Falcom Is Re-releasing The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Zero As A PC Game In Japan

By Spencer . April 21, 2013 . 10:26am


Since the PSP is a gray market item in China, Falcom went back to their PC roots and ported their games like The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero and Ys Seven to PC. The Chinese version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero was released back in 2011.


It’s coming to Japan on June 14, re-localized with Japanese text, of course. That’s the only change between this and the PC port made for China. The PC version will cost 3,990 yen ($40) and is compatible with Windows 8 to Windows XP machines and everything in between. Now all we need is a Steam release for this Trails in the Sky Second Chapter and Trails in the Sky The Third.


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  • I agree! Definitely need a Steam release here. Of Ys Seven too, it’s a great game.

  • MrRobbyM


  • DesmaX

    “It’s coming to Japan on June 14, re-localized with Japanese text, of
    course. That’s the only change between this and the PC port made for

    So it still has that nasty DRM?

    Oh well, I’m waiting for Tits FC on my Steam.

    • ReidHershel


  • puppeto4

    best news of the month

  • Zenthos

    Pc?! Huzaa! There will definetly be mods to translate this to english.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Would that be a ridiculous effort for a fan translation? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but… I think that’s a little extreme.

      • Zenthos

        As good as these games are, im sure tons of people would volunteer their time. I sure know I would.

        • DesmaX

          You really don’t know how huge these games are, do you?

        • Not to sound negative, but Zero No Kiseki has a ridiculous word count. It has about 4 million kanji or something, last time I heard, and that’s not considering item descriptions and other small non-dialogue text.
          It’s not something I see any fan translation team doing anytime soon.

          • JazzyMan123

            And then you have Ao no Kiseki, ZnK’s sequel, which is even crazier in terms of text.

            I also have to add that I really believe that the Kiseki series as a whole, is the most verbose out of every RPG series in the history of video games. There, I said it.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I believe you man

          • It’s just as you said. When it comes to text LoH games don’t hold anything back. And ever since SC every LoH game has had ridiculous amount of text.

            It’s actually more of a curse than anything for the translation teams (official or fanmade).

            Having been working partially on a translation of a JRPG myself which has only about twenty times less (no, not kidding I counted) of Zero No Kiseki’s dialogue in my spare time I know how awfully time consuming these projects are.

            Mind you my japanese is nowhere near the level of fluency either, which factors into the time spent of course, but it doesn’t take away from the fact a proper translation needs time, care, effort and dedication. Now lets multiply that for about literally twenty times and you got something that even the most dedicated companies (XSEED) fear, let alone a group of fans for free.

            Plus in the extremely implausible chance a fan does make a translation and given a lot of these factors I really doubt they’d be able to give the game a translation that makes the game justice AND release it within a reasonable time (5-10 years).

            Sorry for the wall of text (strangely fitting xD)

        • Zharkiel

          Contrary to popular belief, the Kiseki fanbase in the west is small. Vocal, but small. To get to Zero they’d need to translate SC and TC first, and the only person who was willing to translate them dropped them in favor of xseed’s publishing.

          More and more people are losing faith each passing day in ever seeing SC and beyond in english, myself included. It’s better just to ignore the series at this point, unless you’re willing to learn japanese. I had a friend tell me the other day that he thinks SC has been cancelled, it was disheartening.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Sadly, many great games go untranslated for various reasons. I’m sure the size of the game (text-wise) has a lot to do with it in this case, but that’s how it is.

        • asch999

          Let’s hope this will increase our chance to get XSEED localize the game

    • Sayorain

      Hope for XSeed?

    • Masa

      there are lots of games in this series already on the pc and none have been translated which is a shame. :(

      • Tatsuya1221

        True, but that has more to do with xseed actually, there was a fan translation underway for SnK FC until xseed announced they were going to release it and SC (as far as i know, once that was announced they started working on the pc version of 3 instead), looking at it now (considering the fact that i’m not even sure xseed is working on SC anymore), in a way i wish they hadn’t, but then again many people who didn’t even know about the series got into it due to the psp game, so it’s a double edged sword i suppose.

        • Ladius

          If XSEED hadn’t took the publishing rights, we would still be waiting for the first Trails game’s fantranslation considering the speed at which the team was progressing at the time.

