Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP Takes The Stage

By Spencer . April 18, 2013 . 12:20am

We have our first look at Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP and the opening movie makes it look like Namco Bandai’s [email protected] series with the CPUs. This game takes place in a parallel universe where you have to fight for shares by singing in idol concerts.


Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP comes out on June 20 and we’re still not sure what the actual game looks like. NIS America has released all of the Neptunia games so far, but all of those have been RPGs. The idol genre hasn’t crossed over yet, so if NIS America releases Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP it will be the first idol game for the West.

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  • XypherCode

    Moe overload! xD

  • Cazar

    The animations are kind of bad. And you’d think they could show some different costumes.

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      As far as I know it’s Tamsoft, not C.H, who is in charge of that. i’m pretty sure they’ll get new clothes. If not then wow. xD

    • tubers

      Dance seems passable.. animations outside of that seem kinda bad.

    • yeah, this trailer isn’t exciting at all :(

    • admeister

      It’s their first Vita game, so cut them a little slack. Since it’s for a portable console, I’d expect the quality to be a little lower regardless.

  • Ben Chau

    Uhyaa, kore wa choooou kawaii na!

  • Sentsuizan_93

    So… Much… Moe…. :3

  • Prinny Dood

    I hope we get this game definitely gonna buy it, I always love the hatsume type games.

    • Kevadu

      The Miku games are just rhythm games. This is…well, we don’t actually know what it is yet. But the going theory is that it’s an Idolmaster-esque game, which is really something very different. More of a management simulation.

    • ShadowDivz

      Kevadu is right man, can we atleast see the ACTUAL GAME before we jump on the “SO MOE! MUST BUY” train?

      • Prinny Dood

        Well it said idol, there dancing, sing what can it be but a hatsume miku type game, if not ill still buy it if it comes over,

        • Juuu

          Well, Idolmaster has idols who dance and sing but it’s a completely different type of game from the Project Diva series. PD is more or less a straight rhythm game, which some of the Imas titles are…And the others are management games. You don’t just tap buttons while they dance–you need to buy and coordinate their costumes, paying close attentions to the stats of each piece, send them to lessons and promotional work, make sure the girls are happy and prevent in-fighting, do shows and compete against other idol groups. Lots different than Miku, despite a few rhythm elements here and there. c: I personally hope Neptunia leans towards the Idolmaster spectrum of games.

          • ShadowDivz

            That actually sounds kinda interesting.
            Wait… in-fighting? I thought the girls of idol master were all friends with each other.

          • Juuu

            Sometimes, depending on how you respond to the girls and such, two can get along great and one will start to feel left out and sad, or one can conversely be REALLY fired up, and if the disproportion continues, the other two may think she’s acting like a show-off. If these are left unchecked, it can delve into the “in fighting” status. So you just need to make sure nobody’s left out and it’ll go smooth! :P Even best friends sometimes hit a rocky patch. You have the option to lecture the girls to help them make it through the disagreement.

  • Luna Kazemaru


  • Randy Marsh

    Seems like something that can miss my import train for the time being. Anyways my Vita needs some time to rest still after being rubbed a lot during my time playing MMP.

    • ShadowDivz


      • Randy Marsh

        Monster Monpiece, look it up.


    This is only the OPENING animation of the game.. dunno what you you guys where expecting.

    • It seems the trend here on the comment section in articles is to jump to conclusions…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Folks can certainly take notice of low frame rates and very unnatural looking movements and comment on such, long as it’s not made angry or personal. Official video like this or the one for Mugen Z really don’t do much to bring folks in who aren’t already there for the company. The reasons folks have stayed away (beyond not liking the moe aesthetic) are clearly still there.

  • Shadow

    This game has got to one of the biggest offender of a cash grab I have ever seen. Almost comes close to new CoD and AC game every year. Few tweaks to graphics and animation and sometimes gameplay. And yet it sells. No one really complains about this.

    I wonder why /sarcasm.

    • Raharu95

      Eeeehhh… you are actually very wrong in that. Every HDN game has been marginally better than he last. Even if the models themselves don’t look better in Victory, i can assure you the environments have evolved. Plus, this is a spin off and is something different from the rest.

      • Shadow

        Ive played all HDN games and don’t get me wrong I like them. Recently finished Victory. there are 2 or 3 dungonen designs in the game and they are used repeatedly. Some even from MK2. Not much has evolved. Just slightly tweaked to slightly better

        • Raharu95

          I can agree, but you should probably not compare the type of Copypaste HDN has from MK2 to Victory , with Call of Duty. While there are plenty of stuff recycled from the last game, there is a ton a new stuff: enemies, enemy drops, difficulty ^^’ and there are new environments and game features. Plus, any two chapters of HDN will last you more than the campaings in Call of Duty, unless you rushed things. and yes, Compile hearts still have a bit of an.issue with their framerate , Mugen Souls being one of the worst offenders. I have not found much rate issue here, but i probably will later. Have not been able to play the whole game due to busyness ^^’

    • Ladius

      No offence, but are you even aware the game you’re trying to bring down is unlike every past entry in the series, to the point of probably being in a whole different genre?

      You’re also wrong regarding past entries, as everyone who played the first Neptunia and then saw the improvements in Mk2 and Victory could tell you.

      • Shadow

        Played all HDN games. Liked them all. There was an improvement from HDN to Mk2 but then Mk2 to Victory was a slight improvement everything still runs a bit slow and there are framerate drops. Yes I have installed the game. Character models are more or less the same.

        • Ladius

          Then your previous comment makes even less sense, considering you know there have been improvements between each entry (and the ones between HN1 and Mk2 were really noticeable), and this new game is even less in line with your criticism since it won’t even be in the same genre as the previous games.

