Suda51 And GungHo’s CEO Talk About Lily Bergamo For PS4

By Spencer . April 5, 2013 . 6:30pm

This interview from GDC has the first details about Lily Bergamo, which was confirmed earlier today as a PlayStation 4 title. At the time of this interview the game’s title was unannounced.


After Killer is Dead, Grasshopper Manufacture will release their first game with GungHo Online Entertainment. The game is early in development and doesn’t have a title yet, but Siliconera was able to sit down with Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda and GungHo Online Entertainment’s CEO Kazuki Morishita to talk about the title.


Since some of my readers brought it up, I just want to confirm that this game isn’t No More Heroes 3.


Goichi Suda, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture: It’s a new I.P. It is not No More Heroes 3.

Kazuki Morishita, CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment: Yusuke Kozaki who worked on No More Heroes is working on this.




Can you tell us about the main character. Her tagline on the concept art "what are you looking at commoner?" makes it look like she has an attitude.


KM: Internally, she’s not like that and doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder, but there is a point in time when it comes out. Normally, she’s very timid, quiet, and nice. Deep down inside there’s this thing that comes out.


Why did you pick a female lead character?


GS: That was my idea. We had experience working with a female protagonist with Lollipop Chainsaw. It was fun to work with that character and that translated into sales. Because of this I wanted to take on the challenge of making a game with another female lead.


Grasshopper Manufacture is known for making action games and hack ‘n slash games like Lollipop Chainsaw while GungHo is known for developing RPGs. What will the gameplay be like in this title?


KM: Hack ‘n slash games can be unwelcoming, the games don’t always explain well what you’re supposed to do with the gameplay. Unlike hack ‘n slash, RPGs have players take one level at a time and the game actually guides you through. While some people say that’s linear, it’s still welcoming since it holds your hand. The systems in RPGs like Lunar and Grandia are constructed well. I want to combine the RPG elements and hack ‘n slash elements to come up with a new gameplay system. RPGs are more skill based while you can get lucky in hack ‘n slash games. I wanted to make sure to have both elements, luck and strategy in the gameplay.


Hmm… I still can’t imagine the game in my mind. I remember Morishita-san talked about having luck elements in games is a way to make them more welcoming and fun. That’s interesting.


KM: Since the game is going to be an action game, practice will make perfect. The more you play it the better you will get at it, but there are going to be elements like finding items which will be luck based. It will have all of these elements mixed together to create a new game style.

GS: It’s really hard to explain. We’ll update with more information later on. Right now, it’s still conceptual, so it’s hard to give you an idea of what it looks like.

KM: Being an action game with a new style, we’re trying to polish the gameplay. Because it’s a Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo game together we also want to focus on an online component, as well.


Is the online component versus? Co-op?


KM: Actually, it’s neither. If we were to choose it’s more on the co-op side, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely multiplayer.


Is it closer to Dark Souls or Puzzle & Dragons?


[Suda snickers]

KM: Yeah, it’s very similar, but different from Puzzle & Dragons.

GS: It’s new and unique, something you haven’t seen before with a different style of friends system.

KM: From a creators standpoint and player’s standpoint, if you’ve done it before it’s kind of boring to redo something you’ve already done.


How have each of you added something unique to the collaborative game?


KM: GungHo’s strength is we’re focused more on the fantasy side. Suda-san has had this idea for this world for a long time before he pitched it to me. Once I heard this idea, I wanted to work with the world that Suda-san has created. I thought of the action meets RPG style gameplay and the ecosystem. We’ve been going back and forth trying to figure out what works for the game.

GS: That was the basic thought process, but after that it’s been a mix of everybody putting ideas onto the table. We have five to six people coming up with new ideas every week. Some people’s job titles might be higher than others, but at these meetings those go out the window and we just brainstorm.


Sounds like the game is still quite early in development. I imagined Suda-san would have shown the game to Morishita-san first to get the project started.


GS: We actually started coming up with concepts in just in November of last year.

KM: It’s still in pre-production.


Hmm… so we probably won’t see this on the current generation of consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360.


KM: That’s one of our targets, but it’s still not confirmed. We can say it’s for consoles, but we can’t say which one yet since we haven’t decided.


When it comes to the next wave of consoles PS4, Wii U, and the next Xbox what interests you as developers?


[Both laugh]

KM: Whatever we say people are going to be offended.

GS: I like them all, of course! [Laughs]


I mean as creators what features about the new hardware interest you as developers?