          Of course this isn’t meant to belittle the fantranslators that worked on that project, they are great people and that effort was highly appreciated, it’s just that those games’ scripts are probably too massive for a fan project (they could be too much even for a localization company, considering we’re still waiting for SC two years after FC’s release).

          • Tatsuya1221

            I understand that, however at this point it is looking like we may not get SC at all(not for many more years at least), fan translated or not, so in the end i have to look at the pros and cons.

            As for it being too big for a fan project, there is no such thing, if it were then the same would hold true for even localized games, size does not denote translation capability, it’s all a matter of time and effort.

    • Ladius

      The first three Trails games have been available on PC for years, and yet you don’t see translation patches floating around the web for the same reason XSEED is taking years to translate SC: because their scripts are extremely big.

      There was a fantranslation project going on for FC before XSEED licensed the series, and I think they didn’t manage to translate even 14 of the game despite working hard and being true Falcom enthusiasts.

      • Granted, that was also caused by technical issues, and changing hackers several times.

  • 紅蓮

    Waiting for Ao no Kiseki Evolution instead…They already hinted on production since they asked for fans’ opinion on the Zero Evo questionnaire so hopefully it’s coming soon

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Not a PC gamer, but why do people always ask to “release it on Steam”? Would the series get some more awareness? Steam has a lot of sales, right? So it’s probably the best place to digitally buy games from. There’s something I’m definitely missing here… sorry to ask, I’m just curious.

    • Steam has an absurd portion of PC gaming market share. All other potential storefronts combined on PC don’t even make a dent.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Doesn’t that basically mean they somewhat control the PC gaming market? Are there really no competitors?

        • DesmaX

          Pretty much it. You have other clients like Origin or Gog, but Steam pretty much dominates the market…

    • Zenthos

      Because steam offers insane deals, sometimes even free games are available. The community is awesome and supportive to developers, and in the end, more profits.

    • DesmaX

      Because PC gaming is the master race, of course.

      Serioulsy now, these were originally PC games, and since Windows has barely any JRPG’s at all, it would be nice to see them on Steam.

      And, the only other option would be the PS3 versions (Releasing these on PSP would be suicide), but those are direct PSP ports… They even lack trophies (Which are obligatory for US releases)

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        I know about Falcom and how they used to release their games on the PC.
        Is Steam like the solution to all of PC gaming? Like is it suicide to release something on the PC and not on Steam?

        • DesmaX

          Well, people will not know that these games even exist if they don’t see it on Steam.

          And, since there’s a lot of people that just buy games on promotions on Steam by pure impulse, that also counts as a plus

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I see. Though I kind of dislike that it basically is the only place to go for PC gaming, however most people like it from what I’ve read.

          • Naux

            That’s because Steam is more than just an online store. It offers tons of community features, automatic updates for your games, etc. There is an overlay function to browse the web or chat with your friends without alt-tabbing, you can take screenshots of your game and post them on your profile. You can discuss stuff in dedicated game forums. There is Steam Greenlight, which raises awareness about Indie games and JRPGs and recently Agarest: Generations of War was greenlit on Steam. (AWWW, YEEAAAH)

            TL;DR: It’s simply genius.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            Man that sounds awesome. Now I need to find a way for my imaginary friends to use PCs…
            Joking aside, thanks for all the info. Though I do recall a person on this site criticizing the greenlight system (before Agarest was greenlit). I forget what flaw he said it had though

          • The flaw of Greenlight is that it’s not only slow, but it’s set up in a way where legitimately interesting games can be troll-bombed, there’s no good way of telling when a game /might/ be greenlit at all, the “no interest” button is a recipe for disaster, there were a lot of troll and fake listing before Steam started demanding money to put the game up onto Greenlight, ect. Also they only approve of ten games at a time, so cool games like Shantae and Stardew Valley have yet to receive approval.

          • Naux

            Yeah, I gotta agree, the Greenlight concept is a good one, but its execution hasn’t been without flaws. I am also waiting for Stardew Valley to be greenlit.

