First Glimpse Of Fairy Fencer F

By Spencer . May 8, 2013 . 11:20pm

Compile Heart opened a teaser site up for Fairy Fencer F, the first title under the Galapagos RPG line. The girl with blue hair is Tiara and the girl with red hair is Alyn. Fang, a male character, isn’t in this image.



Fairy Fencer F has Yoshitaka Amano as a concept designer, music from Nobuo Uematsu’s band Earthbound Papas, and characters designed by Neptunia & Date A Live artist Tsunako. The Neptunia team is developing Fairy Fencer F which will be released for PS3 this year.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Day one buy

    • have you seen gameplay? or story elements?

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        No and Yes

        • Gameplay

          • Rentekabond

            That hardly counts as gameplay. It’s 2 blurry pics, one where she’s just standing there and another in one frame of a superattack.

          • I believe they said the gameplay will be similar to Hyperdimension Neptunia’s.

          • minus the parade of fan service and mindless story. HN games as far as I’ve seen are comedy popping fun at RPGs, the game industry, and shameless using an all girl cast to draw in fanboys. If that’s what people want, fine, but I want epic. Games have been parodied enough. I want a serious story about something deep and meaningful. That’s why I stopped playing Disgaea games.

          • Wtv

            Ok, see, I like serious games as much as I like these comedic ones. But seriously…there is a lot of serious games there. Stop complaing about the ones that you don’t like. You want everything that you don’t like to stop exist?

            Think about how would be if people that like only all girl moe games started to tell that serious games should stop. How would you feel about it?

            And everything in games atract fans. Yes, they use all girls cast to attrack people that like all girls cast. Just like some games use harem to attrack people that likes harem. Just like Xenosaga uses a robot to people that likes robots. This don’t make the game bad. What matters is what they make after.

            And I think Xenosaga is a great game, btw. Just saying.

          • what are you talking about? I want a certain kind of game, but there’s nothing wrong with other people playing the games I don’t like. I don’t want comedy ones to vanish. I never said that once.
            Let me be clear: I don’t like playing moe or overly fanservice games. I want epic deep stories. But anyone else can play whatever they want. I’m not gonna stop them. And I in no way want to control what developers make or people play. I just want more epic games.

          • Way to exaggerate what he said, all he said was that comedy games are fine and all but he would like to see more serious games, and I tend to agree. Granted compile hearts isn’t the place to go for serious games but it would be nice if more companies took risks at more serious story telling. Also compile hearts ”comedy” is really more of just referencing other stuff. But i won’t judge this game until i see more info on it

          • exactly

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            Well they’ve already given info on what it’ll be like so I don’t know what the point of his question was.

          • I meant videos of the character moving and talking.
            What’s the story about?

        • what’s it about?

    • SupaPhly

      Day -1 considering and waiting for more info and gameplay videos

  • Kioku

    I’m dying…
    The game looks TOO AWESOME!

    • Rentekabond

      Are there any in-game screens I’m missing on this page, cause all I see is a picture. I don’t wanna judge the game before seeing it in action and all that.

      • Kioku

        I think there are no in-game screens yet.
        I know I judged the game based on the picture on top of this page.
        Well, I hope it will be an awesome and interesting game.

      • wererat42

        Someone posted these in the previous thread. It at least shows what the in-game character models should look like.

        • Crazy_O

          NISA, I hope your onto this :)

        • Sakurazaki

          OH MY

          So cuuute!

        • DyLaN

          I just realize her in-game model (especially in the 2nd pic) looks like 5pb… Those model looks quite nice.

        • Kai2591

          Nay! I shan’t be fooled by extremely moe designs anymore!

    • Poltry Chef

      I know man, with the one scan of little gameplay shown and the four pieces of artwork are making this game look so awesome! The lack of information makes me want to totally buy this game so badly!

  • Ben Chau

    C-cute… Tsunako’s character designs are so nice… Uhuhuhu…

  • Landale

    The Pink/Blonde mix on Alyn reminded me of Rizelea pretty much immediately. Second thing that I noticed was wings coming from her butt. So very strange. o.O

    • DyLaN

      Good to know I’m not the only one.