GS: Wii U has karaoke! [Laughs.]

KM: I like that Wii U is Nintendo. [Laughs.] For PS4, the system’s specs, network capabilities, and the cross platform capabilities interest us. We don’t know much about the new Xbox console.

GS: We’re looking forward to E3 to get more information.

KM: We’re looking forward for more information for all platforms. The more options we get from a creative side sparks more ideas.


Suda-san, could you tell us more about the prototype that you currently have for this game?


GS: [Laughs.] So, you want more information?


Yeah, I think my readers do too! I’m assuming it’s using an existing engine that Grasshopper Manufacture is familiar with and it’s being developed on PC since the platform hasn’t been decided yet. Maybe the Killer is Dead engine or the Lollipop engine?


GS: [Laughs.] We’re using the Unreal engine. Shadows of the Damned, Killer is Dead, and Lollipop Chainsaw were action titles we worked hard on. We came up with new gameplay then and I believe this game has the same quality of action. I hope Killer is Dead does well and I’ll go above Killer is Dead with an even better action in this title.


Why did you pick the Unreal engine?


GS: Because of experience. Five years ago we started using Unreal and pretty much everyone on the core team knows how to use the Unreal Engine. It makes scheduling easier too since we can figure out how long things take.


Unreal 3 or Unreal 4?


KM: [Laughs] It’s one of those two! If we told you, you would know about the platforms.


concept arts1 

Let’s go back to the pictures. The second image has a monochrome style with red at specific points to draw people’s attention. It kind of reminds me of killer7. What makes this art style interesting?


GS: The contrast has something to do with the gameplay. It’s something that Yusuke Kozaki created. You’ll see other colors, not just red and black.


If the black lines outline characters, what does the red symbolize?


GS: The dark red there means there’s something crazy going on inside the room. It’s basically a different world on the other side.




You know this picture looks a lot like where GungHo Online Entertainment’s offices are located.


GS: Ah!


KM: That’s just a coincidence. The game takes place in the future and while it make look like it, the game is not set in Japan. It’s a combination of Western culture and Japan mixed together in a sort of future setting, but the country itself is not in Japan.


Is it a country that exists?


KM: It is a country that exists in reality. [Laughs.]


Is it South East Asia?


KM: This is a difficult question…

GS: It’s in the near future, let’s say that and since it’s in the future so we really don’t know what country it is. [Laughs.]


Suda-san you were part of the development team for Contact and Morishita-san is known for making RPGs at GungHo. So, I was wondering if you two would collaborate on a RPG some day. Perhaps, something light hearted because that’s one of the things that made Contact fun.


GS: I was the producer, not the director on that game. So, I’m not that familiar with role playing games. I just realized that part of my creative side where I utilize youth ideals, it’s kind of similar to Mother, but different as well. Thank you for the inspiration! I think I might be able to do something with this.


KM: Making role playing games is a very taxing process. Whether its new Grandia or a new Lunar, it’s not like I don’t have new ideas for RPGs in my mind, but when I start thinking about RPGs I think about how much work it’s going to be. People are going to collapse from overworking. If a new concept for a RPG pops into my head and if I think it’s a good idea I will work on it even if it means grueling days and nights. However, I need an idea that surpasses my fear before I run with it.

  • Adam I.

    So…that’s not Shinobu in that 2nd image?

    • Farid Belkacemi

      New IP with existing character(s) perhaps ?

  • Nyandroid

    This sounds like such an interesting game! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Farid Belkacemi

    No more… Heroes :(

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Just because it isn’t going to be a No More Heroes title doesn’t mean it’s going to be unrelated to the franchise. I’m sorry but that’s a splitting image of Shinobu and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t her. Rather disappointed that question wasn’t asked but we still got alot of info out of them.

    • puchinri

      Yeah, agreed. I feel like if it’s not something tied in, then that’s going to be an awfully random (but still fun) cameo.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Only in the umbrella shot, though. the angrier looking picture (where she’s flashing her butt) doesn’t look anything like Shinobu

      • puchinri

        The umbrella shot has been the one causing most of us so much torture over whether or not it’s NMH~. To me, it doesn’t help that it goes with the motif of Shinobu’s “stages of Japanese fashion.” [Since she started (ko)gal, went to something a bit lolita and is now looking traditional, so it fits.]

      • Are you even sure that they are the same character? That’s something that should be looked at.

