Namco Bandai Has The [email protected] Shiny Festa In English, But Only For iOS

By Spencer . April 21, 2013 . 11:51pm

image Those trademarks Siliconera discovered were indeed for a localized version of The [email protected] Shiny Festa rhythm games. While these aren’t idol training sims, Namco Bandai made English versions of the PSP games. However, these won’t be available for PSP, the localized The [email protected] Shiny Festa games are for iOS.


There are three games – The [email protected] Shiny Festa Melodic Disc (called Groovy Tune in Japan), The [email protected] Shiny Festa Harmonic Score (called Honey Sound in Japan), and The [email protected] Shiny Festa Rhythmic Record (called Funky Note in Japan). Each one has a different set of idols and a different animated opening feature. If you thought Square Enix’s iOS games were expensive brace yourself because each The [email protected] Shiny Festa game costs $54.99. The complete The [email protected] Shiny Festa series will cost $164.97 and it appears the games will have additional DLC.


image image


The [email protected] Shiny Festa Harmonic Score has idols Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki with the "Music in the World" animated feature.


The [email protected] Shiny Festa Melodic Disc has Iori Minase, Yayoi Takatsuki, Ami Futami, Mamai Futami, and Hibiki Ganaha with the "Music is a Friend" animated feature.


The [email protected] Shiny Festa Rhythmic Record has Miki Hoshii, Yukiho Hagiwara, Makoto Kikuchi, and Takane Shijou with the "Music of Love" animated feature.


The games are compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 (and higher iPads),the iPad mini, and fifth generation iPod Touch.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    Don’t you wish they just released the PSP versions on PSN instead? No one would pay $55 for it on there either, but I doubt many would bat an eye at $29.99, or $39.99.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      I’d pay it!

  • Muffum

    I am just really confused by this. Not by the localization; by the price point. Like, what could possibly drive up the prices of these games so radically?

    There might or might not even be a real reason for it; I’d just prefer to think there is one over Namco just seeing how many people will actually buy at that price.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      It wouldn’t be the first time a Japanese company has used JP price points on US products. And every time it has been a failure of immense proportion.

      At this price the only conceivable audience is the import crowd — and they long since bought these games.

      • To think they’d want to make the games more accessible and start a market here. Then again, idol stuff might not take a big flight in the West…

        • Maybe I’m off base here, but I think it’ll go either more accessible versus cater to the niche and make bank from them.
          Really, if there are any diehard imas fans here, you know how Namco operates with the series.
          “Money, money, money is all you need!”

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Then why no Android version? I don’t have a single IoS device. But if this had released on Android i would have taken the hit…

          • Tacopoots

            If it released on the Android no one would bother buying it – APK file sharing is too violently rampant to make a non freemium game worth it!

      • Manny Being Manny

        Aniplex of America seem to be doing fine with their anime prices, since they keep on picking up more Aniplex anime to release at high Japanese prices.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Every time anime has been released at those price points it has been an American arm of a Japanese company. If they are keeping things to tiny print runs basically covering only the pre-orders things might continue. However, even the special Patlabor boxes ended up being blown out by RightStuff and Galaxy Angel 2 just one day disappeared.

        • Mister_Nep

          I die on the inside every time they bring out a title I want to get, and they charge at those prices. I then cry myself to sleep.

    • because it’s [email protected] There was one guy interviewed at an imas concert who spent the amount of buying two cars for the merch alone.

  • Wow~ You’re not pulling any punches with the price, are you, Namco? And that’s before the DLC.

  • Rudy Soto


    I’d be somewhat happy to hear that some piece of Idolmaster got localized, but that price tag…
    Does an iOS game even have the content to justify that price?

  • Luffink

    They have totally lost their mind. It´s a friggin´ iOS game. They could have pulled that price if they had released it for PSP or the PSN Store, but for a mobile game, it´s absurdly overpriced

    • Anonymous

      This, I was kinda interested but for iOS? And ****ing 55$?
      Namco is just being even more stupid

    • TheExile285

      Are you really surprised? Its Namco….. >_>

    • Sergio Briceño

      I think they could have easily and successfully priced it a 79.00 USD, if they bundled all the games together and maybe somewhere between 100-120 for a collectors edition. But 165 is too much for three old games, even if they were to release, like you said, on the PSN for the PSP, because being digital and a bundle the price shouldn’t be so high.

