Gravity Rush, Ragnarok Odyssey, And Tales Are On The First List Of Budget Vita Games

By Spencer . April 1, 2013 . 4:30pm

image Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is kicking off their PlayStation Vita the Best re-releases this month. "The Best" games are essentially Greatest Hits titles that get a yellow stripe on the box instead of a red one. The following games will be re-released at a budget price:


Dynasty Warriors Next
Gravity Rush
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
Ragnarok Odyssey
Touch My Katamari
Ragnarok Odyssey
Tales of Innocence R
True Night of the Kamatachi

  • No Persona 4: Golden, huh? Strange…

    • Detrimont

      it’s because it was only released recently, they usually dont put any games on the best buys thing until around year after release, it will probably be in the net batch

    • A game has to be out in the market for a certain time before it’s eligible for a Greatest Hits title. Since most of those games come out in late 2011 or early 2012, while Persona 4 Golden came out during the summer of 2012, it’s safe to say that the game will become a Greatest Hits title soon.

    • Its always Japan.

  • Minos

    Games that dont sell are so easy to spot now days…

  • Perhaps that Tales of Hearts R and Persona 4 Golden aren’t the only golden backbones of the Vita. I still wonder though.. is Ragnarok Odyssey a good game – and what is up with this game called Gravity Rush?

    • Crevox

      Odyssey is alright/cool. Try the demo; if you don’t like it, you won’t like the rest of it. A lot of the cool content is near the end though so if you quit early you’ll miss out on a lot.

    • Ragnarok Odyssey is a sort of third-person hunt game. You go into areas depending upon the mission given, clear them out of monsters or specific targets, or gather up specific items/beat a boss, and it’s all based upon the Ragnarok Online mythos. It’s honestly a pretty neat game, and you get multiple classes to choose between. Swordsman is always the best one to start with though. Very easy and simple to understand how it controls.

      Gravity Rush is a Vita exclusive game that involves, essentially, controlling the gravity around this one young woman you control, who essentially is suddenly aware through circumstances that she can do this by using this strange cat that’s following her as a conduit. It’s a very good looking game, and well worth the try. I’m not entirely certain, but I believe that Gravity Rush is still offered on PSN Plus for free? It’s a good looking game and once I get out of my Atelier obsession, I’ll be playing more of it.

      • ShadowDivz

        Odyssey was okay. The weapons were essentially just skins.
        And the boss fights were frustrating as hell when they have minions on the map.
        And no im not noob, i played(and loved) monster hunter. I also hated that even when you get farther like chapter 7 you still have those annoying missions to kill like 40 minor enemies.

    • Gravity Rush is an overhyped tech demo, and Ragnarok is good to kill time.

      • benhofb

        C’mon. Yeah Gravity Rush felt a little unfinished, but it was still a great game.

      • TheBlackgirl123

        Is the game kind of hard or difficult a little bit

    • ZEROthefirst

      Odyssey is more of a take it or leave it Monster Hunter/God Eater/PSO clone, it plays so much like GE though and has little to no difficulty. It’s fun, but there’s no creating weapons, armors or anything, you just find a few different weapons in each class with a new skin and different skills sometimes. Odyssey really only keeps it’s life when playing online, but know that if anyone in your room has an average connection, you’re going to lag through the entire quest/mission (and it’s not like Monster Hunter where the monster or players just kind of skips around, everyone is locked at the same exact speed).

    • Vash bane

      congrats your the very first person to ask what those 2 games are…
      here have a cookie

  • Renzouri

    Ragnarok Odyssey’s listed twice?

    • AuraGuyChris

      NO! You don’t see the difference! The first one has a link while the second doesn’t!

    • That guy who hates Spike

      Ragnarok Odyssey shouldn’t even be listed once.

      • ShadowDivz

        Agreed. It was okay, but not G.H worthy.