        • There’s been more than enough evidence that releasing on Steam really helps a game’s sales. There’s been a lot of cases where smaller devs coming out with games have done poorly hosting on their own site, but once the Steam version came out, sales skyrocketed. One of the more recent examples was Incredipede.

        • CirnoLakes

          I would hope that Steam is not “the solution to all PC gaming”, because that would mean they have a monopoly. I would like to see Good old Games get a lot of the Steam and Desura library because of their DRM policy.

          However, Steam does tend to equal a lot more exposure and therefor a lot more success general. There are exceptions, Minecraft did not have to go through Steam to be successful. But for most games the exposure is extremely, extremely helpful.

          To repeat the statistic. Steam has over 50 million users. And more than 3 million users online at any given time. That means just a tiny portion of the Steam userbase would have to buy a game in order for it to be incredibly successful.

          Steam has also been largely attributed to Recettear selling over 100,000 copies.

      • This wasn’t originally on PC. This was a PSP exclusive game.

        This is a Japanese translation of the Chinese port of the game from 2011.

        For more information, since I’m not on a cell phone at the moment… Falcom’s last in-house developed title for the PC was Zwei II, which did not sell that well. Afterwards, they released Ys Seven, which was a PSP exclusive originally. The same with the three Kiseki titles that have recently been released: Zero, Ao, and Nayuta.

        • DesmaX

          I was actually taking about the TiTS games. They were originally PC games, so no wonder people want those on Steam. Especially after Xseed release Ys there

          • Being that half of the series now is console originating (Zero, Ao, and Sen), it might be important to distinguish that from ‘these games.’ That kind of wording is confusing.

    • DuskSharkEX

      Pretty much. Plus, have you seen those deals on Steam?

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Not really. I would definitely like it more than the PSN store or Xbox Live Arcade…
        I can only really recall those indie humble bundles

    • CirnoLakes

      The Steam platform is by far the most successful avenue of PC game sales by far.

      There are more than 50 million Steam users total. And more than 3 million Steam users online at any given time. There’s also a statistic somewhere stating that the vast majority of PC games are sold through Steam. And the ones that aren’t are mostly things like MMORPGs and Minecraft. Since it is so big, and because of how well it provides its service, it is trusted by both a lot of companies and customers. Sales also certainly help its reputation.

      There’s a sort of Steam syndrome out there where people become addicted to buying games because games are on sale for less than $10 on a frequent basis.

      My reasoning for wanting a game on Steam outside of exposure, is because so many other games I have are already on Steam. It is a kind of convenience as someone who randomly buys and installs more computer parts or buys another laptop.

      With Steam, I could buy another laptop tomorrow, or buy $200 worth of computer parts, start up windows, install Steam, and then have a huge library of games available to me. And I just have to click install and play the game. I just click a button, the game is downloaded in a few minutes, and I click and play the game. And as quickly as I download most games, I find it easier to deal with than PlayStation 3 discs. Especially since I have a laptop on me most of the time, but don’t always have a gaming device on me at all times, much less a PlayStation 3.

      Steam is actually responsible for making PC gamers out of a lot of people. Which is unsurprising, given the fact that most PC game sales go through Steam.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “Now all we need is a Steam release for this Trails in the Sky Second Chapter and Trails in the Sky The Third.”

    And we also need all Falcom PC games on GOG as well, especially the classic Ys games.

    • Naux

      I’d be happy to see any western release of those games at all.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Day one get.

  • Hey, Spencer:

    Falcom didn’t develop the Chinese PC port of the game. They’ve not done any in-house game development for PC since Zwei II. This was developed by a Chinese company called Joyoland that had requested the hi-res assets from Falcom to do such a thing.

    • Last Star

      That’s not true. The hi-res assets were created by Joyoland alone, Falcom provided nothing other than the low-res resources they used for their PSP development. This has been discussed numerous times on Joyoland’s official forum because people suspected the PC version is simply a PSP emulator upscaling everything to HD. The in-game character models, 2D sprites, certain logos and signs in Crossbell, etc. had to be redrawn or recreated for the PC version in high resolution such that they display correctly when the game runs at 1080p or above.

      • I’ve actually seen information on the Japanese side of things that says otherwise, I believe. Falcom has a lot of resources for the game that are definitely hi-res, though. I don’t doubt that a lot of things have been corrected, however, beyond that.

