All Of Super Robot Taisen OE’s Episodes Will Be Released This Summer

By Spencer . April 3, 2013 . 12:13am

imageSuper Robot Taisen OE is one Super Robot Wars game split into eight downloadable chapters. The game is slated for release on PSP this summer. Famitsu clarified that all eight chapters will be available in summer 2013 so you won’t have to wait for months to see how the story unfold.


Super Robot Taisen OE has mecha from Sgt. Frog, Zoids, Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, and of course a dozen Gundam games.

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  • pimpalicious

    I know this won’t make it to the US. I just clicked the thumbnail because it was Alphonse.

    • You can still buy it on the Japanese PSN. You just need a Japanese PSN account.

      • pimpalicious

        If that would fix the language barrier, I’d be all over doing that.

    • neocatzon

      I’m also surprise Patlabor made it, I thought they never able to get in. Why now?

  • Koji Kabuto

    I hope they release it someday on UMD or else it´s going to be the first SRW I won´t buy in more than 10 years.

    • ShadowDivz


  • Sardorim

    Gonna pass, don’t like the DLC chapter stuff and since UX is region locked due to the 3DS… Guess I’ll just wait for Z3.

  • I am still new to the whole SRT games. I have only played Endless Frontier on the DS, and it is now my favorite rpg on the ds. Are there any other SRT games like that particular one? I am not sure this new one is anything like is.

    I am also not a huge fan of chapter based gameplay. It just seems like value is too spread out. It may be awesome in one chapter, but then the next 3 are lack luster, but you are already invested in the game, and you don’t want to stop. It also annoys me because people who do this know they wouldn’t get the amount of all 8 episodes for the game up front, so they are trying to screw you buy doing it piecemeal and hoping you dont notice the price versus game offered discrepancy.

    • Mr_SP

      No, most SRT games are completely different from Endless Frontier. This is definitely not similar.

    • Koji Kabuto

      Project X Zone is played in a similar way

    • WingsOfEternity

      I got into the SRW series just like you. I personally got my feet wet with Alpha Gaiden as that is probably the best SRW out of the ones that are 100% translated.

    • Well, if you really want to know the full potential of Super Robot Wars, I recommend you trying out either fan-translated crossover-filled SRW games or the two Original Generation games for the GBA (which have both been released in 2006 in the USA). There’s also 2nd Super Robot Wars OG for the PS3, region-free. It’s currently Japan-only, but there’s a group called Operation Hotblood who fights for its localization. Check them out if you like to support them.
      Good luck with the Super Robot Wars games and stay hotblooded ;)

  • Brandonmkii

    Gonna get it all on my Vita! Gotta stock up on PSN cards!

  • Spirit Macardi

    So long as it has Kumiko Watanabe reprising her role as Keroro, I’m happy. Characters voiced by her have been getting screwed over by Namco a lot lately.

  • I have heard that the game lacks story compared to the other crossover Super Robot Wars games. From my perspective that’s a good thing for us import-gamers. We can focus entirely on the gameplay and the ballistic epic giant robot battles while not having to worry or questioning about the plot.

    • Sardorim

      It does lack a story compared to full on SRW games that have far larger budgets and it wont have an original main character or their supporting cast/mecha.

      • Well, in the end, it all bottles down to using the mecha from your favourite anime show, am I right? Unless you love or appreciate the Original Generation series :D

      • s07195

        Whoa, where did you find that out?

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