  • Herok♞

    I wonder if they will have the same offer here because there are some vita games I would like to try just not for full price.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, Greatest Hits status is dependent on the game’s sales*. So, if the title warrants it, then I’m sure they will. I don’t know what the sales criteria is for a Vita game to make Greatest Hits but, if it’s similar to the PS3’s, then I can at least guarantee that you’ll see Assassin’s Creed Liberation get the GH banner.

      *The game also has to be on the market for a certain amount of time.

    • Testsubject909

      They will in due time and hey that is a pretty rad new avatar picture.

      Oh and, a late welcome back Herok.

      • Herok♞

        wait you just noticed I changed my picture I had it changed before I left.

        on topic I wonder what they will give us.

  • Solomon_Kano

    It’s just a different name for the same thing but, to be sure, do they have the same criteria as Greatest Hits? Or, rather, do portable titles have the same criteria as on PS3? Because, if I recall correctly, a game has to move 500k to be GH on PS3. I’d imagine it’s lower on portable. If not, then that’d be pretty crazy that all of these managed to do that without creeping back onto the top 20.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      No, they don’t have the same standards for all platforms. Furthermore, they have different standards depending on the region.

      Heck, if a Vita game DID have to move 500k just to qualify, no game released so far actually would.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Ah, so it is lower. Any idea as to whereabouts the number is? Because, it’s gonna be a good while before we see anything other than AC get the GH label in NA if it’s anywhere north of 150k.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I thought that the minimum was around 100k, but MX Portable sold roughly 88k and that qualified for a “PSP The Best” rerelease.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Interesting. Well, guess I can just hope Sony clearly states the criteria one day. For Vita, at least. The PSP is well beyond them mentioning it’s criteria for “The Best”.

      • Safros9

        Well, if 500k was region specific then no Vita game would qualify (As far as I know), but worldwide? Uncharted passed that a long time ago.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          It is region specific. Each region has its own line of budget rereleases; “Greatest Hits” in North America, “The Best” in Japan/Asia, “Platinum Range” in Europe and “BigHit Series” in Korea.

    • I would imagine it’s much, much lower than 500k, but I’m not sure how much lower. Dynasty Warriors Next sold like 30k at launch. Disgaea 3 was even lower than that, and True Night even lower than D3. Going by those figures, I would imagine the threshold is around 100k.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Hm. At 100k, I’d imagine most of the Vita’s launch games should have “The Best” status by now then. Or they will soon. Surely, Uncharted is well past that by now. Or is that already a budget title?

        Makes me wonder what the threshold was for PSP.

        • Maybe they’re choosing to focus on more Japan-centric stuff, which is why Uncharted isn’t included? For that matter, neither is Hot Shots Golf.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm. Wonder why those are missing. Guess we’ll never know.

  • Prinny Dood

    Out of all the games showed on the list a like disgaea 3 .


    PERSONA 4 THE GOLDEN will have BEST version around JUNE or JULY for sure

  • Hopefully this helps pad out that release schedule a bit.

  • PRGamerCub

    probably not happening over here as well :( ….maybe that price drop for the Tales game will make it cheaper to import XD i hope

  • TheBlackgirl123

    I like gravity rush, but I can’t understand their language?

    • Prinnydoom

      I think thats the point. It sounds made up.

      • TheBlackgirl123


    • Firekitty

      I remember reading somewhere that it’s Japanese run through a filter to make it sound like French. Not sure if that’s accurate, but whatever it is, it’s *supposed* to be nonsense. The game doesn’t take place on Earth, so it makes sense that the characters don’t speak English.

      I kinda wish more games would do this, since It would neatly solve the ‘subs versus dubs’ debate. Albeit in a way the pro-dubbing faction would probably hate *even more*.

    • Guest

      In PS:AS, she sounds like she’s always talking about Jews.

  • gamerdude

    Do budget price of Vita first please. Oh well I guess they haven’t been able to bring down the cost of producing one yet.

    • Kelohmello

      Did you read the article? This is japan. They already dropped the price of their Vita.

  • Sergio Briceño

    I’m in the mood to play, so anyone want’s to Touch My Katamari?

  • Nice to see ragnarok odyssey on the list

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