CyberConnect2 Talk .hack’s Connection With Guilty Dragon And More

By Sato . April 18, 2013 . 6:10pm


CyberConnect2 recently held a talk and sign event at their Tokyo studio to celebrate the release of the .hack “Light Edition” art books. During this event, CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama and series director Hiroto Niizato discussed .hack and its current status along with some info on a related social gameGuilty Dragon.


Regarding Guilty Dragon, Matsuyama says that the mobile platform’s current specs and ease of connecting to the internet is a convenience that allows players from around the world to enjoy it. In addition, Matsuyama stated that Guilty Dragon is being developed to be shaped as the newest addition to the .hack series.


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The concept they have for Guilty Dragon’s future is for it to be something that can be enjoyed all the way through, and for free—with the force, world view and drama that we’ve grown accustomed to from the .hack universe.



Unfortunately, Matsuyama didn’t go into too much detail on how the two games will be connected, but to commemorate Guilty Dragon’s 500,000 total downloads earlier this month, they showed a trailer for what’s ahead.



After concluding his talk, Matsuyama addressed demands from .hack fans.


“We often hear demands about a .hack game to be remade on Vita or an HD remake for PS3 or PS4, but at the moment, it’s quite difficult for us to work on an original series on console,” Matsuyama said. “However, it’s not like we’re not preparing anything.”


He continued: “At the moment, the .hack series is in fact Guilty Dragon. To be frank, Guilty Dragon’s sales have been doing well. When I hear, ‘Hey, it’s about time you do another .hack!’ I’m preparing to be able to respond with ‘That might just happen!’”


“By all means, please enjoy Guilty Dragon for now and kindly look after the future development of the .hack series.”


Matsuyama recently shared with Siliconera that Guilty Dragon will be released in North America and Europe too.


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  • Their probably working really hard on a .hack game for the oculus vr thats why their not trying to say anything :D

    • Curan_Altea

      I want that more then anything (anything regarding current technology anyway) but I know it won’t happen.
      The amount of money I’d shell out for “The World”……..

      • Don’t think that way! They already made team fortress 2 playable for the oculus its only a matter of time till we get “the world” and once we do I shall never come out of my room or even think of the outside world again. What the hell’s a sun?

      • ninjabart122

        Although the fact that it really disorients you to the point of nausea after a fairly short amount of time is kind of bad.

  • StarWarudo

    CC2! I implore you, please release the Jojo demo! The wait till the end of August is too cruel!

  • Rayshawn Davis

    “That might just happen!” For some reason I felt an Aizen level Troll sense of humor emit from that response lol. Still, hopefully CC2 will one day bring the .hack series back over to home consoles!

  • Learii

    how about .hack and sword art online that be great since they both are internet

    • Ni

      please leave the gary stu art online in a really long distance of the .hack series

    • I don’t mind a SAO video game with a better gameplay.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Glad to hear Guilty Dragon’s coming west. I’d forgotten they’d said that previously. Thank heaven it’s not just for iOS. I don’t play anything on my phone apart from the occasional bout of Jetpack Joyride or a bit of Pokemon via emulator, but I may find something interesting if even half of the games developed for iOS made their way to Android. *stares at Square Enix* Dunno why that’s so hard.

    Aaaaaanyway, I look forward to whenever CC2 is able to bring us back into The World. We need moar .hack!

    • Square Enix is SLOWLY doing stuff for Android. It’s REALLY SLOW, but at least they are doing something.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Well, better late than never, I suppose.

  • So glad to get more info on Guilty Dragon. I’ve been waiting to play this for a while and happy that he stated that the North American and European versions are still coming out. Regarding The .Hack series, I would love it if we hear sometime in the future that they are working on more games with the series, remakes and all.

  • Otoya

    Just cant wait they announce more .hack game and the west will localize it, .hack game are just simply amazing.

  • dotzeno

    I’ve only played a bit of Guilty Dragon and I gotta say it feels an awful lot like a Facebook game that I used to play, which I don’t really approve of. I will admit that I thought the in-game animations were cool, despite it using a lot of my phone’s battery (good thing I was at home).

    I’d much rather they make a HD remaster of a ps2 .hack trilogy. Preferably with dual audio.

    Edit: forgot to mention, they did a great job on the soundtrack of Guilty Dragon.

  • Vash bane

    never heard of this game all I know I saw a kite a weird looking haseo and a Valkyrie looking black rose…
    (I think I need to look up some vids of this)

  • Never

    I’ve already fangirled too much today, then this pops up!
    ‘That might just happen!’

  • evilmajikman

    I just want the first 4 games on a hd collection for ps3 or 4. .Hack was probably the last jrpg series I liked.

  • Freud_Hater

    Ain’t that pretty cryptic…

    Well, I’m changing cellphones, soon, so I guess I’ll go for one of those new-fangled Android things, then…

  • Brimfyre

    I’ve been playing the Japanese version for awhile. It’s a lot of fun. I typically hate social game tie ins, but if it’s well done, like this one, it’s great to be able to pull out my iPad and play some version of .hack.

    I still need to finish G.U. part 3 though.

  • ShadowDivz

    I never played a .hack game, but i’ve heard nothing but good things.

    I was wondering why there is none on PS3

  • Jon

    Lets get that awesome .hack movie we havent gotten over here with its awesome in blueray .hack versus game and maybe Ill believe “That Might Just Happen!”

  • Vallen

    So much for a NA/EU release

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