      • T-X

        Look at the girl sitting in the rain. Shinobu is next to her in the second panel. She has the same hair and black arm sleeve as in the “butt-shot” art. I think it’s going to have something to do with Shinobu’s past or something along those lines. I mean who else taught her how to be a ninja?

        EDIT: or an interquel/sequel-spinoff. The NMH world changed drastically between 1 and 2, you never know.

        • puchinri

          I assumed Shinobu’s father taught her everything she knows?

          • T-X

            But I mean the process of her training and the reason why he was killed. Or maybe it’s a sequel spin-off and she finds her own student like how Travis is her “Master”.

          • puchinri

            That would be cool to see in NMH3, but since Shinobu isn’t the main character, I doubt we’d see that much backstory.

  • AkuLord3

    Its not NMH3 but its sounds like an interesting game from reading on the gameplay. I was very giddy when Grandia was mention (and here i thought i never see people mentioning it).

  • Sounds interesting, but more information is needed q__q

  • z_merquise

    Sounds like it would take a while before we can see what this game is. I just hope it won’t take very long. I wonder how this differ in their other action games. Still, I look forward to this.

    By the creator’s description, it seems like the female protagonist is a sweet gal but hides a more aggressive (perhaps, even violent) side.

  • Solomon_Kano


    I was cracking up at them dodging the platform questions all the way down to what engine the game runs on.

    • AdachiTohru

      We now know the game will be only next gen : Why ? Because UE3 runs on every home console, so we cant possibly know the 2 platforms if he answers “UE3” , so its UE4 so on next gen consoles.

      Logic wins.

      • Not really; if he said it ran on UE3 we’d know it’s for current-gen consoles.

        • AdachiTohru

          Not really, because UE3 also runs on next gen consoles ( thief ), so the only way to know the platforms by the question ” UE3 or UE4 ” is to know the game runs on UE4, only for next gen consoles

          • If the game is running on UE3, then it is pretty much a certainty that it’s being developed with current-gen consoles in mind. It might get a next-gen port, like Thief or Watch Dogs, but that won’t change the fact that its primary platform is current-gen hardware. What kind of developer would make a game in UE3 and only put it on next-gen machines, when the current ones are where the bulk of the market is going to stay for at least a couple more years?

      • Solomon_Kano

        Good point. The new Thief is next-gen despite UE3, so if they would’ve just said that we still wouldn’t know the platforms. Hm. I look forward to seeing what UE4 can do for GHM’s stylish visuals.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Nice interview. Even though this game’s not going to be coming out for quite some time, it’s interesting to see what they’re thinking about in order to make the gameplay fresh and new.

  • $39420547

    ok sounds interesting want to hear more… but when is NMH3 coming?

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Next week, in game magazines !

  • puchinri

    Even though I know I can trust Suda and team to make cool (and respectable) female characters, there were parts of LC that were worrisome as far as having a female lead went. But, I am really looking forward to how he’ll handle it this time around and looking forward to the lead herself (I wonder if what comes out is connected to all of the red?).

    The gameplay sounds like it’ll probably be a ton of fun too. As of now, I only feel like it was for the best that GungHo acquired GHM, and I hope it proves to be. ♥

    Both have cute opinions on the Wii U though, and hopefully the game will be multi-plat (no gamer left behind~!).

    More than anything though, I really want them to work on a new RPG now. Or at least, for Morishita to. ;u;

    • z_merquise

      It could be because Lollipop Chainsaw is more on camp and parody.

      The 3DS game Liberation Maiden got a cool female protagonist who not only a pilot of a kick-ass mech, she’s the freakin’ president of a futuristic Japan.

      • puchinri

        Ah, that’s right~! Good point!

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        Lollipop Chainsaw was clumsy though. It claimed to be a parody of sexist tropes but it seemed more like a straight celebration.

        • puchinri

          Yeah, that’s what bothered me. Albeit, I never realized/knew it claimed to be a parody of those, so that’s more disappointing. But yeah, it did a lot of things wrong in that regard (that weren’t entirely wrong with Juliette either, but many things around her), so it’s a bit worrisome.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            To be honest, I don’t think it ever outright claimed to be parody, but the advertising hype around it was all ‘We’ve got James Gunn on script! wink wink!’

          • puchinri

            Hmm, yeah, I agree with that. Even though I don’t recall Suda ever going into it stating that he was going to make a satire/parody of that aspect, it did seem like there were implications of them trying to be smart/satirical of it.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Remember that bit with Holly Summers in NMH? Where you beat her, so she blows off her own head with the grenade and then you control Travis carrying her to a grave all sad, talking about what a great warrior she was? That really creeped me out. I didn’t like that at all.

