manual, and it was an import. *sigh*

        I miss manuals.

        At LEAST put an advert slip in there to look at. That hideous, plain blue of the Vita case is not pleasing to see.

  • Tom

    I think it would be wiser to sell them in the same package but on different memory cards for full price. If they divide it, there will be a lot of guys out there who will buy only X but not X-2. But this can only be an issue if they divide the price as well. If they sell it at full price than the marketing is an ass at SE.

    • heartless141

      this, this i would love to buy!

    • Ehren Rivers

      That’s the PS3 collection, which it was announced on Friday would be $40. No pricing has been confirmed on the PSVita versions of the games, but there actually is a general pricing rule these HD re-releases tend to follow.

      • heartless141

        in japan they usually don’t care about it being split ._. so i’m betting it will be 4300 yen ish each

        • Ehren Rivers

          I’m sorry, but can you please cite some precedent? Because the prices of the PS3 version of this game are already set, at the same price that KH 1.5, Hitman HD Trilogy, and both Vita and PS3 Metal Gear Solid HD collection all have. Of those games, the Hitman and MGS collections have prices sitting between $16 and $20 for each individual game in NA with comparable EU prices.

          So unless the Japanese individual versions of games are randomly twice as much as all of the overseas, that would indicate otherwise.

          • heartless141

            right on top of my head i can recall over there you have ICO HD for 40 or 50 i can’t remember, but in japan it was 3990 yen for each game. there’s a bundle with 2 games on separate disc for 7000 yen.

          • Ehren Rivers

            It was $40 for the collection and $20 per game (download only) on release I believe, and now sits at $20 for the collection or $10 per game.

            So basically, the Japanese versions of games must be all-around far more expensive. 3990 Yen is approximately $45 US Dollars, and 7,000 is somewhere between $75 and $80 USD.

          • Syn

            actually 3990 yen is just about $40 bucks straight and 7000 is usually just $70 dollars flat not the five to ten dollar increments youve listed above, but I do agree on Japanese retailers being a little more expensive.

          • Ehren Rivers

            I’m going by current exchange rates. I have an exchange calculator on my computer that updates once a month with the most recent currency exchange rates; If you want to get technical, 3,990 Yen is $42.39 and 7,000 Yen is $74.37 as of March 1st 2013.

          • Aoshi00

            While MGS HD Collection and Ico/SotC were sold as bundles in the US, in Jpn, MGS 2/3 & Peacewalker / Ico & SotC were sold individually at full price. So there’s a chance X & X-2 could be sold separately in Jpn as well, we get much better value than Jpn. Anyway, pre-ordered the US ver on Amazon for $40. It might drop to $20 later on like many HD collection eventually.

          • Ehren Rivers

            So as I said to heartless, Japan essentially gets shafted on prices. As I said, though, there is no preorder or prices for the Vita version; The preorder is the North American price for the PS3 HD Collection, and it’s the price announced this last week. I even tried searching just now to be sure, but only the PS3 X|X-2 is there.

          • $36598391

            i hope the KH hd collections come out on vita

  • HassanJamal

    Im ok with this.

  • CycloneFox

    It is completely alright to sell them on seperate cartridges in seperate packages as long as they cost half of the combined pack for PS3. It is even an advantage, if you dislike X-2, like me.

    Actually, it is common for HD-collections to be sold for ~40$/€ for a complete pack of 2 games and ~20$/€ for each game seperately (Sometimes it is even 15€/$ each game, if the complete pack includes three games).

    The only thing, that nags me is, that it all sounds like there won’t be a cross-buy option. And it was not even announced, if cross-save will be supported or not. I would love to take turns between both versions. I’m asking myself why so many developers (except for Kojima and Sony themselves) or publishers lack the ability to see the opportunity to cross-save between handheld versions and stationary version of games. For me, it is even a reason to buy a game, I wouldn’t have been interested in without it.

  • Shopto currently has FFX HD Vita for preorder at £32.86 although that will hopefully go down. The placeholder boxart has the logos for both games but just says FFX in the description.

  • Syneidesis

    Wouldn’t this be a non issue for some if this was Cross-Buy? The PS3 version would just come with a download code for both X and X-2 on the Vita. It’s not like you need both games installed at once on the Vita. When you’re done with X, install X-2. I’d be happy with that.