      But it’s iOS and their rules…

      • “old games”

        Shiny festa came out last fall in Japan. The turnaround time for getting a translated english release is actually pretty fast.

        • Sergio Briceño

          Usually when a game comes out a year later in another region it cost’s just as much at the most. Being a year old and charging such a high price for a digital game is unacceptable.

          So yeah, they are old, because they are 1 year old and they are also old enough to both shock and turn down a [email protected] fan when you consider the price.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      There’s still hope guys! TK released Totori+ on the SEN with zero warning. The SEN updates tomorrow. Namco could have gone multi-plat with this, and we may just see a PSP version tomorrow. So, hold on to your hopes!

    • Xerain

      The price point is something of an [email protected] Hallmark. The original game was coin-op and had people spending hundreds to train their idols for online competition. The 360 version had a ridiculous amount of DLC. IIRC it was up there with the train simulator game. Then they included it all in the PS3 port, to the horror of many who’d actually bought all the DLC on the 360. The Ps3 version is only version of [email protected] that can be considered a value, though I’m sure they released tons of new DLC for the PS3 owners to buy.

      • Luffink

        But still, this isn´t anywhere near to a normal price for mobile games standards

        • Xerain

          The game is not marketed at your average non idol consuming consumer. The game is marketed at people who like [email protected] and are willing to shell out for it.

          The people who imported the Japanese ones for around this price, but were frustrated with being unable to read the text and not having a Japanese credit card…. thus being unable to spend hundreds on DLC despite very much wanting to.

    • Jesse Thompson

      Luffink pretty much nailed this one.

  • Manny Being Manny

    Whats the point?

  • Kefkiroth

    It’s like they want it to fail. The price is even higher than a Vita or 3DS game ($40).

    • creid8

      Not in Japan.

      • Kefkiroth

        But these are the prices for the localized versions. They should be adjusted to reflect that, not take the price straight from Japan.

        • Xerain

          This is one of the side effects of the region free gaming world we all dream of. I mean this specific example doesn’t apply to the region debate, but wanting to sell things to people at the prices they are used to instead of at the prices in the region where the media was originally developed is one of the main arguments for region locking.

          As someone opposed to region locking, paying Japanese prices for games and anime in English was something I’ve already come to terms with.

  • Chrystofax

    I was kinda interested, but…yeah I’ll pass, I don’t have an iOS anyway

  • Honest time: I’ve spent over 300 bucks buying the G4U releases (and that was the cheapest), so… Yeah. What’s another hundred or so bucks, right?
    . . .

  • Guest

    My [email protected] collection may have come up to ~$2000 (not including DLC), but I think this is where I’ll draw the line. :P

    • SeventhEvening

      Your passion is both admirable and enviable, but also terrifying.

    • Your [email protected] collection refers to just games or including figures and merchandises? I only have the complete Petite Nendoroid sets and not ready to do full roster uniform PVC collection or full roster bikini PVC collection.

  • IWillNeverBeWithMyWaifuIori

    Scamco, you assholes. I just wanted to hear my Iori sing and dance like the angel she is. First you translate the one game in the series that I don’t have the system for, then you charge $160+ for it. Does my love offend you Scamco? Why must you hurt me so?

    • SupaPhly

      you were destined to never be with your waifu Iori

  • fyi1191

    Hope Sega doesn’t follows this practice when they actually localize Project Diva.

  • Micrll

    %$&# #($% %*[email protected]!&#

    So pissed right now. I would have taken limited edition bundle, I would have taken download only PSP title, I would have taken anything other than this. I would have paid more than $55 on *any* platform other than iOS.

    Seriously I love the [email protected], and I imported one of them already but seriously it’s like they WANT this to fail. I can only imagine that this cost more money to port the game over adding to the total cost of them bringing it over. They then price it completely outside of what people are generally willing to pay on the iOS platform.

    What saddens me is that this is probably going to fail catastrophically and will cause them to never bring over any more of them because “there is no market”.

    I know this game is good at fleecing their fans for all of their money (see [email protected] slot machine, collectible card game, $15 DLC) and I would be ok with it on any other platform.

