How Liberation Maiden: Sin Ended Up Being A Visual Novel

By Sato . May 2, 2013 . 9:30pm

Mages/5pb are going to publish the next Liberation Maiden game, which isn’t going to be shooter, but a visual novel title on the PlayStation 3 called Liberation Maiden Sin. recently talked with three key personnel, who are in charge of the upcoming game.


The trio of CEO interviewees are Level-5’s, Akihiro Hino, who is the executive producer of Liberation Maiden; Grasshopper CEO Goichi Suda, who originally contributed to Guild01 with Liberation Maiden and will be contributing with some of the scenarios of Liberation Maiden Sin; and Mages CEO Chiyomaru Shikura, the multi-talented creator who is in charge of planning and composing.


You may wonder how these three CEOs teamed up to work on Liberation Maiden Sin. In Shikura’s case, he was called upon by Hino, during an event known as “GAME Fun in FUKUOKA”. Hino stated that he has always wanted to get to know Shikura, especially after seeing him win the “Best Dressed” award during the Famitsu Awards. Meanwhile, Suda and Shikura go back to their days working together for Human Entertainment, known for producing numerous titles for various platforms in the ‘80s and ‘90s.


When asked for his reason of recruiting Suda for Guild01, Hino replied by saying he always saw Suda as someone who is doing well in the gaming industry, and that you can never have enough people like him. He also believes Suda leads the pack of such people and trusted that he could come up with something interesting.


Shikura stated that if it were him, he would have probably gone with a visual novel title for Guild01. Famitsu asked: “If there were to be another Guild series game, would Shikura be seeing an offer?” to which Hino responded with, “Well, most definitely”.


In a rather humorous turn of events, Famitsu then asked: “Regarding Liberation Maiden, what do you feel was the most charming aspect of the game?”l_5171429b34b61


Hino: “Definitely the main character girl’s behind.”


As the conversation carries on, Shikura says that he thought that the amount of work put into Liberation Maiden’s ridiculous setting was the game’s charm. He shared: “When I tried it for myself, I was curious to see how serious the detailed setting was and even asked Suda about it, to which he replied by saying, ‘We actually have plenty of written text for the setting’. I think it’s a title that is full of depth and charm.”


On a more serious note, Famitsu asked Hino about his thoughts on Liberation Maiden being followed-up as a visual novel game. Hino says that he discussed the matter with Shikura, who he describes as a pro at making visual novels, and that this was what convinced him to go ahead with the project.


Suda responded: “It was actually Hino who told me that it’d be interesting to have a full release out of a Guild title, and I thought that Liberation Maiden had the right tools and ability to spread itself onto another platform. When Shikura told me that he had fun playing Liberation Maiden, I asked him if he wanted to do it, and he agreed. At that point, it was a series of ‘Really? Yes really. You really want to do it? Yes, I really want to do it,” for a good while. Before we knew it, we’ve decided to make it into a visual novel game.”


As far as their roles go for Liberation Maiden Sin, Hino won’t be doing much as far as development goes, but he will be helping out in the promotional department, as he sees it as a title that originally came from his Guild series and would like to see it succeed as its own title.


Suda will be in charge of some of the scenarios, but he will also be supervising the written works of other staff members. Shikura will also be in charge of supervising written works while making sure that it stays true to the form of a visual novel title, as he believes the story flow and player perspective is what sets them apart from novels and anime.


The story of Liberation Maiden Sin will take place shortly after the events of Liberation Maiden. Shikura believes that the previous title’s ending had an exquisite ending that made him want more. However, he also mentions that one should consider Liberation Maiden as a prologue for what’s to come, rather than a prequel or a Chapter 0 for the Chapter 1 that’s about to start.


The theme of the game will be the word “liberation,” which will also be related to the “Sin” part of the name. They didn’t go too much into details regarding that, but they talked about the three meanings of sin. In Japanese it can be read as “Shin” which can be interpreted as truth or heart. With the English word included, sin, truth and heart will be the key words of Liberation Maiden Sin.


Liberation Maiden Sin is planned to be released this year for PlayStation 3.


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  • Crazy_O

    Sounds interesting, I really want to play a visual novel where suda has his hands on it but sadly I doubt this will ever be released in english.

    • brian

      Level 5 has an international office and the first game seemed to do well.

