Ciel No Surge’s Next DLC Scenario Takes You To A New Floating City

By Sato . May 3, 2013 . 4:45pm


We previously reported that Atelier developers, Gust, announced free DLC for their Vita game, Ciel No Surge, which features a talk pack that allows you to take Ion out on a date at a church. In addition to this pack, Gust have also recently announced another piece of new DLC, featuring a brand new scenario for the game.


In the upcoming DLC, called Sky Pack Vol. 6, Ion and the others who were restrained by PLASMA are rescued by a group of men who call themselves “Quantize”. They are taken to a “Coron” (giant floating cities) that is said to have all the seasons of the year, called Coron Four Season. Upon arrival, the perplexed Ion and friends meet the head of Quantize, by the name of Hyumeri, and learn that Quantize are an organization that take action in hopes of returning their world back its normal form.


During their stay at the Coron Four Season, Ion’s friend Cas unexpectedly meets up with an old friend, named Sally, who she knew during her earlier days at the Coron. Sally has actually been chasing Ion ever since the ceremony of the Imperial Throne succession, and makes a shocking discovery upon their fated encounter. To top it off, the crew meet Jill, an instructor at Sally’s Imperial Academy. This meeting will not only involve Ion into the start of a whole new dilemma, but also her friends Nei and Turbo.



Ciel No Surge’s Sky Pack Vol. 6 will is out this month for 500 yen. Gust have also announced a new costume and accessory DLC, which have yet to be revealed and will also be coming out this month.


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  • aquagon

    Just a few corrections:

    It should be “World Pack”, as all the chapters in the game are called Sekai Pack in Japanese, and this one isn’t an exception, as it can be seen on the official site and the YouTube video linked in this article.

    “Coron” should be “Colon”, as in “Colony”, since these are floating spheres with a gravitational field that allow people to live over them, making them into artificial planetoids of sorts, or at least some of them are. Others have other shapes.

    “Hyumeri” should be “Hymeli”, as that’s how the word with that pronunciation is written in one of the game’s languages: REON-4213, which can be seen in the songs QuelI -> {ein te hyme}; and Neptlude(Class::NEPTLUDE=>extends.TX_CLUSTERS/.)

    “Turbo” is actually “Tabou”, as shown by the way it’s written in Keihansoukaishi/Emotional Song Pact (ta-bou), which is the language used in most of the songs in the game.

    Finally, “Nei” is actually “Nay”, as shown in the booklet included in the Ciel Nosurge Genometric Concert Vol.1.

    • Sai

      Based aquagon

    • Hola~ :D

      I never expected Tabou to get so far in the story x-x, worst part is that in last chapter he:

      1)did a big role (without remembering, i think Reon (i always take it as Leon, dunno how it would be romanized) is to blame…

      2) he discovered something important about something he got from the blondie kid that appears in first chapter that i forgot his name xD.

      And now that the chapters are called the fall, well, it pretty much is the fall, you are starting to learn the truth about the competition between the two social groups, Ion has the group that backed up her against her… I wonder what will happen to Kanon now too

      Btw, did you see the news of this chapter in famitsu? They show a girl that looks like neriko san :O

      • aquagon

        No, I haven’t seen them yet, as I haven’t checked their site since some time ago and obviously I don’t have access to the magazine, but still, thanks for the heads up.
        And it should be Reon, given all the things named after him that are written in Latin characters (REON-OS, the mentions to it in Neptlude’s lyrics, and the REON-4213 language itself).
        And yeah, as pretty much no one outside Japan knows that so far the story is divided into two arcs: the first four chapters comprising the “Trials Arc”, while the fifth chapter began the current “Collapse Arc”, and who knows how much it’ll last before the next (hypothetical) arc begins.
        As for the blond kid, do you mean Plum? And the item Tabou got from him is a CielnoTron, by any chance?

        • Yup, that is excatly what i meant xD, the ciel no tron is what i was talking about, he seems to have figured something about it, saying “plum was really something!” and whatnot.

          After that he got possessed by Reon and that’s it lol, we never saw what he figured out.

          And when i said famitsu, i meant the webpage xD, i’ll send you a link later in twitter, i have to find it again first

          • aquagon

            Ok, saw it, and Jill really looks too much like Neriko to be a mere coincidence…

  • Göran Isacson

    I see floating city and a girl with magical powers, and now I can’t stop imagining this game as the moe version of Bioshock Infinite. I am so sorry, everone.

    • aquagon

      It’s spiritual predecessor, Ar tonelico, was pretty much like that too, between the Reyvateils (the singers that could invoke magic through their songs) and the fact that the planet lost its surface during over 700 years, leaving the people confined to living in enormous towers and floating landmasses.

  • “Cries because no word of localization”

  • shuyai

    maybe it might be conceivable that hopefully there are perhaps a chance that perchance it is possible that they will release the game as complete pack with all DLC inside?

    • They already re-released the game again with the first 4 chapters included

      • shuyai

        i mean all chapter in one game in english

        • aquagon

          Possibly once all the chapters have been released, but it’s not certain that it’ll happen. Additionally, it seems like we still have a lot of ground to cover in the storyline before reaching that point.

  • Prinny Dood

    I wants it precious

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