    Oh well, at least there will be a official English translation, I will stick to playing on my PSP and will just watch videos of the story translation on YouTube.

    • SeventhEvening

      That’s my fear. I’ve wanted an [email protected] game in English ever since I encountered it in an arcade 7 freaking years ago. If they release a title for Vita or PS3, I’d happily pay $60 dollars, but….on my phone?

      Namco Bandai never really seems to know what they hell they are doing.

      • Micrll

        I only have a older iPod that I knew would never support something like this. It’s not so much the price that really bugs me its the combo of the platform and price. Seriously, no-one outside of die hard fans who happen to have iOS devices will even consider this. The iOS platform users just won’t pay much more than $5 for anything.

    • I’d want to see Siliconera do an interview later on and ask NB all about it, especially how many purchases they are/were anticipating. I wonder if they were waiting for a game like this in the franchise to “test the waters.”

    • katamari damacy

      the PSP has a 100% fan translated version of Idolmaster Red Sun. If only Namco Bandai just paid those guys a small sum for the translation work and got to digital distribution, or if the demand warrants it, an actual physical disc release sold through their website. Some money is always better than none.

  • Randy Marsh

    I’ll stick to my PSP versions, that price total, well that’s……that’s just insane.

  • ワン スャレ

    A brilliant move to test the water.
    Well done Namdai!

    • Zeonsilt

      If this will be a success,more games will come to iOS at full retail price (49/59.99$ average).It’s a sad for [email protected],but i hope this price model will fail.

      • ワン スャレ

        lol I don’t even own any of the iOS devices. Like many other here, I prefer having them on psp or vita. even better, ps3. I do own the ps3 version anyway, but I raged quit because I screw up with the locations for gigs.


    No one in there right mind will buy this.
    Welp there goes the future of idolmaster in the west. Kappa

    • Ni

      >No one in there right mind will buy this
      You don’t know the [email protected] fanbase do you?

  • Sentsuizan_93

    *Sees the title of article*
    *sees only for iOS*
    *sees $165 price tag, roughly equating to £108*

    ……..Dammit!!! -_-

  • iwuzhere

    I really wanted to support [email protected] I really did but to release it on iOS when the PSP version suffice really agitates me. If it was on PSN, I would buy it in a heartbeat to support further release, Since its on iOS, that may only further support further releases on iOS which I don’t like. It will also encourage those crazy prices on iOS. I’m sorry, but I can’t buy this.

  • Chance

    I bought Groovy Tune. I already own it on PSP, but I’m glad to finally be able to support Western release of [email protected] games. I have a full collection of the 2nd vision games, so I’m probably their target customer anyway. It worked on me.

    In the end, it still costs less than the import cost of the PSP release for the same game — if that’s any merit to any potential buyers.

  • C.C.

    I would buy it if it was released for PSP even if it’s digital so that I could play it on my PlayStation Vita.

  • Go2hell66


  • wyrdwad

    Hey, Spencer: Don’t know if it’s any different in the English version, but in the Japanese PSP games, each one has more than just a “different animated opening.” Rather, each one basically has a full-length anime OAV episode on the UMD — literally 30 minutes long.

    Can’t imagine including that in an iOS download, though, as it would probably be insanely huge… but if it is in there, it may help justify the price point a little.

    …Though I’m going to agree that this seems like a really bizarre move overall.

    • Meep

      Those OVAs were really good by the way, as were the MVs. I hope they release them in high definition some day.

    • SeventhEvening

      Well, the Assassin Creed game on iOS (recollection) included the entire 22 minute “Embers” short film, so it is possible.

    • Manny Being Manny

      The OVAs were actually the biggest selling point of each version. Given that each is 1.9 gigs, its almost a certainty that the OVAs are still there.

    • These appear to be the OAVs since each game is a couple GB. I’ll make a correction here. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Kevadu

    This is like trying to “test the waters” with a battleship…and then running aground.

    • Just Tim

      More like, they just sunk the battleship BEFORE it even sailed its maiden voyage!

      Also, this is one of THE cases where Naruto AND Dragonball combined profits are REALLY, REALLY needed BADLY!