      • puchinri

        You couldn’t control Travis, but it was an interesting scene. I actually appreciate it, because I think Holly and Shinobu were the beginning of him really doubting himself and his goals (and I notice it is usually the badass female characters that affect change in him). Holly was pretty cool, and I think she went out clear and true to herself, which was nice. It was a very Tarantino scene though where how over the top it was didn’t entirely help it.

        But that’s my thing. Clearly, Suda can create rounded, badass female characters (when he wants to), but how things surrounding them are handled is a different story (generally, it’s mixed).

      • Creepy, surreal quasi-misogynistic elements in Suda games are not exactly anything new or unusual. The question is whether the creepiness is intentional.

        • puchinri

          Huh. Never thought of it that way. Interesting point to bring up.

      • ChiffonCake

        You don’t actually control Travis at that point, though… it’s just a cutscene. And he doesn’t carry her, either.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm… that combine both Japanese culture and western? and it seems that it is located in South East Asia?…………..Singapore? lol.^_^

    And, it is always nice seeing that directors saying making a Jrpg is difficult and it is a risky moves to take nowadays. This kinda shows that we fans of the genre should try to support the developers better rather than just fighting among ourselves.T_T

  • TruSpindash

    Even if the game is not NMH 3 I still have a feeling it will still somehow be connected to the universe. Regardless, an RPG hack n’ slash hybrid sounds extremely interesting, very excited to learn more about this game.

  • Suda 51 is still my game development hero. Every interview I read with him is a joy to take in. I cannot wait to see how this game turns out. Having the desire to mix Hack and Slash with RPGs (though not new) is still awesome and the art style is still jaw dropping. Just like it was in NMH, FE: A and Intrigue in the Bakumatsu! Oh and the possibility of a dominating female lead… that just sends shivers down my spine!

  • Vash bane

    sound interesting

  • Howl

    I have high hopes for this game, i have loved everything suda51 and i am sure that i will love this along with killer is dead :3

  • Jordan Coleman

    So it’s a next gen game? I don’t feel like saying UE3 would really say what system it’s in. While UE4 would.

  • Was secretly hoping for No More Heroes 3, but this one sounds it could be a great game as well. I think the most interesting points for now are the gameplay; RPG and Hack’n slash being combined together? YES! And also the online play.

    Concerning the main character… she’s pretty~ <3 But her being 'very timid'? When I look at the picture, that's not the feeling I have. l_l She looks rather confident and fierce. :)

    • loempiavreter

      I hate RPG influence in my action games. It bogs down the pacing by 200% (the trend for all the modern belt scroll games/beat’em up by Capcom D&D games, which imo still can’t hold a candle to Denjin Makai II!). I also find it weird they state that RPG games take more skill and hack ‘n slash is more about luck… Has this fella ever tried 1cc-ing the original FInal Fight? Pure crowd control skills no luck in there.

      • ‘Some’ RPG influences aren’t going to kill the action of this game, I’m sure of it. I believe it is going to be something minor. The game is probably going to be like the other two, with new features, but agreed on the point that the RPG part shouldn’t be used more than the hack’n slash part, as it wouldn’t make a lot of sense…

      • puchinri

        I didn’t really read his comment as saying Hack n Slash only take luck, but that it could certainly help you at times (which it really can, I’ve had that feeling of being lucky). It’s also not that RPGs take more skill, but that they’re skill-oriented (because you have to give your characters those skills, it doesn’t rely on your ability as a practiced player in a way).

        We really don’t know how the RPG elements will be implemented though, so it’s too early to say whether they’ll be handled bad or well.

      • Göran Isacson

        I hadn’t even heard about Denjin Makai 2 before this comment, but now that I checked out some images it looks kinda cool… what does it play like? More like original Final Fight, or more like Final Fight 3 with running and special move combinations for special attacks or what?

    • puchinri

      I was too, but this means that we can still get Shinobu (and maybe Henry) as the MC there~. I’m really excited about the gameplay too, but the online play makes me wonder more than anything.

      • Especially for Shinobu. She could appear in this one, and the girl with the umbrella quite look like her, so. Even if she’s not the main character, she could still be a major character in the story. Don’t know about Henry though. I’d say his chances to be in the game are unlikely, but we never know. :)

        • puchinri

          Oh, my bad. I meant we can still get them for NMH3 protags~. I’m really curious about why they’d bring Shinobu (or a look-a-like at least) into this game though.

