Class Of Heroes 2 UMD And Digital Code Edition Pre-Order Open, 40% Already Sold

By Spencer . April 30, 2013 . 1:10am

imageGaijinworks and MonkeyPaw will release Class of Heroes 2 on UMD, but  only in limited quantities. The Class of Heroes  2 physical + digital edition costs $36.99 shipping included in the US. Purchasers will get codes their code Class of Heroes 2 via e-mail when the game is available on PlayStation Network. Fulfillment is expected to take between four to eight weeks.


"We’ve already sold 40% of the 2700 [Class of Heroes 2 Physical + Digital] units fans indicated they wanted in the poll," Gaijinworks CEO Vic Ireland tweeted. Ireland elaborated on the cost, "The physical+digital deal is fanservice. As long as we break even on the offering or make a little, we want to do it 4 all games."


Class of Heroes 2 is still in QA due to rights issues with the new animated movie. Ireland thinks the game may be ready by the third week in May.

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  • Did my pre-order. Accidentally did the normal version instead of the Kickstarter version, but ah well, whatever.

    I hope these guys manage to sell through their stock at least, and more. I always feel a bit sorry for them that their kickstarter fell through.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I really think they should’ve aimed a lot lower with their Kickstarter. If they were pushing a game that was a lot less niche, I think they might’ve been able to do it, but the original Class of Heroes mostly has negative opinions and it’s on PSP. Combined with its genre, I think that hurt it in the long run.

  • pimpalicious

    I’m glad this is happening for those who want it. I was all over the WD treatment the game would have received if the Kickstarter was successful but I’m not really interested in a standard UMD release. I’ll be playing it on Vita so I’ll just buy it on PSN.

    • I bought it because I am a collector and it is what I am hoping Vic gets back to doing in future games. Have to show him there is a market for those Working Designs style collector editions in order to get them.

      • pimpalicious

        That’s true I might still buy it for the heck of it and keep it sealed.

  • Rollersnake

    Oh hell, despite all the bitching I did before about Victor Ireland’s questionable business decisions and porting this instead of the PS3 version, I just ordered a copy. This is a game I’ll probably really like, and I know I’d regret passing up this opportunity should this become a collector’s item.

    • pimpalicious

      I forgot there’s a PS3 version. I wonder what the chances are we could see that is if this does well enough for them.

      • Merrick

        On the Gaijinworks forums, Vic was asked about it and he said that he was cautiously optimistic about it. The third game also has a PS3 remake.

  • SirRichard

    I’m down for a Kickstarter edition. as much as it seems like they’re throwing way too much behind this series, I’m always glad for a new dungeon crawler and if nothing else, Gaijinworks have a lot of passion for what they do.

  • TheExile285

    They should localize Demon Gaze next.

    Maybe Mind=0 after that depending on how it turns out.

    • Aristides

      Head to the Gaijin forums and talk about it, there are a bunch of games that are falling under “the realm of possibility” according to Gaijinworks

  • TheExile285

    A (non-Atlus or XSEED) company that still cares about servicing the fans? I may buy on PSN out of pure respect.

    • Aristides

      no love for Aksys? (or perhaps NISA to some extent?) But yeah Gaijinworks is awesome :P

      • Ladius

        I would say NISA deserves to be loved as much as the others, aside from their own lineup and the quality of their work they’ve been a boon to European Atlus fans thanks to their partnership.

        • TheExile285

          Didn’t mention NISA cause I haven’t really bought anything from them. I will buy D3:AoD at some point and if they localize one of non-Idol HD Neptinua Vita games, I’ll buy that.

      • TheExile285

        your right, my mistake in forgetting Aksys because they bring us BlazBlue (currently my favorite fighter) and they are bringing Muramasa over along with other stuff.

  • Raharu95

    I am honestly thinking of buying the UMD Version even thought i have no way to play it. i would get the Digital Version anyways and would be helping. The niche can never have too much support.

    • Aristides

      I can’t play it either but since it’s physical +digital I can play the digital version on my Vita and get to keep all the collectors edition goodies :P

      • Testsubject909

        I lost my Vita 2 days ago, so the Digital Code will actually have to stay on the backburner (actually I’ll take it with the PS3 since if I don’t redeem it for a year or so I have no idea if the code will still be valid).

        So the physical format will actually be of use since we still have a PSP lying around in the house.

        • Aristides

          Real bummer about your Vita :( I would die if mine got lost or stolen. Good luck finding it, and hope you get to enjoy CH2 and stuff.

        • Raharu95

          Darn, good luck finding your Vita man :(

  • Warboss Aohd

    will buy a digital copy, out o’ support o’ Mr. Ireland.

  • Scott W

    i bought this cause i know it will be a collectors piece, plus anything to help get more niche RPGs over here will be great!!!!

    • revenent hell

      Same here. I have no interest in this game really even though I adore Dungeon Crawlers, This one just doesn’t appeal to me for some reasons…who knows though maybe I will get pleasantly surprised.

  • Ladius

    I did my part and preordered the copies I promised to buy in the survey, I hope this is a success for them and they can continue localizing new games in the future :)

  • I checked my bank and they took out the money already. Anyone know if its just an authorization charge to check if I have the money?

    • They take the actual money if I read the forum on Gaijin right. This isn’t a pre-order. They can’t have people preorder now, and cancel a week before shipment since they aren’t making the physical ones for much as for fan service, so you effectively bought the product and just have a bit of a long shipment time.

  • PersonaSpace

    What improvements are there over the first Class of Heroes? I like a good Wizardy-ish dungeon crawl as much as the next guy, but CoH just felt dated and lacking.

    • Not sure myself, but Vic and other folks on other forums say it is a much better game. I bought part 1 through gamestop so I can play through it before part 2 sometime this summer.

  • Kawashima

    I thought the first CoH was alright, will buy a digital version of this one.

  • Probably buying just to own what has to be the rarest western release of a PSP game.

  • hehHxC

    if only i have a million$ i will donate this to xseed atlus nisa aksys so they can localized our favorite jrpgs.

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