  • Zeonsilt

    Namco Bandai report : the sales was lower(probably over 9000) than we expected,no more [email protected] for ya!
    p.s. I’l gladly buy PS3 Limited Edition of [email protected] 2(i played japanese demo,it’s awesome) in 100$ +-,but i don’t own any of the iOS devices and don’t need one.

  • Did someone make a guide on “how to destroy a franchise before it’s even born” on the internet and show it to Namco? Because seriously this really sounds like they are TRYING to destroy any reason for someone to bring up “let’s localize [email protected] ______ in the west” when meetings come up. Putting these games on iOS was one thing (WHO THE F*CK WOULD BUY THAT!?) but placing a 3rd gen console release day retail price on it instantaneously destroyed any chance of this game doing EVEN SLIGHTLY well. Sure, you’ll have one or two of those die-hard fans pay $160+ for these games (complete with god knows HOW MANY fps bugs that come with it) but the rest of the already small crowd? Yeah, they’ll wait for cheaper things, or just import the game for the system it was supposed to be for :| jus’ sayin’

  • Laith Rem

    Look I don’t have an iPad or iPhone so I can’t play this. And with that price? I think it comes out cheaper if I import the games, which really shouldn’t happen.

  • ThomasTruong
    • Go2hell66

      *Looks at price tag*

    • At least 1GB for the game, and totaled to 3GB when you add the DLC.
      My 8GB 4S won’t contain all the games and the add-ons…

  • SupaPhly

    So, the only game they decide to localize, is the only one which you don’t need knowledge of Japanese and put it on a system away from the supposed target audience… awesome

  • Kioku

    It’s freakin hard to play console games on smartphones. They should just release it on PSP or Vita or at least PSN.

  • Go2hell66

    So who’s gonna be the poor sap who buys all three of them for $165

    cmon i know they’re out there somwhere :)

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Guys…I think we have just seen Namco’s final form

    • Kai2591

      and its HORRIBLE.

    • Testsubject909

      Ah, hot damn. I was lucky I wasn’t drinking anything. You could’ve made me do a spit take.

  • Roberto Cavalcante Souza

    I never asked for this scamco

  • Samor

    Those prices are insane… what on earth is Namco thinking? Why even localize it at all then?

  • Raze
  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    … Go home, Namco. You’re drunk.

  • Neppygear

    There’s only one thing for certain. *Some* illegal substances were abused as the Bamco execs made this decision.

  • Freud_Hater

    I’d have checked it out, buuuuut… I don’t have one of them new-fangled iOS thingies, so… too bad XD

  • I miss the days where the charge 4.99$ for Liberation Maiden on iTunes Store, oh wait! that was 1 month ago.

    Anyway, I’d still pay 54.99$+ (I also have to pay iTunes tax!) without hesitation for all three PSP games combined as 1 stand alone [email protected] game for iOS and will still pay for DLC if they are interesting enough.

  • chobitsza

    DAMN U NAMCO. Y U NO PSN RELEASE TOO!??????????????????????

  • gold163

    based scamco

  • Wait they ported the PSP games to iOS instead of lesser efforts towards a Vita compatible version?
    What a ballsy move. I”m glad they are giving it a chance but I doubt this will do good for the price point.

  • TheExile285

    Lol @that price. What are they smoking at Namco USA HQ. Must be some strong stuff lol

  • ShadowJetX

    You might be able to say that we should be even glad we’re getting it, but on iOS really? Screw that man.

  • Well…that’s one way to kill a brand. I have to wonder, who at Namco had their head so far up their ass, that they thought this was a good idea? The fanbase for this series would have already been niche on any other system, so why choose a platform that most gamers in that ‘possible’ niche seem to despise?

    The fact of the matter is, they want this to fail…why else would they release it in this manner? Aw well, just goes to show that NGBI will always make dumb choices in the west.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Time to say goodbye….
    Looks like I will never become a Idolmaster

  • Zonic505

    $55 for all 3? I probably would’ve been okay with that, maybe waited for a sale, but overall not a bad price. $55 for ONE!?! & not on PSN, but iOS? Yeah, no, this is sadly going to get low sales.