      Also I think Tsunako did the art for Trinity Universe too.

  • NISA I beg of you. You need to localize this.

    • OneOkami

      Given their apparently strong relationship with Compile Heart, I’d be shocked if they didn’t.

  • Suicunesol


    The title “Fairy Fencer” can be abbreviated to “FF”. And the title logo is strangely Final Fantasy-esque (albeit more edgy, but the design principles are the same).

    And Yoshitaka Amano is the concept artist for this game (and probably designed the logo too).

    Coincidence? I think not! :P

    • Nikolai Sumcad

      Don’t forget Nobuo Uematsu!

    • Draparde

      Ironicly they did something similar when they made Mugen souls lol.


    Too cute and cool! Another game from CH I’ll be keeping an eye on.

  • Nightmesh

    Is it just me or does the character designs not look as serious as the teaser made it seem they would be?

  • Wow, there hasn’t even been a trailer yet, and I’m already buying this lol

    The character design just looks so beautiful =^_^=

  • DyLaN

    I’m just curious, why is Alyn wings are located at her butt? ^w^;

    Tht image is a good wallpaper material. I will get you when my PC is fixed!

    • fireemblembeast

      Lol they are on her butt! Can’t be unseen…

  • Who put Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere here?

    • MrTyrant

      Where is she?

      • Blue haired girl, blue dress which is very similar to Gwendolyn’s, somewhat similar head-dress, a blue-crystal spear weapon, hm.

        • MrTyrant

          mmm Okay but she doesn’t remind to her at all.

    • puchinri

      I think that may be too far of a stretch. The girl just looks like most gosuloli inspired characters to me. She makes me think of Rozen Maiden more than Gwendolyn.

      • Suigintou was my second thought, but no shining crystal spear :)

        • puchinri

          Ah, hahah.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    With every article that comes for this game, i’m getting more and more interested in this game. Hopefully talks of localization would come after a JP release.

  • neocatzon

    From the previous post, Fang got less spotlight and smaller spot. Now, he isn’t shown in this teaser. Maybe next, he’s cut from the game.

    • H-he’s the main character..they can’t do that!….I think.

      • Chiupon

        I thought the blue haired girl was the main?

        • Landale

          I don’t recall any of the articles so far saying who’s the main character.

        • According to Famitsu translation, Fang is the male protagonist who ends up meeting Tiara(blue girl) at the beginning. I guess you could say Fang is the male main and Tiara the female main.

          • Chiupon

            oh god
            and i guess she magically falls in love with him even though he’ll have zero redeeming character traits…

            she probably falls from the sky, too.

          • Landale

            You’re going that far in assumptions on a character we haven’t even seen?. Besides, given the company’s track record the pairing would be Tiara and Alyn if there even is any pairings, and if not it’ll certainly be teased so very much it might as well be official.

          • Chiupon

            you must be new to anime or jrpgs or something

            these things are usually horribly predictable.

            Like literally she either has amnesia, falls from the sky, is found in an ancient ruins, or is a reincarnated/amnesiac goddess.

          • Chiupon

            and will be kidnapped at least twice.

          • Landale

            There is an edit button, you didn’t need to reply to yourself within seconds of the initial message.

            Not new to either really. Been playing JRPGs for about 20 years, and watching anime for about 15.
            And of course things are really predictable if you throw out a half a dozen or more predictions.

            Your initial prediction though is pretty far off their usual usage of tropes. Romance wise they tend to either not go there or play up yuri like there’s no tomorrow. The only exceptions I can think of are Cross Edge and Agarest, and in the latter’s case they still tease the thought of pairing up the girls; Sherufanir flirts with the other girls almost as much as she does Ladius if not MORE, Beatrice and Murmina seem to have a bit of a thing for each other, Deeth outright expresses interest in Dyshana, Sayane gets REALLY affectionate with Friedelinde, Sena acts around Mervina quite a bit like her sister did around Jainus.