          • Oh yeah, sure then. :) I really loved the No More Heroes games, so I’m hoping for a third one in a near future. A third one has to be made, as the ending of the second one leaves the door open for something else…

  • The news of it being a brand new I.P. instead of being No More Heroes 3 makes me even more excited actually, but it still left me with the feeling that it’s related to the No More Heroes universe somehow.

    The description of the main character is to my liking, and the gameplay sounds rather interesting. As for the lady with the umbrella, she still looks like an older Shinobu to me lol.

    Even though we don’t know which platform and engine the game is going to be using and on, I’m still glad we at least know that it will be for a console nonetheless. (The console dodging was hilarious)

    Overall this was a great interview, and they did answer quite a bit. Definitely looking forward to hearing more on this soon.

  • Wtv

    Interviwers should stoping asking why developers choose a female lead.
    Seriously…just stop.

    • puchinri

      Haha, that makes me think of when Joss Whedon was asked why he creates female leads.
      Sometimes it irritates me, but at times I’m also curious myself. It was interesting to hear here a bit, but more interesting to hear about in the Drakengdard article.

      • Wtv

        In Drakengard kinda would make sense. Since all the other games had male lead, so it would be like: “Why change now?”. But here is a original IP.

        I saw the video with Joss Whedon talking about it. It was funny. But It’s not just him. Every old interview with Ragnar would ask something about that. And I saw a interview with Ridley Scott where every question was about that…Well, to be fair, one wasn’t, but Scott brought the assunt himself in that one.

        When everytime there is this reaction, I kinda see it like people are saying: “A female lead? You mean girls making things? Are you crazy, man?!” Since there are already lots of things with female lead that sells, so…

        • puchinri

          Yeah, the Drakengard one I liked because that was a time I was curious. But by now, Suda has had two female leads (and almost teased another?), so it is more out of place (and weird, because, why should it make a difference).

          That would really throw me to see with Ridley Scott.

          Good point~. I suppose the problem is, people ask all the time (and that says a lot about why they’re asking/what they’re thinking) instead of when it would actually be relevant (like the case of Drakengard).

      • Guest

        I was thinking the same, but in that case the question was more specific “Why do you create strong female leads”, the answer was pretty awesome!

        • It definitely was~! I really loved that. x’D

    • I get the feeling Spencer didn’t ask that question as a “durr, why no guy?” question but more in lieu with sentiments in regard of female protagonists as of late, that or just an offhand question. I will agree with what @puchinri:disqus that it is an interesting point at times when given tidbits on an IP working on or not having played as a female character before in older series.

    • Why stop asking? It’s a legitimate question that could reveal story details. Plus, in this case, we got an even more honest answer, where they said that having a female lead actually helped Lollipop Chainsaw in their view.

  • Still waiting for the day Suda decides to stop phoning it in and make another game as surreal and inspired as FSR or Killer7… ;__;

    Though, I would play a Grasshopper RPG. Contact was neat.

    • That’s never going to happen again. I think Liberation Maiden is the closest we’ve come since Flower, Sun and Rain on DS. I agree that Suda is at his best when he works on smaller games, but I don’t think that’s what he personally wants to do. Grasshopper want to play with the big boys.

      • What I don’t understand, though, is why. What earned Suda much of his acclaim in the first place was the fact that his games were aesthetically innovative, mechanically inventive, and brought an uncommon degree of both style and substance to the medium. And now for the past five years he just seems to want to ditch all of that for an easy sell, producing games that are aesthetically and mechanically safe and reducing his personal brand to something like a caricature of its former self – arbitrarily “wacky” and “stylish” for their own sake, with none of the depth of his earlier games. Does he not realize that in his bid for a mainstream audience he’s doing away with the qualities that made him noteworthy to begin with? Or does he just not care, as long as he’s making a profit?

        • Mmm, unlike you, I enjoyed Liberation Maiden immensely. It’s probably my favourite game on the eShop. I love the music and the controls. They’re kind of unique and take getting used to, which reminds me of the days when everything wasn’t so homogenous in videogames. It also reminds me of the days when anime was actually good and stylish and didn’t rely on panty shots and little girls to sell itself. :P

          As for Suda… he’s just ambitious. You can’t really fault the man for that. Being ambitious is a great thing, and if he wants to compete with the bigger players, more power to him. Just… if he intends to do that, he’s going to need to start making games that are actually as good as the ones larger companies put out.