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    And people wonder why I didn’t start loving Namco just because they brought over a couple tales games….I wanted this sooooo much more than Tales…and you not only put it on the worst system possible for this, you put it on something I don’t have at all…way to kill one of my most loved franchises Namco…I can always count on you -_-

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    It seems Bamco is really taking the safest path they can choose here.T_T
    By pricing the game absurdly high, even if the buyers is only miniscule, they will be able to close all the cost here.(T_T I……am going to get this game solely for Chihaya here.)
    Or………Bamco will use the fact that this game bombed(high chances) as another reason in the future when people ask for Idolmaster outside of Japan.T_T

    • Testsubject909

      The latter is far more likely.

  • Guest

    Guys, BE HAPPY THE DLC IS AT LEAST FREE. Stop complaining about the prices and be happy that they’re even giving us a chance with these games!!!

    • chobitsza

      What chance? since I don’t have any Apple device.

    • Robert Hendrie

      Yes they are giving the games a chance, BUT! no one will buy these except hard core fans. If they had these for cheaper it could have been their chance to get new people into the games and grow the audience for these games. No one will just impulse buy a $55 iOS game

      • Testsubject909

        You call this giving the games a chance?

        …. I guess.

    • Ni

      Sorry but I don’t have a IOS and not gonna pay full retail price for a mobile version.

    • Manny Being Manny

      I don’t have an Apple device. I’d buy it if it was PSP though.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      No IoS device…why should I be happy about this? Grateful that they wasted money to port it to a system I don’t have and jacked the price up for it? Please don’t tell me you actually expect me to be grateful for something like that…

      • Juuu

        A few reasons that I, another fan without an iDevice, found to be happy:
        -Original voice actors/names/ect are in
        -No dumbing down for localization
        -Songs are in without being altered.

        A lot of people said that bringing the series’ music over would make it tough if not impossible to bring the game over as a whole. This release at least debunks that, as well as the notion that it’d have to be dubbed or whatever. If the series doesn’t come over because this tanks, bummer, but hopefully at least a few diehards with iWhatevers will convince them to, I dunno, try putting the games up on a dedicated gaming machine next time, ahahah [pipe dream, I know ;p]/

        • Testsubject909

          I can only think of this as a negative. I’m sorry.

          Everything you’ve stated would be an acceptable compromise for a longer and more permanent or successful stay in the western gaming market over this more then likely one hit dud that’s already compromising it’s sales by it’s very nature.

        • Solid points. I’m just not sure what this can do for the main games (if that is even being considered on NB’s end at all).

    • LynxAmali

      Was there even DLC for SF?
      I don’t even remember.

    • Benny Tormoes

      that doesn’t work this time..

  • Ni

    LOL @Japanese price tag in the west
    edit: Well it’s [email protected] after all, one of the franchise that really like to milk their fans like there’s no tomorrow (still laughing on the price anyway lol)

  • Juuu

    Well, I don’t necessarily mind the price TOO much on the assumption that this is close to the PSP game as possible, and has all the content from the game itself–I’d expect no less than a high price from Bandai Scamco, to be quite honest. :P However, I don’t have an iDevice, so as much as I’d like to support my favorite series in English, I suppose I’m sitting this one out by default! If they decide to release it on PSN, though, I’ll be in, double-dipping and all. I’m interested in seeing how the translation turns out!

  • artemisthemp

    I doubt there is many, who will give $54.99 for a iOS game.

  • Thatguy

    This world is full of strange decisions…

    Also, strange marketing decisions…

    And after that decisions: Why don’t anybody buy that? Screw them, that IP is a failure

  • Shizumasa

    Are the songs kept in Japanese? Well, doesn’t matter. I have them already for the PSP and I’m quiete satisfied with it. I have the 4th Gen Ipod so it wouldn’t work for me anyway.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    (ಠ_ಠ) that’s an outrageous price for an app.

  • DesmaX

    hahahahahaha, this price is a joke, right?

    • Kai2591

      unfortunately we’ve gone wayyy past April Fools day

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      yeah (ಠ_ಠ) this is my haha face

      • Testsubject909

        Ah. Is it bad that I laughed at this?

  • Aristides

    O_O your audience is on dedicated gaming platforms you idiots! WTF releasing a game to a larger mainstream audience does not mean you’re gonna get more sales, the hardcore aren’t on mobile! This is worse than when DS got GTA and Wii got Dead Space (not that I think it’s bad that they got some mature games but the games flopped hard and ended getting ported to Playstation; On that note I hope this flops and gets ported to Vita XP)

    • Manny Being Manny

      Chinatown Wars was a million plus seller on DS, just to let you know. Pretty good for a 2D GTA in comparison to the other 2D games in the series.

      • Aristides

        I had read otherwise, that despite the critical acclaim the game undersold, but that was back at launch I don’t know how the figures measured up eventually.

    • What makes you think Chinatown Wars did any better on PSP? Most of its sales came from iOS at a lower price. :P

      • Aristides

        I never said that it did any better on PSP (it actually made worse) I just pointed out it got ported because it undersold. Originally it was announced as an exclusive at Nintendo’s E3 conf in 2008.

  • riceisnice

    Where’s my boy band management game?

    • Testsubject909

      It’s sort of in there I believe, or was it in [email protected] 2? I forget. I remember there was a boy team, I forget if you can manage it.

  • Kai2591

    I’m glad that I just bought an iPhone 5 a few weeks ago, but…..this is absurd!
    that stupid price! that odd choice of platform!

  • Donpablo

    Welp, this will be a one dud of a one-hit wonder.

  • “If you thought Square Enix’s iOS games were expensive brace yourself because each The [email protected] Shiny Festa game costs $54.99. The complete The [email protected] Shiny Festa series will cost $164.97 and it appears the games will have additional DLC.”

    I can’t even… What!?

    Edit: I fear them blaming sales of this game as to why they wont bring any of the actual games for the consoles over (._. )

    • Testsubject909

      If their marketing and sales teams are idiots, they will.

      Considering what they chose to do with this game.

      They are.

      Means the fans of [email protected] or anyone who wanted to try out one of those games is screwed.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    …Why change the names? Anyway, I already own all three of the games for the PSP. Just buy it for the PSP if you’re interested. These don’t come with the anime episodes, I’d guess.

  • Wow.
    Split one game to three and price each at almost the same as the original!
    They save on packaging and earn three times more!
    (Ok, they had 3 different packgaing for the same PSP game.)

    Don’t know how hard it is to convert PSP to iOS though.

    I guess there will still be some die hard fans willing to buy them all.

    • Brandonmkii

      They were three games to begin with.

      • I see.
        I thought the PSP version was one game but released with 3 different box sleeve covers.

  • Ahahahaha. Japanese sites posting Siliconera reader comments as reactions from overseas gamers again.

    This is far from the first time I’ve seen this happen. Congratulations? You guys are famous! Kind of. :P

    • ワン スャレ

      They translated our comments! we are phamouss gais!

      • Testsubject909

        dey tutalley guna trasnlaet dis!

    • SupaPhly

      gotta love putting my own translated comment through google translate

    • Testsubject909

      It is quite entertaining.

    • Kaisigmu

      Thats pretty awesome.

  • Guess there the chance of this game actually get a proper release ever is totally gone, I’m not gonna waste money on a 700$ phone I would never use to begin with. I would have payed 160$ for teh games but thats a different thing, I already own them to PSP.

    Now the games is localised, release a damn proper release of this damn games and not a stupid iphone game with just a limited peoples own.

  • So not paying that much lol

  • Clifford Michael

    At least they announced it, y’know, before it just turned up on the App Store one day…


    “This is an iOS Game”

    They’re also 3 full-priced PSP games, so I don’t know why you’re all mad.

    Well… aside from the horrendous “controls” that iOS devices have.

    • chobitsza

      Why am I MAD?

      1. I don’t have any IWhatever device.
      2. I want english translation.
      3. Why IOS? since the original was on PSP.

      • 咲夜P #IDOLSPORTS

        1. Not everyone has a PSP either.
        3. Because it’s Scamco.

        • brian

          Remember that since this is iOS, they’re targeting a completely different market than most people that want this game localized, people that have a roughly $300-$500 device and are accustomed to paying at most $10 for a game.
          This is like waving a bottle of water in front of someone dying of thirst in a desert, giving it to them for an exorbitant price, and the water turns out to be scaldingly hot and tastes awful.
          And then they’re likely to claim this series “has no market” even though they would pretty much have a monopoly on this genre outside Japan.