            Trinity Universe? The guys might as well not even exist, the only real bit of teasing that goes on is Rizelea and Violet, the former even claiming that the game’s rating is what’s keeping her from going further. Neptunia? Pick your continuity, pick your pairing; IF with almost everyone especially Vert, 5pb & Red for one, with Compa for another. Neptune and Noire or Plutia. etc.

            If you want to rip on the company for predictability, at least make a predictable prediction, Tiara and Alyn, not Fang and, well, ANYONE. Especially not when they’re not even bothering to show the guy.

          • Chiupon

            i didn’t read any of that. if it looks like crap, smells like crap, and seems like crap, it’s probably gonna be crap. That’s all. You aren’t really going to change my opinion on this shoddy piece o’ work.
            When it comes out we’ll see, but I’m usually pretty right about these things.

          • Landale

            So, basically, you’re admitting to being here just to rip on the game and company for the sake of ripping on the game and company with no intent to actually discuss this?

            If you can bring yourself to read just a little bit, please read this.

            2. Think before you write:
            What you say and post on the site has consequences. Comments that generate discussion are encouraged. However, rudeness or flaming are in no way constructive, and should be avoided. Typing a post with insults like “Crapcom” will likely get you banned if you do it more than once.

          • Chiupon

            Well, I slightly back up my derision towards it with some probable stuff and indication of why I think it’s that way. But a good part of discussion is like, being against something. O:

            someone has to deal in the negative and positive opinions, that furthers discussion as a whole and appeals to people with similar mindsets.

            I’m not just saying “lol dis sux 999 eggs”. I’m saying “lol dis sux 999 b/c it’s generic uninspired animu bullcrap that’s been shoved at people forever and doesn’t back up their extravagant claims because it’s generic as hell”

            that’s nothing like saying “lol crapcom” and then backing out

          • Landale

            No, you’re insisting that’s it’s going to be “generic uninspired animu bullcrap that’s been shoved at people forever and doesn’t back up their extravagant claims because it’s generic as hell” for the sake of it.

            We know of the designs for two female characters, we know there’s a male character, we know this company has a preference for yuri, you’re claiming they’re going to go with some sort of romantic plot between one of the girls and the guy we know nothing about but you’re absolutely certain he’ll apparently be “that generic boy” and that ” he’ll have zero redeeming character traits” even though, again I say this because it clearly must be said, we know NOTHING about him.

            Your claims are specifically intended to rile people up, there’s nothing probable about them. Of course, that’s the kind of behavior one should expect from someone who’s posts on this site have been primarily to just mock anime and it’s fans and call Neptunia fans pedophiles.

          • Chiupon

            I’m sorry if I don’t think 12 year old moe lesbians falling ontop of each other while half naked is game of the year material, (which according to you is a more plausible prediction for this game) but it’s just really hard to take something like this seriously considering where it’s coming from. And I didn’t specifically denote anime as being for pedophiles, but we’re not getting into that because that’s unrelated to the topic, as are your claims about me “riling people up”.

            it’s crap dude
            just accept it
            develop some taste, drink some fine wine
            go play something that’s cohesively written and doesn’t rely on established commercial conventions to sell, something epoch making. This is not going to be epoch making. It’s going to be a fresh pile of the same crap it wasn’t supposed to be, and it’s obvious.

          • Landale

            Not entirely certain on what you’re even referring to with that first bit there, but no one has claimed anything like that to be “game of the year material”, I certainly haven’t called anything that. As for me bringing up things you’ve said, your post history on this site is loaded with you ridiculing anime and it’s fans, and just a couple weeks back calling Neptunia fans pedophiles, never did I say you were saying anime was for pedophiles.

            At this particular point in time this game neither is nor isn’t crap, we don’t know anything about it to pass that sort of judgement.

            Not really sure where you get off saying I have no taste either, nor what the hell wine has to do with anything here. And I do play cohesively written games, but I don’t limit myself quite so rigidly. