Falcom Shares More Screenshots From The Next Legend Of Heroes Game

By Spencer . May 1, 2013 . 2:14am


Gaius Worzel (age 17) is one of the playable characters in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. He comes from a ranch and is the eldest sibling. When he isn’t caring for sheep or horses, Gaius spends his time studying on Sundays. Gaius enters the Thors Military Academy after a "certain" character (a hint that it’s from another Trails game) recommends he do so. Gaius is a playable character who fights using a spear.


image image


gaius trails12


Claire (age 24) is part of the Train Military Police  of the Iron Breed and is held in high esteem since she works directly under Girias Osborn. She has a proper look and is known to be an excellent strategist. Clair also has the nickname "Ice Maiden."


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Gaius lives in the Nord Plateau, rugged land that nomads call home. The Nords use Geru, portable homes that they relocate each season.

trails13 trails14


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is slated for release on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 later this year.

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  • Oh, how I wish we could get this game in english…

    • Victor Wesker

      I wish too.

      • Raze

        Wishing don’t change anything…
        Why don’t just start learning Japanese?

        • Victor Wesker

          I only ask translate text but not voices.

          • Mithfalath

            Yes but that’s the bulk of the game!

        • Prithivi

          Good point, I think it is faster learning Japanese than waiting for an unlikely western release…

          • Maxwell3000

            So sad but definitely true. Even if the Localized version did come out I would buy certain games twice to make sure XSEED would get my support.

        • I really want to. I just don’t know where to start and if I can find the time to study.
          If I could just get a bit more grasp on the basic I could probably start learning myself. Well aside from the stuff I’ve picked up from anime. So if you have any tips for learning on the internet I’d love if you pointed me in that way.

        • Maxwell3000

          Well said. To be honest Games like ToV (PS3) and Legend of Heroes has just kick started my learning to read in Japanese. I’ve been practicing my Hiragana/Katana like crazy while reading about new Kanji everyday.

          Now that I’ve made some progress I can’t believe I didn’t try this before. I just put in two hours a day.

          Question: Are you able to read Kanji/Hiragana? Maybe I can get pointers from you if so.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Yeah its pretty annoying that 95% of the comments are everyone crying about localization. Not saying everyone should learn japanese, but take things into your own hands if you can.

          • Yeah, I’d love to take matters into my own hands. If I knew where to start. There are no classes for Japanese where I live, and I haven’t found anything good on the net. So any kinds of tips or a point in the right direction is kindly appriciated.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            I self studied on my own but this guide is good for a beginner. http://tinyurl.com/c5zcnxh

          • Thank you. I appriciate this very much.

        • ’cause I like english voice acting. learning JPNese wouldn’t help people like me.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Never Give up!
      They said Fate/Extra would never get translated…
      But they did!
      They said Muramasa Vita would never get translated…
      But they did!
      let have hope…

      • Kioku


        • doubleO7

          I’ll supply the rope and getaway vehicle if you provide the smoke grenades…
          Er, I mean… we should all send them polite, nicely written fan mail. Yeah, thats what I meant.

        • At this point, xseed should just open a petition site wherein users submit titles they would like to have published.

          • They do, well not really e petition site. They have a forum, and on their forum there’s a section JUST for posting games you’d like to see them Localize. They are actually monitored and the staff usually does reply to reasons why they can, or reasons why they can’t.

          • good on them, that shows they actually care

      • megacool

        What the hell happened to Trail in the sky SC translation for NA XSEED

        • agreed

        • Tatsuya1221

          According to their forums, wyrdwad said it’s still being worked on, but it’s on the back burner, my hope is that the reason is the same for Ys chronicles on steam, they are working on upgrading the pc version of FC for a steam release (for whatever reason, i feel the games would do better on steam than on psp), and they still intend to release SC and hopefully the third in some form, zero and ao havee the benifit of being able to run on vita, so there is that, but then again i’m also somewhat of a dreamer ;_;.

    • katzedan

      really wish too, but since Xseed didn’t said anything about releasing the Trails in the Sky Hd for ps3 or the second/third chapters, I don’t believe they will release this :(

      • raymk

        Maybe they are waiting on people to ask them for games. Remember they are a company and they do have to release games. The only HD game that people really want is zero anyway which came out not long ago.

        • DesmaX

          … Why? It’s because of the main battle theme?

          I don’t see any reason people would want to play Zero/Ao and not SnK

  • Tenshiken

    I seriously hope someone will be generous enough to post a walk through for this game. At least then I could play though the game.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Do you have to play the other Kiseki games to understand this one? I don’t feel like playing SnK trilogy but I am interested in Ao, Zero and this.

    • Kioku

      I’m afraid yes. Someone told me jumping straight to this game is not a good thing because Kiseki series is a continuous narrative game series. It’s not like Final Fantasy or the Tales series of which they are individual games.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Bummer. Maybe I’ll just play them backwards.

    • Shizumasa

      Only Sora no Kiseki I guess. This game is about the Erebonian Empire Invasion. This war was mentioned in Sora no Kiseki. This will be the prequel to the Sora no Kiseki series.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    It’s funny how Gaius looks like he should be older than Claire.

  • Prithivi

    I love the colourful graphics, they remind me of Grandia series… which I miss btw.

  • DesmaX

    I could swear that Claire was actually Tio Plato. Oh well…

  • SpecDotSign

    The game looks cool, but I just can’t get over everyone’s moe face. They should have addressed that…

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Can you pick you own party? The one thing I didn’t like about Sky was being stuck with certain characters.

    • raymk

      From the looks of it you can.

    • MrTyrant

      You could in the previous game except that the main character was fixed. Of course in the last part.

  • MrTyrant

    Now, Claire looks cool. I prefer those uniform instead of the high schooler ones. Gaius looks older than 17 lol

  • Is there a chance to see this localized? I’ve only played Trails in the Sky for the PSP T___T

  • PS3 is in need of more RPGs compared to how big PS2 was with RPGs. I hope this comes over I’d buy it. I bet people’ll hate it’s graphics though just like with Star Ocean’s 3rd game. Even more for with PS4 coming this year. But I still say it should come because I only played one LoH game on PSP and I’ve wanted more just as bad as Versus 13 and Type-0.

  • wererat42

    How many playable characters are actually in this game? It seems like every new article reveals two or more. Didn’t Zero no Kiseki only have four?

  • Alex


  • Wow!

  • good
    and i want a new Ys to top that

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