Square Enix’s Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Starts When You Draw Excalibur

By Spencer . April 11, 2013 . 1:40am


Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur is now available for PlayStation Vita. This online enabled card battling RPG takes place in Britain. Legend has it that whoever can hold Excalibur would be a worthy leader of the country and whoever grasps the hilt will be crowned king. Britain is naturally protected by ocean surrounding the country at every corner, but one day demon invaders arrive and threaten the country. Eleven leaders quarrel about Britain’s fate while people anxiously await answers. During this turmoil, Arthur draws Excalibur and becomes the King of the Dragons who is destined to guide Britain.


The goal in Million Arthur is to protect the country from the invaders and increase the reach of Arthur’s rule. At the beginning of the game, you control Camelot, which is Arthur’s base. There are three factions in Camelot you can choose from the Power of Chivalry and the Sword, the Power of Science and Technology or the Power of Magic. Arthur’s skills and look changes depending on which path you follow. This choice also affects how the story unfolds. In battle, you use different knight cards in your deck to fight monsters and rival countries.


Million Arthur was originally released for smarthphones and the PlayStation Vita version has some improvements like full voice acting, rebalanced gameplay, and the ability to edit decks.


If you have a Japanese PlayStation Network account and a spare Vita memory card you can grab Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur from the Japan’s PlayStation Store. It’s a free download with additional items available for purchase.


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  • How easy would it be to play not understanding Japanese at all?


    • From the Android version, the gameplay part is pretty straightforward and plays like any other money-sucking card games that Japan rolls out (eg most things from Mobage). You quest with stamina points, get weak/less moe cards, fight bosses, get strong/moe cards, pay money, get stronger?/more moe? cards.

      The only problem with gameplay is the skills part, but you can consult a wiki.

      But it also has story segments that you can unlock through various means, which supposedly is fully voiced in the Vita version.

      • Pay to win? Not interested then :-/

    • Raze

      Its easy…
      But hard without money…
      What money?Real money…At least that’s what I know in the Android one…
      But just try it…This is a free DL game after all…

      • I might try the android one, switching memory cards on the vita is a huge pain.

  • You had me at online card battling RPG!

  • TheExile285

    Aaaan never gonna see the light of day on Western PSN/Vitas :/

  • Seriously, What’s up with Japan and their awesome free to download games for vita? There’s quite a lot of them! Why we can’t have these kind of service in the west!

    • ShadowDivz

      We have ecolibrium. But it’s kinda meh. Anyone know what else we have?
      I’d love to have this though.

    • Prinny Dood

      Probably cause cause to busy playing indie games.

  • Hachio

    they lost me at pay to win

  • Shariest

    Please Square Enix…Try to get this to west, plz?

  • At 1st I thought one of the artist is abec but after some digging around its BUNBUN instead XD I forgot tht they have similar artstyle lol.

    Wait Harada and VOFAN!? Do want. Localize plz.

  • For the people turned off by “Pay to win”: I’m not sure about the Vita version, but the Android and iOS versions have the invite-a-friend mechanism that can be exploited to get free tickets (which gets you free pay-to-win cards) and exclusive invite-only cards. Needless to say, the exploiting mechanism probably will not work on a Vita console, but if the servers are integrated, you could probably use the same mechanism to exploit the invites.

    Also, I have friends still playing this, and they say that SE is prone to giving out free tickets for events and special occasions. They even gave out a ticket on the Mayan doomsday (or the day before it? can’t remember.)

    So it’s still playable without paying, you just won’t be uber in this, or obtain all the moe-ness you desire (which is this game’s selling point basically).

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