Niohoggr Roars In Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

By Spencer . April 7, 2013 . 11:36pm


Raganarok Odyssey Ace is an expanded version of Ragnarok Odyssey with all of the DLC, patches, and the Yggdrasil Tower. This addition creates random dungeons for players to explore. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace takes place at the end of days for the Norse mythology gods called the Twilight of Gods. There are new enemies to fight too like the Niohoggr.


ragace-08 ragace-07


Game Arts made new costumes and…


 ragace-16ragace-14 ragace-15


… a set of Ace skills.


ragace-17 ragace-19 ragace-18


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace will be available for PlayStation Vita on July 13. A PlayStation 3 version is also in development, but scheduled for release at a later date.


ragace-02 ragace-05 ragace-01ragace-03 ragace-12 ragace-10 ragace-09

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  • xXDGFXx

    I’ve been wondering, but does the armor get better in the original as you progress in the game?

    • safeto20scroll

      If by better you mean stat wise then yes, and no. U have to upgrade them with materials u find while on quests, upgrades give them extra slots to equip cards with. Armor have no stats but the cards u equip will give u extra stat boosts.
      Now if u are talking if they look better as u get into the game… well u do certainly get a variety after completing each chapter, how well they look is dependent on the player :)

  • Go2hell66

    Wow okay who else completely misread the title of the article!?

    • joemari5

      What do you mean?

      • ShadowDivz

        SImilar name to a mythological beast. Don’t know his back story though.

        • joemari5

          Oh i see.. I think Nidhogg (the spelling as it was used in the Ragnarok manwha) was a staple in the Norse mythology.. :)

    • ragingmerifes

      Yeah… I thought it was Nidhoggr…

      • Surgeon of Death


    • Wow man! I am so excited to get this beauty!
      Looks great, I will support this Vita dev once again, I bought the Japanese import and Mercenary Edition, I will gladly buy it again! :D

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    I hope the PS3 version get localized.

  • Dexward

    Hmm… I just don’t know how to feel about this. If it ever gets localized, I’m not sure I’m going to get it. It’s a good game, but not on par with what I feel with MonHun. MonHun can churn as many sequels as it like and I’ll buy it as soon as possible, but this I’m on the fence.

    • MXC

      Its not meant to be MonHun. It’s supposed to be part of the nonofficial hunting genre. Think of the platformer genre. Are all of them supposed to be like the Mario series? Despite it being the most popular, the answer is no. A good game is a good game! Sure some are ripoffs but this isn’t exactly right?

      • Dexward

        I’m not saying RO is a rip-off of MonHun and should be like MonHun, I’m just saying that I’m not sure I’m going to pick this up upon release if it ever gets localized compared to MonHun whenever Capcom releases a new version. The reason is that there’s not much going for it. It’s a good game, but it’s just hunting big monsters and upgrading your equipment. MonHun has other things to do other than just hunting big monsters. Back in the first MonHun, you already have a farm to gather resources as well as quests that requires you to collect stuff no matter how much of a chore it is to do. You also have cats that cook for you.

        • MXC

          Which ultimately help hunting big monsters. True I see you’re point but think how many MH there are now and how it has progressed. I’m sure as the still unofficial hunting genre grows some will start having their own little traits unique to it that will make them stand out. Look at Soul Sacrifice. It is similar to MH only at the very base and it completely stands out with its magic system compared to RO, MH, GE, Toukiden, and another one that I’m forgetting. But I think you get what I mean.

    • Doctor Nebula

      This game is actually perfect for me. I like the gameplay of Monster Hunter, but sometimes it just feels a bit too slow for me. This game has similar gameplay but plays at a faster pace.

  • Oh, my. The Poring really looks scary!

    Either way, can’t wait for this game. I love anything that is Ragnarok-based~

  • pure_white

    Well. If this get localized I’ll buy it for PSV rather than the ‘basic’ one.
    If. And the Yggdrasil Tower looks awesome.

  • Glad I didn’t buy the original one, I hope this one will get localized too somehow

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Never get the original one. It seems this one is going to be my first Ragnarok Hunting experience lol.^_^

    • Vash bane

      yeah these days games are picking up this habit

  • I really hope the PS3 version gets localized.

  • Xerain

    More importantly, note the new menu system!

  • Crevox

    Woohoo, Deviruchi…

    And, new skills for classes! That Cleric has Angelus!

  • If they do bring this here I will buy the PS3 version for both me and my friend and make him play it.

  • fds_nextdart

    …that demon dress~.

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