  • They should have allowed those sticks to have more space. They are way to small for this day and age.

  • I’m okay with it. If they are international versions and are cheap enough.

  • I’m not saying I support this I’m just surprised how upset people are because we didn’t even realize FFX-2 HD was HAPPENING until like a week or two ago

  • Aurizen

    I want cross buy too

  • Minos


    I think all that money they lost has way more to do with it.

    • Syltique

      It was originally just FFX HD and everyone was fine with it. No one complained about Persona 4 Golden being $40.

      Now it’s also X-2 and suddenly people act like they’re ripped off. Just be happy it’s now two games.

      • People are acting this way because the Vita version will likely cost twice as much to own both as the PS3 version. Yes Vita owners are being ripped off.

        • Elvick

          Oh they ARE?

          We don’t even know yet. Just wait and see. Maybe SE will surprise you and do a Sony MLB thing, where if you buy both at once you get them for $40.

          Or maybe the Vita versions (outside of Japan) will just be digital only at $40 anywya.

          • Digital only would also piss me off. Fu… screw that garbage. If they (Square Enix) weren’t assholes they would be retail versions for $19.99 apiece, but we know how they (Square Enix) are.

  • Rentekabond

    I was just explaining this to my friend the other day. depending on how big the games are, selling them on the same cartridge would limit how many people could buy the game digitally, which would cause a bigger uproar than simply selling them separately for less.

  • It just makes sense, there is no way a Vita card could hold two full HD games

    • AdachiTohru

      MGS HD says hello

  • PersonaBull

    “Cross save data between the two release is something the team is looking into.”
    Aw dang, I sure hope they figure this out otherwise I’ll only be getting the Vita versions for now. I’m only particularly interested in having my favorite FF game being portable, but being able to pop into my PS3 at any time was an exciting plus. Either way I’m so excited for news finally exploding about this!! <3

    • Andrew McDowell

      Me too, I never was one for spending 80 hours in the lounge room hogging the tv to play a JRPG, so playing on the go on my Vita will be the choice for me

  • AdachiTohru

    I bet the price is not split into two -_-

    • Andrew McDowell

      Too right dude.

  • Shinky

    uh….why don’t they just put 2 cartridges in the case then? They used to do it, like Final Fantasy Chronicles had 2 separate discs, one for Chrono Trigger and another for Final Fantasy IV. Honestly it seems like they are just using this as their excuse to sell the games separately…

  • I am still saying they better be $19.99 a piece or they are screwing over Vita owners.

  • Pretty much agree with Syltique and Jon Stachewicz, weeks ago I was willing to pay the full price for FFXHD only and Im still willing to pay the full price for FFX HD alone.

  • Andrew McDowell

    As much as I hate that Vita owners have to buy separately, remember guys that originally we were only getting FFX HD and I would’ve been fine paying $40 for FFX HD on my Vita. But the option of getting FFX-2 HD on my Vita as well is merely a bonus, even if I do have to pay it could’ve been worse. Think about it, what if they decided to only do FFX HD for the Vita and not bother to do X-2 HD at all to speed up the release date. It’s not as bad as everyone says

  • WhyWai

    I guess a big portion of the game data is their CG. (think FF13).. Tat’s why it wont fit in.

  • Prinny Dood

    Actually for the vita we’re looking at least 29.99 each wich I dont mind, but pretty sure a lot of people might not like that price.

  • Isaac Newton


  • Lester Paredes

    I’m willing to pay 40 dollars total for both of these games. I’m certainly not going to spend more on these digital variants if the PS3 version comes with an actual box and both bundled together. 20 bucks apiece, Squeenix, or no deal.

  • NO FUCK THAT!!! I’ve been waiting for years for this to come to PS3 because the PS3 is no longer backwards compatible. FFX and Mass Effect are tied for favorite game. I’d also love to see Auron’s Overdrive since the Vita does not have an L2 or R2 trigger. Dear SquareEnix, bad move going handheld only. *Middle Finger*

    • It is both PS3 and Vita release. PS3 includes X/X-2 on one disc while Vita has it as two carts (one for X and one for X-2). As for L2/R2 trigger I am sure they have worked around that.

  • steinhauershawn

    Vita Cards as well as 3DS can only hold as much Information as a PS2 DVD (4GB)

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