      • doubleO7

        Yes, but the first game wasn’t a visual novel. It was a shooter of sorts, which is a much easier sell in the US and UK markets.

        • Add to the fact that it had not so much dialogue and walls of text – two things that a VN is not lacking of.

    • Suda’s involvement is minimal. It sounds like 5pb are doing the majority of the work.

      • I dunno. Being in charge of the scenarios and writing some himself is a pretty big task on a visual novel…where writing is arguably the most important task. He’s pretty much lead designer on this project, by the sounds of things.

        • “Some” of the scenarios. Shikura is the one spearheading this project.

  • brian

    I think “shin” can also be interpreted as “new” like in SHIN Megami Tensei.

    • Zarx

      The kanji for Shin in SMT also means true, though you’re correct, depending on how it’s written it can be interpreted as new.

  • revenent hell

    Even though I don’t care for shooters the story and art of this game made me always think it would make a really good visual novel so I’m not surprised they did this at all… Plus the ending of the game was to open ended so I figured something was going to come after it in some form.
    To many people detest games that end that way, people like closure when they finish a game so normally when an ending like that pops up I kind of just assume its leading to a part 2 down the road.

  • Fromabove

    I downloaded the game as soon as I found out the story was about the Japan’s president fighting in a mecha. Just too crazy to ignore. I hope the visual novel is decent and not just a lot of excuses to show the protagonist in suggestive poses :/

  • puchinri

    Shame on you Hino, that was a poor joke. (Assuming it was a joke, lol.)

    Why a VN though? It seems out of left field for them to consider a title for a full release and then go with something completely opposite gameplay style (or lack of gameplay, in this case).

    I wondered about the Shin part though, and interesting to see that they had counted that in the Sin part of the name. I’ll be picking up LM tomorrow and I’m curious to follow the story, but I certainly hope this won’t be the only sequel (didn’t seem to be the implication though either).

    • DyLaN

      Maybe its to flesh the story/background better? (Wordswordswords)


        More like the back story. :P

    • Probably because they feel like it’s an easy way to merchandise the game to otaku. It’s an easy crowd to please, and dev costs will remain low, since this is a visual novel.

      • puchinri

        Yeahhh. I mean, I know it is why in the end, but for them to be like, “lets make a full version!” and then make it a VN instead of. . . anything shooter (or action even) just seems so counter-productive. ;u;

  • “Regarding Liberation Maiden, what do you feel was the most charming aspect of the game?”

    Hino: “Definitely the main character girl’s behind.”

    …I know the in-game cutscenes focused on Shoko’s bum a couple of times, and the official artwork also has her in a T&A pose, but come on.

    • Having a good sense of humor helps you through life

      • What, I’m just supposed to laugh it off without any indication that that was a joke?

        And no, I prefer not to have a “sense of humor” that involves statements that aren’t appropriate in terms of manners – and, in this case, not appropriate in front of women.

        • miju

          Yo I’m female and I find it hilarious. Besides, her behind IS pretty nice eye candy so there’s some truth to it.


          It was a joke. I don’t know how much work producers put into the development of games, but I don’t think you can sum up the interesting parts into just T&A.

          Don’t forget, theses guys are playing PR and it was probably a wink at their target audience who are into this kind of humor.

          • I’m not summing up the game as T&A; I played the game to the end and I know how well its mechanics work. I just find it a waste when the question about what the developers feel to be the core appeal of the game gets a wink-wink-nudge-nudge male in-joke for an answer.

          • Implying women can’t laugh at that as well.
            It was a joke just let it go it’s not a big deal.

          • I’m not talking about whether women can laugh at that or not. Good question, empty answer – that’s all I’m saying.


            You misunderstand – I’m talking about the producer. I know you would like an inspiring detailed explanation about what he really finds interesting about the game, but they might have been on short time.

          • malek86

            Mmh. We can’t know how much work the producers put into this game, but its target audience is most likely interested in other things.

            That’s a bit sad, when you think about it.

      • puchinri

        Well, there’s a good sense of humor, and there’s mildly tasteless or at least something done at the expense of another.

      • malek86

        The number of devs who are taking that direction in a bold way, seems to be increasing lately (remember the Senran Kagura producer’s “happy boobs”?).

        • Honestly, it was funny at first, but Takaki’s been more creepy than funny of late.

          • malek86

            Well, the game sold quite a bit, so I guess he has a point. What’s he working on now?