          No one is claiming this series is AAA material, it’s a niche jrpg franchise that has to thrive using small budgets, but that isn’t a reason to ignore its improvements (even more so when asset recycling is pretty much the norm in most iterative franchises).

          • Shadow

            Im comparing business practice not really content. I know this game isn’t AAA material but it can still follow the same practice of a AAA game if it has the right attention grabber. In this case it’s moe style. The series has some improvements and rehashes from its previous installments. If you played Victory from start to finish even Neptune admits numerous times, since she likes to break the 4th wall a lot, that the game has the same stuff from the previous games. Yea this game doesn’t make AAA money but it makes just enough to turn profit and make a new game every year. You guys are so quick to say this game isn’t like another game since they’re so different but can’t admit that its pretty much using the same tactics. Lets not even dive in to DLC.

            So since this new game isn’t in a genre as Victory we should see a major improvement in the next game. Such as the improvement from HDN to Mk2

  • …Wow, this may actually be the first Neptune game i steer completely away from. It may only be the opening video, but those animations were terrible. Oh, also, for those curious…there are scans of the game…it looks exactly like V. It also takes place in yet ANOTHER alternate dimension—I’m grateful for that.

  • psycho_bandaid

    looked decent I’ll say. Can’t really tell much until we see how the game will actually play.

  • gamefreak86

    Catchy song. I’m interested.

  • Aristides

    I’m curious about this title, I hope it makes it to the west so we can get a taste of genre diversity.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    first idol game in the west?
    oh u forgot [email protected]

    • …Huh? None of the imas games were published in the west, otherwise I would have one sitting on my shelf.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        but I saw on that day in siliconera that [email protected] is on the list of plan of localizing content but only in europe
        or for further check any article about [email protected]
        I couldn’t remember clearly

        • Oh, you mean the trademark. Well, that’s a bit different than an announcement of a release. Also, it would be for Imas: Shiny Festa, which is a rhythm game, not so much an idol/sim game.

          I think this Neptunia game has a better chance at being localized, anyway.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            yea.. better chance at its RPG
            but still doesn’t know about this type of game

    • Luna Kazemaru

      last time I check [email protected] never came to the west dude

  • DesmaX

    … To be honest, I was actually surprised by this opening, but I guess I was only expecting them to show the artworks for the whole video, like always.

    But heh, not the kind of game I would play

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I’m not sure why any of you are surprised at the animations. It’s Compile Heart, of course they can’t do proper animations. They can hardly do proper frame rates. Plus, they can barely do music! Not sure what they’re thinking with this game.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      *edit w/e not even going to go there*

    • JohnNiles

      Even Asami Imai (Chihaya from the Idolmaster), who voices Black Heart, won’t be able to save this game.

      • coax

        I’ll wait for more info, but she’s the main reason for my interest.

  • Raltrios

    They should get the fans to do that animations with that MMD program you see now and then on Youtube. Might make the dancing look a bit more… worthy.

  • Anonymous

    I swear, If i had a way to order online i would have this pre-ordered

    • ShindoW

      AmiAmi should have it.

  • artemisthemp

    Didn’t like the opening song.
    Hope we see Gameplay soon.

  • Scarlet_Devil_Slave

    I wonder how the game’s going to play.

    Is it going to be a rhythm game? an RPG with an idol theme? some kind of visual novel-ish game (à la [email protected])?

  • Damn you guys for making the song so catchy lol. I hope we get to see some gameplay soon.

  • Zeonsilt

    Well,all i can say is default song list # & quality is important part,graphics aside.

    p.s. prepare for over 9000 song (and characterscostumes) DLC.

  • Learii

    where 5PB lol she a star is she

  • ShadowDivz

    I don’t even know how idolmaster plays, so saying it’s an “idolmaster” esque game doesn’t really tell me much. xD

  • れいか

    “The idol genre hasn’t crossed over yet, so if NIS America releases Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP it will be the first idol game for the West.”

    I’m confused by the sentence. Does it mean it MIGHT appeal to the west (the game) or it’s getting localized? o.O

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      They mean that no idol game(not to be confused with Rhythm) has been released outside Japan. IF Nep Idol PP came over it would the first of the genre.

      • れいか

        I see… thanks ;D The concept of the game is pretty interesting, I hope they do bring it over. :)

  • SO excited… Well, not really for the music, but I love raising games/life simsi/dol management sims/whatever they’re labeled as nowadays.

  • If this is going to go with the [email protected] route,

    Expect to spend a lot of money on costumes and stages

  • I’ve played every single HDN game and this is definitely going to be in my hands if it gets localized (if it doesn’t, import). The HDN series has always been faithful to me as a gamer, giving me what I expect and surprising me every now and then. This dive into a more “[email protected]” type of game is just another dip into different waters. HDN 1 had standard turn-based fights, with that changing into more strategic, turn-based fights in HDN mk2 and Victory. If the change in style is a signal for anything, I think it may be a signal for more goodness courtesy of HDN.

    Also I buy games for the Moe (bite me)

  • LastationLover5000

    I’m…quite surprised. The graphics are only around the level of Mk2, and considering V came out before this and the Vita is supposed to have the power to rival many PS3 games, this ”is” very disappointing. However, it’s Neptunia, and given the excuse plot I’ve seen (I’m surprised it even has a semblance of plot, given the type of game it is) I may get it if it manages to swim this way

  • TheBlackgirl123

    you know… i think i would love to sing along. It sounds so following.
    *finds pretty dress*

  • LastationLover5000

    I really hope this isn’t Japan exclusive, I DO want it

  • Skye-Izumi

    Is anyone else here use to seeing Blanny smile yet. lol

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