Yatagarasu, The Doujin Fighter From Former KOF Artist, Gets Partially Localized

By Spencer . April 5, 2013 . 6:25am

Yatagarsu has a unique team behind it. The game was designed by one of Japan’s best Street Fighter III: Third Strike players, Umezono, and former King of Fighters artist Kotani Tomoyuki.


Rice Digital picked up the 2D fighting game, which has eight playable characters and commentary from other Japanese fighting game players, and partially localized it. You can grab Yatagarasu for £7.99 ($12) as a digital download here.


Yatagarasu5 Yatagarasu7 Yatagarasu8 Yatagarasu1 Yatagarasu3 Yatagarasu4

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  • Go2hell66

    Coulda sworn this game was coming out on 3DS

  • Their lineup has Nyu Media titles, are they related or just pick up games for that region?

    Either way I wonder if the US versions are coming soon if this localization is ready. I’ll wait and see how the 3DS version is first.

  • Wenzel

    Partially Localized means that still have Japanese text.

  • Game style reminds me of Chaos Code, I hope it gets ported to PSN

    • ArinoSeb_GccxQc

      Chaos Code is already available on the hong kong psn. I created an hk account just for this game and bought an prepaid psn card online. It was worth it!

  • I can at least consider it on PC, the idea of playing a fighting game like this on my 3DS just triggers a horrible feeling in my hands. Glad for anyone who wants to play it on the 3DS, mind you, I just think PC makes this a more realistic consideration for me.

  • Just Tim

    How’s the gameplay like, more in tune with KoF or Tatsunoko vs Capcom?

    • A fusion of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and KOF.

      • Just Tim

        Complete with parries and 3-gauge Desperation Moves (Supers)? Yay, I just pictured Daigo (Ken) vs Justin Wong (Chun-li) in 3S.

        Also, Eric, is the controls the KoF LP-LK-HP-HK or the LP-MP-HP-LK-MK-HK Street Fighter controls?

        • Isaac Todd

          Only played a little so I don’t know everything about it yet. There’s two parry buttons for different attacks, and the game uses LP-LK-HP-HK.

  • Hope Nicalis releases this soon on the eShop.

  • urbanscholar

    It’s fun, I haven’t had the chance to try out the net code yet.

  • CirnoLakes

    Yet another game I would love to have on Steam but would probably be stuck in Greenlight hell.

    Oh well, at least this “Rice Digital” site seem like a nice place.

  • So, the game’s name is Yatagarasu, huh? Who else thought of Kay Faraday?

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