        But being that they have materials that are capable of taking up a particularly large amount of a page when printed in the source books, they can’t do that without print issues if they don’t have hi-res assets in the first place, since print generally requires 300dpi images.

        Are all of the assets that way? No. I don’t think they are, but I do know that a good number of things definitely are available.

        • Last Star

          You makes some very good points. But I put my faith more in Joyoland developers who actually responded to fans’ inquires than discussions found on Japanese forums that may or may not involve any Falcom employee’s participation.

          That said, Joyoland’s CEO did mention in a magazine interview that they had a good working relationship with Falcom and got a lot of support from them, just not the resources they were given to work with. This makes sense, ’cause if Falcom had a large amount of high res assets needed for a PC port, they could’ve done the port themselves than buy back the not-so-optimized PC version from Joyoland to release at a budget price in Japan.

          • ’cause if Falcom had a large amount of high res assets needed for a PC port, they could’ve done the port themselves than buy back the not-so-optimized PC version from Joyoland to release at a budget price in Japan.

            No, they couldn’t. Falcom stopped developing PC games altogether because of how terrible sales were for their last game. Their development teams are now focused on consoles: PSP and PS3, to my knowledge.

            I imagine that some of these developers aren’t with the company. At one point, they were showing to be 55-60 employees, then in recent years, they’ve been settled at around 45-50. I imagine that some of the PC developers got folded into console development, and some were let go.

    • I don’t think Spencer meant that Falcom developed the port. Rather, this is their property so they’re ultimately responsible for where the games are released.

      • My only complaint is that this statement seems to imply otherwise:
        “Since the PSP is a gray market item in China, Falcom went back to their PC roots and ported their games like The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero and Ys Seven to PC.”

        Zero, Ao, and Ys Seven were- to my knowledge- all by Joyoland.

        I apologize for the confusion otherwise.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Id kill to play these games. I really wish they would bring them out on steam.

  • Last Star

    If anyone’s interested in seeing the PC version in action, WITH English subtitles, you can take a look at this:


  • Crimson_Cloud

    Meanwhile in NA&EU… huge shortage of untranslated RPGs…

  • C.C.

    I want Evolution for PlayStation Vita. :D

  • Eilanzer


    please Ç_Ç

    • CirnoLakes

      XSEED has their work cut out for them.

      I hope they get to this and every other Nihon Falcom game eventually.

  • Speaking of, whatever happened to Falcom releasing 3DS games? Was that fake?

    • No, it wasn’t. Falcom has long development times. We heard of Ys Seven multiplatform in 2009, but we’ve not seen what that was yet.

      However, we’ve yet to find out if Falcom’s doing it or if they licensed the info out to another company.

      • Thing is, they apparently said they would in “the next fiscal term”, shouldn’t we have seen the first signs months ago?

        It’s worth noting that Dreams, the team that did Ys I & II DS still exists, but they have changed a lot, going by their website:


        BTW this is the same company, I was at their website ages ago when it was more primitive with the same logo and they showed the games they worked on including the Bubble Bobble games.

        I can’t navigate the site well to find their game list, I have zero clue as what they’ve done since 2009. Could’ve worked on Balloon Pop games which did come out recently and they did the original on Wii.

        They would be my main pick to do 3DS Falcom games if they’re still willing.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          The DS ports of Ys I & II are considered some of the worst versions of the games in existence. I wouldn’t want that studio anywhere near Falcom’s other stuff.

  • Lilith

    Didn’t this port suck horribly?

    • JonathanisPrimus

      It did.

  • CirnoLakes

    PC gaming isn’t dead in Japan.

    PC gaming isn’t dead in Japan!

  • gamefreak86

    Was considering getting the PSP version soon but crap like this might as well wait for pc version. Falcom ports way their games way to many times. Another reason I be avoided Ys.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    I’d rather have this one than 2nd and 3rd chapter.


    i already have this gaem twice on psp and vita.
    y would i want to play it thrice Kappa.

  • Kai2591

    Steam release! English version! Steam release! English version!

    Also Japanese audio!

  • I’ll be picking this up on day one, in support of more Falcom PC games.

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