Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Has DOA5+ Content, Coming This Fall

By Spencer . May 7, 2013 . 11:53pm

imageA few more details about Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate slipped online. The upgraded version adds Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series as a playable character and a new ninja themed stage called Sky City Tokyo.


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate also includes content that was added to the PlayStation Vita port, Dead or Alive 5 Plus. Dead or Alive 5 Plus has more detailed information about the moves, music customization options, and a touch fight mode.


Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is slated for release this fall on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Interesting… although I’m more interested in what makes this so different from vanilla DOA5. I wonder if it’s just going to be balance changes… hopefully not.
    Since it has stuff from DOA5+… it looks like I’m going to need to buy a touch screen TV…

  • XypherCode

    I just hope it supports cross-buy… :|

    • Zonic505

      Agreed. One of the reasons I held off on DoA5+ was because I wanted to get a physical bundle of the Vita & PS3 versions. There’s a digital bundle, which might please some people, but I’d rather have physical.

  • Dice987

    nice will buy

  • This is exactly the formula I hate with fighting games. I don’t want an extra edition one year later. This content will likely not be added to the regular one that your fans already supported you early with, why rub that in our faces?

    I’d like to say I won’t buy it, but as I got the PS3 version for free on PS+ I CAN justify it. So as a huge DoA fan I probably will.

    Now hurry up and announce DoAX3 and a remake of DoA: Dimensions for PSN and XBLA… :p

    • Shariest

      I agree wholeheartedly!
      Having a version “X” that goes inferior this fast is just nonsense and money snatching!

    • Sekai-jin

      Yeah. Put the extra item/character in DLC, even if it is not free (but not too expensive) so the owner of the earlier version can play the character and do not have to pay $60 again just to try the new stuff.

      So they not feel left out even though its them that support the game first, and this group of buyer is why the game is hits the intended sales, that warrant the extra edition in the first place.

      Don’t ditch people that have given the franchise their support earlier.

  • Zhizn Snake

    I felt certain that this release would at least be bringing the consoles up to par with the Vita release, but I didn’t think it’d go as far as to bring in the touch fight mode too… o.O I wonder how that’s gonna be done. It will probably just be the first person view that works.

    But even if they just make it up to par with the vita version (couldn’t that have been done through an update for regular DOA5?) and adding a new stage and momiji, it’s not enough to make the purchase feel worthwhile (though I’m still gonna buy it :/ lol).

    The only bright side of only doing this much for “Ultimate” is that all they would need to do is make Momiji and the stage into DLC for the vita release and then all releases would be equal. The problem with that is that then DOA5 Ultimate wouldn’t quite be “Ultimate” enough. I hope they use the time remaining before this fall to listen to fans again and add much more.

  • kenshee

    I’m hoping for the fans that they’ll include the additions as (cheap-ish) DLC for the older versions.

    For myself, I hope this includes everything, including all DLC. I really like collecting costumes and such in fighting games, since I don’t play them online, it’s the only thing keeping me interested after finishing the (usually abysmally short) story modes.

    So yeah, DLC made me wait before purchasing this game until this version came out. I hope they don’t just add some stuff but still keep DLC as DLC, that would drive me insane :/

    • gamefreak86

      I have been tempted way too much by the costumes but decided to wait seeing as all the dlc would be equivalent to the full game. What would be ideal for me is all this dlc plus cross save/play with DoA vita at 40 bucks and ill buy. Or better yet all owners of said copy with registered online passes get to upgrade for 20. But that’s just wishful thinking. Either way ill wait it out completely now. :(

      • Matthew Baucom

        they can do it like ur dlc from the first game to be used on the 2nd ver

  • So Momiji costs 40€ even for current DoA5 onwers? Kinda hurts… DLC please!

  • Vesperion

    Hmmmm….. Hope they add Raidou and Omega

    *listens to Raidou’s Theme*

  • Ceci “Ruzuzu” Kiyomizu

    Know what would be cool? A Wii U version
    Just a thought.

    • No port begging, please. We really don’t like that sort of thing around here. Here’s our full set of posting guidelines. I’d really appreciate it if you could check them out:

      Thanks. :)

      • Ceci “Ruzuzu” Kiyomizu

        Not sure if that was begging but sure.

  • I would love really for that first person view to be included. You don’t need a touch screen to have fun with it

    Also LOL at people shocked at this. The game has $100+ worth of DLC, you’re whining about a re-release?

    • Has it been confirmed to contain all the other DLC? Because if it does then that’s actually more for people to be angry about as early adopters. I bought ALL the DLC for my Xbox version which I bought day one. And I’m slowly collecting them too on my PS3 version that I got from PS+.

      So if this new release then just hands it over to you then I’d properly shite a brick. After I chose to support one of my favourite gaming series any way I could I’d appreciate that they then don’t use my love for them against me.

  • TheExile285

    I really hope DoA5+ owners get some new stuff in as DLC. Normally this wouldn’t bother but it’s barely been 2 months since I bought the Vita game. I like it, but they could have waited….

  • Cephrien

    This needs an Aerosmith opening fighting montage or its not worth it.

  • TrannyMagic

    as an avid fan of the DOA series I’m actually hoping, not for more DOA characters… but VF characters :// I want the story mode to be worked on (even though I honestly liked it) and probably even bring theatre mode back with some endings….. than I’d probably say this warrants a purchase. Momiji + a new stage so far is not a sell for me even though I know they have more surprises, so far it’s just… meh.

    • Zhizn Snake

      I could never understand people asking for more VF characters in DOA5… 3 is already on the edge of too many guests from one game. Any more and it’s verging on crossover territory, especially with everyone hoping for a different VF character, which means they might as well make DOA vs VF instead, right? I’d rather hope for that than even more VF chars be added to a main DOA game…

  • stardusty

    I will buy it because I am a shameless Team Ninja whore.

  • Hec4Mets

    See this is why its becoming more certian now that its totally not worth buying fighting games when they intially release because in the end their will be a “complete or ultimate version” of said fighting game. This is why I will not buy a fighting game at launch anymore to be honest.

    • anthonygamer

      And that is why when you do buy the game, you will get destroyed over and over again by the people who bought the original game.

      Stay free.

    • Slayven19

      If people don’t buy the first there will be no second version. If everyone used your logic video gaming wouldn’t exist because companies would make no sales.

  • Teepo 64

    Not going to lie, I bought DOA5 because I love the Virtua Fighter series. I loved how Sarah and Pai looked in this game too.

    (Though, every time something like this happens, I love Namco Bandai even more. Go Soul Calibur and Tekken!)

  • Romangelo

    Ho Ly F….
    Capcom Style!!

  • WhyWai

    What? I was hoping more.

    Releasing a standalone with 1 new character and 1 new stage?

  • Brandon Beckman

    And I’m guessing that the “definitive” PlayStation Vita won’t get the new content either, will it?

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