One Legend Of Heroes Characters Snuck In A Cat, The Other Naps Like One

By Spencer . April 4, 2013 . 4:00pm


Falcom shared more screenshots of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash showing Bareahard, an area known for manufacturing luxury items like fur and jewelry. Recently, there was a large tax hike which the general public isn’t pleased with.


Emma is the chairwoman of her class in Thors Academy. Unlike other students, Emma is not from a wealthy family. She managed to get a scholarship because she’s a brilliant student. She lives in the same dorm as Alisa and Rin. Emma also has a roommate – her cat, which she snuck into the school. Emma is also knowledgeable about herbs, a skill she learned from her grandmother.


trails07 trails08 trails02


Phi uses dual bayonet pistols. While she’s younger than other characters in the group, Emma and Alisa taught her personally. Phi isn’t sure what she wants to do in the future and has a habit of falling asleep everywhere like a cat.


trails09 trails10 trails03


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is slated for release this year on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


trails06 trails05 trails04

  • They should release this one in NA. But like actually. Vita gamers will buy anything they can get their hands on right now.

  • DanteJones

    I absolutely love Phi’s design. Shes so cute!

  • Phi. <3 Totally the kind of characters that I like~ The game really sounds great. I'm hoping for some gameplay videos soon. I'd like to see it coming overseas too, please… :C

  • puchinri

    I like the sound of both characters a lot, and loving how pretty the world is~.

  • JustThisOne

    Blades, guns and sleeping. This character is already winning in my book.

    • psycho_bandaid

      so long as she doesn’t fall asleep while using her guns.

      • neocatzon

        narcoleptic party member.. It can be a feature.

  • axelfire250

    When will Falcom officially announce the guy with the spear?! He’s been bugging me every time I see him.

    • Soon I guess. He’s the last playable character that has yet to be revealed, so maybe next week. :)

  • Prinny Dood

    Im wishin, hopin, thinkin, praying this release overseas and when it do will be mine ;)

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    You know, the Falcom Facebook gets a lot of screenshots for this game. It also seems very active, as in Falcom makes multiple posts during the day. There’s always a post saying “Good Morning!” & (some sort of emoticon) when it’s nighttime where I am. I suggest you guys go there if you want updates real quick (though I really don’t look at the screenshots)

    • DesmaX

      Yeah, it’s like the happiest Facebook page ever

  • s07195

    Phi is definitely my favorite character revealed so far~

  • If only the game would come out in America…

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      What about Europe? Wait I don’t even live there… but it’s important to know their pain, right?
      Well at least the game isn’t taking 7+ years to make or cancelled. There are probably plenty of other stuff for you to do than wait for a single game :D
      Now only if that PS2 Berserk game would come to America…
      or the Idolmaster I’m holding

      • raymk

        If America gets it Europe can just import or vice versa.

        • Actually, for those of us who are poorer, I think a PSN copy would be better to avoid shipping fees, tax fees and whatever else they throw at us.

          Please see my reply to MrSirFeatherFang above to get an idea how much we have to pay for a physical copy if we import it to Britain.

          Now keep that in mind and imagine if it had a Limited Edition on top – that’s just rubbing salt on a wound.

          Also, the “only” problem with getting a PSN copy on Vita is the
          inconvenience of having to reset the console, download updates to its firmware and download games from different PSNs every time I want to play a game that’s from another region. PS3 is easier for this kind of thing though.

          • raymk

            Well that’s one problem of many. I understand what your getting at but my point of view comes from getting the game vs not getting the game. If the game is in english I’d pay double to import it from whatever country if its something I really wanted. It also beats waiting on games to be localized like a year later like atlus games in the Europe.

          • Or not at all, in the case of EO2 and EO3 as examples of games I hadn’t been able to import due to lack of money.

            Considering most games tend to come out in America more than not, I dare say that in your case it’d be easy to say it’s okay to import games, since it really Is once in a blue moon. I get the impression that games are at least 80% of the time localized in the US first – and then Europe is just an optional kind of thing. Also, I’m fairly sure the tax rates are much less in most states than in Britain… or maybe I’ve been fed the wrong information, but you can tell me if I’m wrong!

