Namco Bandai Will Bring Milla Maxwell Statue Overseas Too

By Spencer . April 1, 2013 . 10:52pm

toxDuring the Tales of Xillia panel at Wondercon, Namco Bandai announced they will bring a Milla Maxwell statue to North America. Details on how to get the statue will be announced at a later date.


Milla Maxwell is one of the two protagonists in Tales of Xillia. Milla has the power to control four elemental spirits: Gnome, Efreet, Sylph, and Undine. She bumps into Jude Mathis, a martial artist studying medicine, and the two characters set out together.


Tales of Xillia is slated for a summer release in North America and Europe.

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  • Ayaka

    I read about this some days ago and woa, that’s awesome news!

    You might want to add that apparently it’s not the Alter 1/8 Milla figure, but the one produced by Banpresto (which I suppose it will be quite less expensive). This was seemingly confirmed during the panel at Wondercon (here for a little bit of info about it

    EDIT: best to avoid the actual news being told so directly, but people might want to check Absolute Zero’s website for some sort of update about Tales of the Tempest.

    • 果林

      ah dam that was disappointing :(

    • Where’s my zoom in

  • PoweredByHentai

    Which figure? This one?

    • Ayaka

      Had extremely high hopes for that, but unfortunately it seems more likely to be this one

      • Suriel Cruz

        Both looks awesome! Really detailed and colorful.

      • xXDGFXx

        Well, it looks decent.

      • ………….

    • That’s the only one, it’s done by Alter who are crazy about detail

    • Putitinme

      Not sexy enough. Wouldn’t waste money on it

    • EtherealEarth

      Wait a sec, so “statue” refers to “figure” in the article?

      I don’t mean to be picky with the word choice, but my general impression of “statue” is a huge statue we usually see on the street as oppose to a figure in a small scale.

      So I came here excited and all until I realized that I just made a fool of myself ;_;

    • If this is the figure that comes with it, then they already have my money.

    • Philip Irwin

      If the game has a special Namco Faithful pre-order for that + the game, I will be completely sold. I was planning to get the game from the get go but if I can throw more money at Namco with this, I’m all for it.

  • YoshEE

    Praying the figure would come along as gamestop bonus lol. Hmm I hope ToX will be release on June at most for me.

  • oh shit my wallet

  • Too much hype for Xillia. A good sign of getting Xillia 2 soon.

  • Adam Zaorski

    Nearly 2 years of waiting…. I don’t usually whine a lot, but Namco is going the Square-Enix route, where people from the EU and US will stop giving a shit about their games because it’s either 2-3 years of waiting, or they don’t release them at all.

    By no means I’m a hater, I’m still probably going to buy it, but it just get’s the wrong side of me when I realise how are the fans in EU/US treated.

    • Peeka Chu

      PS4 will be out by the time this is, and a slew of Vita JRPGs. I’m finding it hard to care, to be honest. I’ll probably buy it anyway, just to support the series, but I doubt I’ll play it.

      • Alexander Marquis Starkey

        PS4 won’t be out til next year. Those Vita RPGs may not come over, and the western devs aren’t supporting the System. Plus the PS3 is gonna live far into the PS4’s like time so I doubt folks would be worried. Tales of Xillia on the other hand releases in the Summer, during a JRPG drought…and a big of a big game drought in general.

    • Crazy_O

      Actually I wanted to buy it, but the hype around it died for me several months ago. I may pick it up when there are no other games I’m interested in.

    • Ceci “Ruzuzu” Kiyomizu

      I honestly forgot that Xillia was coming here.
      I guess the wait got to me.

    • gamerdude

      Aren’t they wasting half of their marketing budget with these delays?

      I mean I’m excited for seeing all the art and music for the game before it’s released in Japan even and by the time they finally arrive to EU this is all old stuff to us that they’re trying to put into a whole new set of trailers.

      Why not ride the wave of popular awareness when gaming sites are talking about it?

      • Hraesvelgr

        Because not everyone pays attention to games the second they’re announced in Japan and they want other people to buy them, too.

    • ZEROthefirst

      The Tales series doesn’t make big sales in the West so they aren’t rushing for instant sales like Mario games. It’s like Monster Hunter, it’s popular, but doesn’t make great sales either yet Capcom localizes them.
      So the alternative is to wait for the game to get a Western release with a dub and be properly set up at a price of $60, or you can rush to import the game, not understand what’s going on and spend anywhere from $80+.
      I’d love to see the Tales games get localized faster, or my favorite entries like Rebirth and Innocence would get localized, but I’m grateful and not going to complain when I get anything.

  • harmonyworld

    I’m just excited about this game!!

  • Chris Cruz

    Millia Maxwell; Namco’s answer to Lightning.

    • Nightmesh

      Would have been cool beans if they had the same voice actor.

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    Actually they mentioned that they are trying. There is nothing set in stone.

  • Raika Souku

    i want the statue and i already preordered it at gamestop if its coming out in like namco club or something online im canceling it and getting that instead. i a freaking fan of the series but damn did they take their time bringing it over and thier not advertising it either i only heard this was coming out thats to friend at gamestop

  • Wow, this is cool. I hope the details come out soon

  • Callonia

    Can’t wait to play with Milla.

  • I love the Tales of games, so I can’t wait for this one. I like Milla a lot as a character, but her English voice is ugh… :/ She really sounds like a man.

  • Zonic505

    Have the feeling it might be a Namco Shop exclusive, similar to the LE that Ni No Kuni had.

  • ZeroGS

    still pondering if I should pick the ENG ver up… since in all honesty milla’s english voice was such a turnoff

  • Raltrios

    Oh for Christ’s sake… I bought a Milla figure more than two months ago for over $100 from HobbySearch and I still haven’t received it yet. It’s lost in postage limbo. Haven’t heard from them in a while now, either. And now I hear that it (if it’s the same one) is coming out from what will most likely be a more reliable source?

  • puchinri

    No doubt this is going to be expensive. My wallet and bank account are going to hate me. . .

  • Romangelo

    Yuna!! wait… it’s not her.

  • Dyne1319

    They have already ruined the game with the exclusion of JP audio track. Very upset, better separate voice track that I can turn off.

  • Repede91

    I hope it’s the Alter figure. Most game collectibles released in the US aren’t that great of quality (particularly figures and toys included with special editions). It’d be nice to have something of a higher quality for a change.

  • Maia Kasoya

    I heard somewhere the statue is the Ichiban Kuji ver. of her.

  • fireemblembeast

    Holy shit, is this for real? Awesome! I don’t even care if its not that one from december, I’m just psyched to get any merchandise!!! ^_^
    I still have the nendoroid petit milla to hold me over until then.

  • This took to long >.< I mean, I'll definetly getting the game, but they should've releases this way back ago!

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