Grenade Shooting Armor Added Into MMORPG Elsword

By Spencer . May 6, 2013 . 4:53pm

Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_07Elsword is celebrating it’s second year anniversary with a new class. The Shelling Guardian has the longest range out of any current class and uses grenades in battle. You can also call in airstrikes and use Dread Chase to fire homing missiles. That hardly seems fair for the game’s PvP arena.


Chung finds his father’s schematics to improve the Destroyer Cannon and Guardian Stone armor after he frees his homeland from Shadow Demons. Since the design is incomplete Chung sets out to finish his father’s design and get a really powerful weapon.


Elsword’s second anniversary festival is running and if you log on before May 7th you can get an Aisha commemorative coin.


Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_05 Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_06  Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_01 Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_02 Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_03 Elsword_ShellingGuardian_20130501_04

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  • Lucian Kara

    I love how every time they add a new class upgrade, everyone makes a character for that class. For two weeks all I’ve been seeing are Chungs. It’s Madness I Tell You!!

    • This will always happen in any MMO ever.

    • You haven’t played many MMO’s, have you? lol

      • Kaitsu

        It sounds like you haven’t played many MMO’s. That’s exactly the case. Especially games that are dungeon based.

        • lol Was that seriously a reply to me or are you just trying to circlejerk here?

      • Lucian Kara

        Nope! I mostly play Rusty Hearts or Elsword after breaking out of my four year WoW coma. =P

  • Bobby Jennings

    What?! You guys review Elsword! This is like….my favorite game! I’ve clocked hours and hours into it!

    • What review?

      • Bobby Jennings

        Well I actually just meant that they actually post news of it here.

  • Just Tim

    As long as this class plays like Cable, I’ll go for it!

  • Draparde

    i can’t wait for the 2nd jobs for these 3rd branches….and Ara…

    • Ferrick

      lol when Ara is out, i will stay the F out of pvp… unless if i get better with veteran commander =D

      • Draparde

        lol, XD. im not much for PVP myself so I wouldn’t know much that. i am interested in what Ara’s other branches will be though.

        • Ferrick

          probably something that will kill the balance of the game even more XD, and pretty much most of the 3rd classes are balance breaking already XD (with the exception of raven’s reckless fist who has been overpowered in pvp and pve from day 1) XD, pvp will be hell

          also this

          • Luna Kazemaru

            season 2 of els has been broken as a whole but the game isnt as bad as others when it comes to it.

          • Ferrick

            yeah season 2 was the start of pvp hell… but compared to grand chase, its not as bad (in grand chase, people spammed throws like no tomorrow)

          • Draparde

            Ugh, i hated throws in Grand chase. especially when i would think i’d be safe and end up getting grabbed anyway.

          • Draparde

            Lmao, I do enjoy seeing the crazy things people do like that in pvp, or in general.

  • fyi1191

    Hey, it’s the trap!
    Finally, he’s available.

  • Anonymous

    I guess i can see why people are excited for this, I played KR and have TT, If we got free job changes like with KR i might have changed my characters

  • Bobby Jennings

    I’m kinda big on pvp(I use Blademaster) and it’s safe to say that the latest class is pretty easy to beat….in 1v1. in 2v2 its a little more of a challenge if you’re not going for him most of the time, because he’s mainly a support class.

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