          • Let’s not forget that they chopped some content out of the PSP version and made them into paid DLC content. So yeah, you’re shelling out more than just the value of the 3 games combined. You’re going to be shelling out about $200+ for everything.

    • SerendipityX

      I think everyones is so confused that its making them angry. This is definetely one of the most bizzare decisions ever.

      • Testsubject909

        A LOT of open transparency from Namco Bandai’s part, so to better understand why they chose to do this or had to do this or whatnot, would help them a lot… If said decisions were done for actually valid and good reasons.

        If they’re opting to keep everything behind closed doors including not talk about it in interviews or whatnot. Then that’s where the “yup, they’re just planning to make it fail/be greedy” part will start bleeping up in my radar….

        Though it seriously does look like it’s set to fail anyways.

  • Charles

    Namco: Trololololo

  • Heriel

    i don´t know why the butthurt… these games aren´t fucking angry birds…

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yet $54.99 is far far above the price PSP games ever were in the states and outside of a handful of specialized business apps, nothing remotely approaches that price in the American mobile market. This is import with shipping cost territory, so a measure of sticker shock is to be expected.

      It also is worthwhile to note that stateside, the mobile market and the handheld gaming market are more segregated. The community Imas targets does not use their phones for that type of game — and are as likely to be carrying around an android versus an iPhone. If it is a misstep taken by misunderstanding the American mobile market it is a good thing that fact be brought up. If it is setting Imas up to die so they don’t need to listen to requests ever again, that could get someone more than a little frustrated.

      • Testsubject909

        Either way. I think they’re about to get a swarm of angry e-mails.

      • I don’t know about “setting it up to die” bit. Victor Ireland mentioned about his interest in the imas franchise (I know I brought it to his attention a couple of times), and the point he clearly wanted to make was that:
        1.) it’s expensive as hell to get the rights to from NB, pretty much closing out any further pursuits, and 2.) it will have to be altered. In what specific ways, I don’t know but I think (and don’t quote me on this) it would have to do with the younger characters to make them less “loli” – which I personally think is a bit silly.

        Yes, the market for these imas iOS games are misstep in a several ways, but I think it shows that they at least acknowledge the franchise outside of Japan. That’s a very huge step. I mean, some of us have waited years for even a hint as to what NB would do.
        Also, if we ever were to get the actual imas idol sim games, then I think they would not be cheap, either. In fact, If I were Victor Ireland I would get the rights and sell the games at high enough cost that the core fans would purchase as opposed to importing the Japanese games (and systems). That’s the “safest” route I can imagine with regards to get these games on our shores.

        • Heriel

          ami/mami is suposed to be 17 years old now… lol

          • That was brought to my attention. I saw that they changed the bikinis in one of the songs, but it was screenshot that showed up on Twitter, so I can’t vouch if it’s legit.
            I guess imas can’t be brought in full overseas without some nerfing :/

            Were there any other changes that you are aware of? I’m curious if they changed Iori and Yayoi’s ages, too.

  • almostautumn

    I’m alright with the price, and it being iOS— but that platform blows. I bought a 4th gen ipod touch after the price dropped so that I could experience all the games— but here we are with fifth gen. And soon enough there will be a sixth, and then a seventh.
    Is any gamer really expected to shell out hundreds of dollars every year or two to just keep up with this platform? Not worth it, if ya’ ask me.

    • Testsubject909

      To be fair about you and the eventual fifth and sixth gen of Apple touch product coming up.

      You knew what you were getting into when you bought one…

  • Combat Butler Jim

    Awww… We were so close yet so very very far.

  • alixraen

    Why, Namco? Why do you want this to fail?

  • This would have been better for the PSN store. Also, the game is absurdly overpriced. At much, $100 – $120.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Guy 1- “Gee, we have this PSP game that we’ve translated in english and that many people want to buy…”

    Guy 2 – “I know what we can do! Lets release it on the iOS (Which is a plattform based around 1-10 dollar games) while overcharging the people that are interested so that we can make a profit”

    Guy 1 – “What a phenomenal idea! That way we can make a profit while we compensate the damage that DBZ Kinect, Exerbeat and that half-assed Ridge Racer game on the Vita caused”

    Guy 2 – “Yes!”

  • kroufonz

    I should be happy but oh man ios, ios why? why?

    damn you scamco

  • Philip Irwin

    I… I am absolutely disgusted.