          I don’t think it’s that he’s lost track of what made him popular either. Suda’s a smart guy. He knows that his games will still stand out, even though they’re more toned down in premise now, precisely because no one in the West experiments with oddball settings the way he does. So, what may seem toned down to those of us that came aboard with FSR still looks quirky and cool to everyone else because maybe they never played stuff like Killer 7 or Flower, Sun and Rain.

          And again, I think that’s perfectly fine. If he wants to tone it down a little and focus on going bigger instead, that’s okay by me. But again, he needs to make up for it with more polish… which he isn’t doing. So yeah… I haven’t really been very excited for anything he’s put out lately.

      • Also, Liberation Maiden exemplified everything I dislike about modern Grasshopper: a “crazy” premise that goes nowhere beyond being a selling point for the game, and gameplay that seems content to be merely competent – neither conceptually interesting nor mechanically outstanding in any particular way, like they were designed by checking off a list of “Commercial Game Design 101” features. It doesn’t even have especially good visual or sound design, which is usually the least I expect from a GHM title. If I didn’t already know it was developed by them (and didn’t see their logo on the title screen) I’d never have guessed by playing it.

        • Farid Belkacemi

          Indeed, Liberation Maiden is pretty awful IMO.

          • Slayven19

            It was pretty good IMO, it was a small project game and it was fun. Isn’t that what games are supposed to be?

  • Kozaki’s really starting to make a name for himself. No one paid him much attention or knew his name back when he did No More Heroes, but Fire Emblem seems to have done wonders for his recognition. I’m glad they’re using him for this game. He’s a talented guy and he’s got a lot of range. His art style isn’t one of those where it’s immediately identifiable, too, which I like.

    • unknowncast

      Really? I would have expected SpeedGrapher to do it.

  • Scallion

    [Suda snickers]
    Uh oh.

  • gamefreak86

    For NMH, should I get Wii version or ps3?

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      …. Wii version

  • Oltheros

    Sounds really interesting, from the art direction to the setting

  • Cullen McDufford

    I’m honestly sick of people acting as if over-the-top action games are the only worthwhile games Suda can make, although he’s proving it to be a convincing argument when that’s all he’s made since NMH.

    I’m sure it’s been said before, but there needs to be another game with the same gameplay and presentation as Killer7.

    I haven’t touched a Suda game since NMH1, and I don’t plan to if the only thing Suda can come up with is more generic action games with ridiculous writing and characters.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Hmm lets see if they can merge the RPG and the Hack and Slash elements in well.

    What they said doesnt seem to be close to what I personally came up with.

  • Isaac Newton

    LOl I haven’t check the date silly me :P
    Great job BTW XD

    • neocatzon

      This is from 5 months ago. That’s beyond fast.
      Edit: Why is this become sticky post?

      • JustThisOne

        Probably just to remind people that this game was teased/announced before the recent conference.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Why not mix them all into one cluster fuck of a game?! :O

  • JunHoward

    I saw the trailer for it Just now for the Sony Japan press conference and even Tho it was only 40 sec or so It looks awesome.

  • HassanJamal

    So its not a PS4 exclusive?

  • Damn. After reading this interview this game sounds like its going to be wonderful. Seems that Suda put a lot of thought and feeling into this one. Ah, my future PS4 will be elated when this comes out, as will I lol

  • Sylveria

    Already hyped.

  • Auvers

    why do people ask why pick a female character? is it really that unusual?

  • InfernoCommander

    “I wanted to make sure to have both elements, luck and strategy in gameplay.”
    >not skill
    ah yeezus…
    before it flops, fuck luck, use that for item drops.

    • InfernoCommander

      aight.. so you people are telling me you’d rather face a situation where you could get fucked over because you got unlucky as opposed to a situation you could control because of your own skill.
      My mind is blown.

  • Slayven19

    Just realized this is old OLD I tell ya! Although it did remind me that this is something I need to look out for.

    I also didn’t know these people were involved in the making of grandia and lunar.

  • Heriel

    A RPG from suda could be very cool

  • Daniel

    If it’s Suda51, no doubt it’s going to be bizarre, freaky, Twisted, Sexy and filled with: “WTF?!” Moments.

  • Hinataharem

    I would love a new NMH.

    It was so…

  • Göran Isacson

    Lily Bergamo is a pretty interesting name. Bergamo is the name of an Italian town, I believe? Wonder if that has anything to do with the story or the main plot….

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