Have A Demo Date With Photo Kano Kiss On April 18

By Spencer . April 10, 2013 . 4:47pm

Photo Kano Kiss is a love simulation game that starts when you join the photography club. You can either take it seriously and find a girl to fall in love with or pick the "happy" storyline and be a creeper photographer.



The PlayStation Vita version uses gyroscopic controls to simulate moving a camera around when you’re trying to get a perfect shot. Photo Kano Kiss also has a biorhythm system where you can convince the girls to take photos in a swimsuit if you can synchronize to their rhythm when talking with them.


Not sure if shutter bug love is for you? Kadokawa Games will release a downloadable demo that covers the prologue and the first three days of the main story. You can import save data from the demo into Photo Kano Kiss. The 3GB demo will be available via PlayStation Network on April 18. Photo Kano Kiss is slated for April 25.

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  • As someone who played this, well, i dont wanna go around just talking bad and stuff, this is just my opinion and it felt a bit awkward to read this part after playing the game:

    You can either take it seriously and find a girl to fall in love with or
    pick the “happy” storyline and be a creeper photographer.

    Doesnt has to do anything with story, especially because in both stories the MC is pretty serious with what he does, just the storylines changes, and not just ecchi and not ecchi, funny enough, if u go legit photo club route, there is the beach part, and that is a LOT of stuff most male players want lol, but anyways, the stories in both sides are pretty serious and interesting, you might be surprised, well, as expected of amagami’s writer.
    But well, it isnt that big of a deal, and sometimes the photo chance you gets are really creepy so w/e xD

    • ShadowDivz

      Interesting, but this really seems otaku heavy.
      (my opinion)

      • biskmater

        Most dating sims are anyway, so the question is, do you mind?

        • ShadowDivz

          Not really, it depends.
          Some are tolerable otaku targeted.
          Some are “oh japan, il get this just for the lolz haha”
          And some just scream otaku…..Like this one.

          • biskmater

            That would be the level of quirkiness, which is often related to but not necessarily joined at the hip with otaku pandering. If you have a thing for cameras, or acting like a voyeur it does not mean you are an otaku. (it does mean, however, that you are a pervert, like most of us)

          • ShadowDivz

            True, the terms often coincide on a subject, but i think your right. Quirkiness would be more approriate here.
            Either way, i can’t play it. I only know like 6 kanji.

      • Yup, i think its aimed to a more “clean” otaku kind tho lol, this really is, simply put, a love story, where both characters grow together and help each other for a goal and fall in love.

        I’d say stuff like dungeon travelers is more for of normal kind of otakus

        • ShadowDivz

          Yeah. this seems more like “I wish i could fall in love with a girl that nice” kind of otaku.
          contrary to “BEWBIES HEHEHE” kind of otaku.

    • jujubee88

      Nice. If it is a well crafted experience (and not some crappy porn game equivelent) that is well thought out and I like the feeling I get while being in the world, I honestly hope this gets localized.

      It would be a contraversial game to whoever would localize it, but it might be worth it in the long run if it turns out score good reviews.

      • It might have some chance, i dunno, it does has a lot of japan related stuff tho so i dont know, and i cant really imagine the amount of text this game could have, i think with the new route this thing can even be bigger than i dont know, steins;gate

    • Just Tim

      You know, the usage of terms “creeper” and “creep” to describe the player character (depending on the route) gave me the vibe that going necro for Hsien-ko is okay…in America or any other Anglo-rooted country.

      Even Lupinko pronounced Hsien-ko as “mai waifu”.

      • lol, but really, MC isnt the one that goes like that, he is pretty normal in both routes but the stuff that happen around him are different

    • s07195

      I did the L route, but not any H routes so how do they compare? Also, didn’t know that it was Amagami’s writer. I thought the introduction for the story was bland, but it was a lot more well-written than I thought. (I can’t say that I got the game because I liked photography, if you know what I mean.)

      • Sorry for late reply.

        Yeah i know what you mean haha, and that is really the bait, but yeah, this is pretty much the spiritual sequel to amagami, amagami also had a good writing imo, so i at least expected something that could get my attention, and it did get my attention a lot.

        And that is what surprised me the most, that question you asked, the photo bu (“legit” club) and shashin bu (almost ero lovers? club lol) routes differences, is a LOT, i mean, there are some scenes that are close~ to each other, but the stories are COMPLETELY different, different flow of events and new scenes in each route, in the shashin club with minami’s route, you go to an aquarium in a date and stuff, in the photo club, you go to the beach, and things happen differently, i mean, in one route a girl almost dies from a traffic accident, in other she doesnt, is crazy, i strongly recommend to do both, even if it is a drag, because i know starting another route of the same girl can be a drag, also, if you do the girl’s 2 routes, you get all their clothes for the free sessions, swimsuits included. ;D

        But you learn how taking photos and the camera is so important to MC in both routes, he is a person that never really got into anything and has always tried everything, so yeah, that is why i felt kinda “:S” when reading how in the description they put be a creepy photographer thing.

  • Though not as good as Amagami, I enjoyed the original Photo Kano. Would like to pick this up sometime.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Pretty much Love plus for the vita. not bad

  • If only I could read japanese…

  • Visa Vang

    I really want to get down on the floor and get a fatal frame but I can’t read Japanese (T_T). I’m barely good enough know what they’re saying.

  • Otaku-Sama

    Mmmh… is this just an adaptation of the PSP game or has a completely different story? Anyway, I want both localized. (One can always dream.)
    If some translation group could start making an English patch for the PSP version, that would be great.

    • s07195

      Re-release with a story after the main story (i.e. after hooking up). It seems the heroine will wear a new black uniform for that part too.

  • ZekeFreek

    0% chance of ever seeing the light of day over here.

    • Aww, you just killed my buzz. ;_;

      • ZekeFreek

        Fine. 1% chance.

    • jujubee88

      Never say never! >.<

    • Helepythia

      As my professor always said, “We cannot predict with absolute certainty.”

  • tubers

    Voyeurism: The Game

    • s07195

      Not really. In the first game, if you choose the L route, most of the girls let you take the picture, and only rarely in sudden events do you get the opportunity to take a picture without them knowing. Nor are there any options to take shots of underwear, so hackers made cheat codes instead. (They won’t be usable on PSV anyways, so it’s more lighthearted than you think. Even the photo-taking sidequest is taking pictures of hidden rubber duckies instead of the heroine. They won’t even complain.)

  • Nice, I do want to know more about this series. Isn’t 3GB kida enormous for a demo though? The entire PSO2 weights 3GB.

  • tubers

    I just saw the PSP game.. WTF this looks the same.. Or is this basically a port (upres to native) of the first game?

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