    I will never pay more than 20 dollars for an iOS game and it needs to be a full title. The only one which I have done this for is TWEWY and that was an EXTREMELY rare case of wanting to have a copy of the game in some form and with a potentially better control scheme.

    This is absurd. I was REALLY prepared for like, a downloadable game or an extremely limited physical print run involving a bunch of extras and attempting to fund the game based on fan input.

    And now… We get this. Yaaaaaaaaaaay…

  • Nerroth

    Is there a list of which countries these games have been released in?

    I don’t see it on the App Store here in Canada. (Not that I have an iOS device to play it on anyway, but it might be worth noting anyway.)

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I don’t think iOS owners would buy something for $50, especially something hey don’t know. Should’ve made a part cheap or free to reel them in. Unfortunately I don’t own a device with an iOS…

  • Callonia

    iOS? Not getting it becasuse it means i’ll have to get an iapple product.

  • Dylan

    Wait is it already out or does it come out tomorrow?

  • nano_desu

    iOS Shiny Festa OVAs are in 960×540 resolution. I wonder if there is hope for Vita-only enhanced port of iOS version at least. Probably not.

  • samsneeze

    Hilarious because look at there “vision”

  • wererat42

    Disappointing news for anyone wanting to get into the [email protected] franchise who doesn’t have the necessary language skills to play an import. I have an Android phone, so I guess I won’t be getting this.

  • brian

    Hey maybe this is for casual —- wait wait, $50, holy damn they’re crazy.

  • Reki Honoo

    I was happy to see it having an english version, but said no when it’s for ios. I’m not hating on the ios, I just rather it be on the psn store, where I can see the whole screen when I play it. How hard would it have been to translate it for the psn namco?

    Oh well. Here’s to hoping it comes to the american psn store when no one notices.

  • Benny Tormoes


  • Benny Tormoes

    This is the worst thing i have ever seen in my life. the most expensive psp game i ever bought was $10 less than what these greedy ***** are charging for one of these…

  • Testsubject909



    *looks over at the “Catch us on Twitter!” part of Siliconera” Oh hey… *google translates*

    So… Siliconera is now a source of reactions for Japan. How nice…

    Back on track though….

    Wooooooow…. It’s like they’re taunting the fans… Glad I’m not one of the fans, but I was curious about the gameplay.

    iOS only and at that price… Since I don’t own an apple product nor care for their overpriced underwhelming trinkets/gadgets/macs and have a tight budget… Any chance the game might have had of me purchasing it or trying it out just fell down to zero.

    Ah well…

    • Göran Isacson

      I am now pretty darn curious as to what the Japanese reporters and commenters have to say about OUR comments… but that might be diving too deep into this.

      • The Japanese imas fans I follow on Twitter already downloaded the games, but there was one dude who mentioned about it not being available on Android. And Wii U…
        There was another fan who was amused that the there were subtitles, too.

        • Göran Isacson

          Oho? When you say “subtitles”, does that mean lyric subtitles so you can sing along karaoke style, or some other kind of subtitle?

          • The subs in the anime clips. I haven’t purchased the game myself, yet, but apparently Japan has access to the subs, too.

  • PinkKat

    I dont mind the price, but playing on that elongated tinyass screen?! joking right… for that price I want my dedicated controls, and to see it on something bigger. ie, Vitas Oled even with upscaling and fuzzys.

    Heck, if they released it on android even maybe I would reconsider. People with phones like the Note, S4 and Larger screens would have a MUCH more enjoyable time with the game then on iphones gimmicky tiny screen.

    Anyone who has moved onto 5inch+ displays and gone back to an iphone, or any phone with that screen size will understand were Im coming from. Its just so damned tiny, (like why nintendo released an XL even because OG 3DS screen size feels lethargic)

    When your going digital there is NO EXCUSE. We have seen a ton of Niche games go SEN Only with great success. Let gameplay justify price, though.

  • DenjinJ

    So this must mean that it comes with all the content – no DLC? And it’s better than the best 3-5 iOS games? And it’ll always work on iOS no matter what Apple does – if compatibility ever breaks on any platform or OS version, they’ll fix it right away?
    No? Then they’re absolutely insane. That’s ridiculous.

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