            And if you’re talking about getting any English localized games in general, let’s talk about region locked ones shall we? Due to 3DS region locking I don’t think that’s really a realistic choice at all. Not everyone is -that- rich to get another of the same console, let alone import it + high tax on top of that.

            It kinda feels like people actually don’t realize that they’re only saying “I would have done that myself” because they have an advantage themselves.

            Also, a quick check reveals:
            PS Vita @ $247 compared to $293 (rough rates)
            3DS @ $178 compared to $210 (rough rates)

            Everything is cheaper where you guys are anyway, so… I doubt you have much else to say for yourself at this rate, but It’d be interesting if you do have something reasonable to say :)

          • raymk

            I realize my advantages but I’m talking more so actually getting the game at all than not. Your not understanding that the game may not come over like at all. I’d rather any country localize it in a language I can understand than not whatever the price. About the 3ds yes I understand that but when did I mention 3ds at all? I’m talking about this specific game on this page no other game no other system. The ps3 is region free and so is the vita so there’s no problem for importers there.

          • I understood perfectly, and we’ve already been through why it’s easier for you to say that you’d rather any country localize it than not at all. Let’s put it this way: If we swapped places and I lived in the states, I’d be able to say that easily too, even though I’m a working student.

            It sounded like you mentioned just games in general after that – you weren’t being specific enough. The relevant quote is: “It also beats waiting on games to be localized like a year later like atlus games in the Europe.” because Atlus doesn’t just do games on Sony’s platforms, and you merely said “games” not stating any particular game or platform. It was a very generic term.

            And I have yet to see any examples of games that were never released in America by Atlus but were released in Europe which you imported? I managed to give you 2 examples off the top of my head about games that I couldn’t import, so I think I have stronger case here to justify what I said. I’m sure Google will yield more results.

      • It’s nice to see more and more people understanding that it hurts to get heavily taxed (and charged whatever else on top of that) on every import for a game. As I said before many times, it’s just impractical to spend almost twice as much as it would get if I had been in America (or if the game were released here instead) just to import it. Though, usually it’s “just a mere 40% or so more”.

        Not sure if many people even know, so I think I should describe it like this:
        Imagine having to buy 2 copies of a game for every one you get. That hurts, right? :/

    • raymk

      If only xseed could get the other games out on vita. Xseed may as well forget the other games except for zero honestly, this one looks to be a better seller than the rest of the games.

  • T-X

    Trying to fill in that Type-0 gap…

    • Vash bane

      i see what you did there

  • Jezzy

    Emma reminds me of Hanekawa Tsubasa, with her looks, background, and all that cat stuff :V

    • Same first thoughts after reading the article and looking at her. Except she’s not a cat herself this time – unless we can somehow get her to wear accessories :3

  • S- Class Wizard KaRamo

    Phi’s design look great, i like it, and she’s so cute too

  • raymk

    Count me in on the Phi bandwagon as well, though I do like Emma as well. My favorite is still Laura so far but I like them all.

  • Raze


  • XiaomuArisu

    Dual Bayonett pistols….
    You just got a new fan Phi.

  • “Phi isn’t sure what she wants to do in the future and has a habit of falling asleep everywhere like a cat.”
    I can relate with that ._. I heard mattress companies hire people to sleep and test out their products sometimes, so I tried finding an offer like that but to no avail

    I’ll be interested to see how these characters interact, they all have quite a bit of depth to them. I don’t think I ever got to play any Falcom games, but I have heard they’re quite good at making elaborate stories and character development – if anyone has examples I’d love to hear from them~

  • AndreasStalin

    Well, seems about time we get a kickstarter going to get all of the Legend of Heroes games released and translated overseas and in Europe too.

  • twageek

    AMERICA NEEDS THIS GAME!!! I will Bawl with joy if this game
    comes to america. I dont care if it’s a download or what but my vita is itching
    for good games to be played on it!

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