          • Probably Kagura 2 or Shinovi Versus 2.

  • Chiupon

    should’ve been named “how liberation maiden sin ended up being a watered down version of a promising franchise because we needed money”.
    liberation maiden was kind of cool too

    • Lol because they turned it into a visual novel it’s watered down?

      • The point of the game was that it was a fun shooter set in an interesting world with lots of anime-esque action. The point of the new game is that you’re some dude surrounded by a harem of female cabinet ministers. I think that says enough.

        • I think not actually seeing the game and judging it says alot especially when the premise of the game wasn’t even stated beyond it being a sequel and taking after the events of the first game.

          • “[…] when the premise of the game wasn’t even stated beyond it being a sequel and taking after the events of the first game.”

            Famitsu revealed more than just being a continuation:

            “The main character in Sin goes by the name of Kiyoto Kaido. He recently began his new post as Chairman’s aide to President Shoko Ozora, who was the star of the original Liberation Maiden. He has the special ability to read other people’s thoughts, which will come in handy for the young President.

            Famitsu also say that several new female characters will be appearing as cabinet ministers.”

          • alixraen

            Still doesn’t make it alright to write it off as just a simple watered down sequel. If it isn’t someone’s cup of tea, whatever, but let’s not compare apples to oranges.

          • Oh, no disagreements there.

          • So where’s the part about him dating them or it being a harem?

          • Chiupon

            it’s japanese. it’s a visual novel. and he’s surrounded by busty subservient women. if it’s not spelled out enough for you…

          • Then do tell what the purpose of putting a guy into an all-female cast in a visual novel is. You don’t play a lot of visual novels, do you?

          • Yes yes i do which is exactly why there actually needs to be the point of the plot. There wasn’t any mention of that. Little busters has a large amount of females but that is defiantly not a harem.

  • DyLaN

    Now I’m curious which heroine route is written by Suda (if there one).

    As long as the story is good/entertaining, I wouldn’t mind even if its a VN. I’m just afraid tht it won’t be localized…..

  • Aoshi00

    Hino said it! A gentleman could still appreciate the beauty of perfectly shaped buns right :) Hate to admit it, Shikura is always dressed like a total pimp/chick magnet, he’s got some style.. like the songs he composed too..

    Hope this VN would be good.. still need to play the new Steins;Gate game, heard it’s only so-so.. they’re milking it way too much, just let it rest after the movie..

  • I dont know why, but those 3 together look like some kind of Boygroup.

  • Taedirk

    I wish I could play this. I loved the intro cutscene and worldbuilding that went in to Liberation Maiden and would really like to see how it fleshes out.

  • Ladius

    To be completely honest, I’m happy about this development. Liberation Maiden was ok as a budget title, but it was extremely limited in scope and in the end it became fairly repetitive despite how short it was. When I completed it I was far more interested to know more about its setting and characters than to play some more stages in the same vein.

    If they had the budget to make a full fledged sequel or remake I would be pretty hyped for it, but if they can’t I would gladly take a visual novel to flesh out the setting (not that I’m hoping to see it translated, I’m not that mad :P).

    • “Liberation Maiden was ok as a budget title, but it was extremely limited in scope and in the end it became fairly repetitive despite how short it was. When I completed it I was far more interested to know more about its setting and characters than to play some more stages in the same vein.”

      I finally got my hands on the game last weekend and I felt the same way. I was more interested in the world and characters than the game, which was a mediocre shooter. I have hope for this as long as they continue the world building.

    • malek86

      If you were more interested in the characters and story because the gameplay was boring, then you should be hoping for a sequel that improves the gameplay, not one that does almost entirely away with it :P

      • Ladius

        As I said, I would be all for it if there was a chance to have a sequel with a decent budget, but considering the best they can do is creating a visual novel it’s pretty obvious there wasn’t a chance to see a full fledged Liberation Maiden game in the shmup or action genres.

        That said, this visual novel could create a new fanbase for LM, which in turn could spearhead a “real” sequel for LM if Suda can justify investing into it.

  • Ni

    I don’r know…my hype for this “sequel” get killed the moment they said they are turning the game in a VN (and many other reasons) which pretty much kill the localization chances. I’m wating more for Phosphorescent Lantse (ctrl+v…)

  • I was already interested in this, but if 5pb is doing most of the VN work, then I’m even more intrigued.

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