Armored Core: Verdict Day Allows Players To Reprogram Robots

By Matt Hawkins . April 19, 2013 . 5:30pm


It goes without saying that some games are seemingly pick up and play, and its perceived accessibly is a real benefit, helping to popularize it. Whereas others are seemingly way too difficult, hence why attracting new players can equally tricky. It could be argued that the Armored Core franchise is in the latter category.


At Namco Bandia’s Global Gamers Day, From Software’s Toshifumi Nabeshiba was on hand to show off Armored Core Verdict Day. Despite what one might think, the latest AC title is not a sequel to the previous installment, Armored Core V (or Armored Core 5), or so I was told. At the very least, it doesn’t share the same relationship or status that Armored Core 4 and For Answer does.


With each new Armored Core game, the team tries to come up with something new and fresh. And with well over a dozen installments thus far, it has become quite the challenge these days. What’s new this time? A focus on online, squad-based play. Which in turn might help attract new players, or at the very least, lend a hand to existing ones who have it rough.


Nabeshiba explained that there are two types of people who play Armored Core V, or at least try to: people who are good at mech games, and those who are not. And trustily, there is always "a strong player" and "a weak player." A weak player is sometimes able to hang in there, but never gets the sense of accomplishment that those who are simply more proficient, obviously.




Enter the brand new operator mode. Basically, a player is able to create a squad of AI controlled units. The behavior of said computer driven support is contingent upon various factors, such as its classification, though the player can fine-tune these mechs in a variety of ways. Customization has always been the name of the game, but even the AI can be tinkered around with.


Nabeshiba demonstrated the versatility of the AI system, called UNAC, by having human players face off again an entirely AI driven squad, one that has been crafted by a colleague. And it was no contest; the AI mechs handily destroyed the opposition. Perhaps it wasn’t the fairest of fights, since the AI squad was orchestrated by someone who helped make the game, but it was stated repeatedly that Verdict Day is perfect for players who aren’t good at action games, but who wish to still play.

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  • Godman

    Just awesome I can get real addicted customization. It may even take a day or more to just get everything ready before actually fighting

  • LynxAmali

    -What’s new this time? A focus on online, squad-based play.

    So like V tried to do then.

    I hope at least it has a bigger single player campaign. V’s was really a disappointment in that regard.

    I really could care less about multiplayer in AC. It was all about making the coolest, most efficient AC I could. Well, in the good ol’ days.

    • An unmoving missle platform?

      • LynxAmali

        Believe it or not, yes.

        You forget the most important part though: Tank legs.

  • meiam

    I can’t wait for AC6, can’t stand this online focus with essentially complete lack of single player. Wish they just made a solid single player game and then offer has DLC the online component.

    • artemis81

      I’ll second that. I wonder what will they try next…

  • neogeno

    This AI customization bit is interesting. I wonder how much they put into it. Is it going to be like AC3: Silent Lines AI training? Or are we going to see things that were found in Carnage Heart EXA?

    • Raze

      Make it like Carnage Heart…
      It feels like I’m going to a mecha school when playing the tutorial of that game….lol…

      • neogeno

        Though thats something that i probably would like, I imagine it would really turn off players who aren’t into the whole programming thing.

  • Well I gotta say am pretty much adicted to this game
    and I really want them to make the customization really really compilcted cuz that will raise the level of of stratiges as well as coolness of ur acs…and in the v the story line sucks …plus the stages fr the story sucked really have destroyed the game …and they should make more features in online too

  • Alvin Lee

    So the logic is if you are lousy in a mech action game but you want to play it, you turn it into a mech strategy game? Just like how you wanna get laid but you are so fugly you cant date anyone so you just pay for prostitutes? Makes sense!!

  • Chris Williams

    Hi i am a big fan of the armored core francise ive been around since the first armored core on playstation im known on armored core v as Omnifarious and my alias name is Astornoch i play on the xbox if anybodys reading this i have a request for something that i personally think should go into verdict day im sorry but what kind of armored core game doesnt have my sweet baby the GRENADE LAUNCHER that has been my weapon of choice since the first armored core i apolidgize but that howitzer crap just isnt cutting it make the grenade launcher manual aim for all i care just PLEASE BRING IT BACK i want to show some of these peekaboo snipers that like to do the same thing every game that they can be easily destroyed by a skillfull pilot with a BFG if you do bring it back i reccomend that you make it so heavy that it would be unpractical to put on a medium bipedal type ac but just light enough to put on a heavy bipedal type and please dont make that crap ready position i hate ready position i hope thats not to big of an order to fill cannons are nice thought but i want big explosions

  • Chris Williams

    One more thing that would be cool is if you made a weapon that can shoot an armor piercing round that sits inside the enemy ac until detonated kind of the same concept as a heat pile driver except you choose when to detonate it make it a weapon with 1 bullet that does like 3000 kinect damage when you hit the target and then when you detonate it, it does 10,000 chemical damage if you made it with 1 bullet with 0 lock on capability’s and made it take up two weapon slots i dont think it would be very overpowered unless you brought it out against a tank thats just my imagination running wild but what i really want is the grenade launcher

  • Sulaiman Mohid

    Should include two player mode, split screen.More fun.

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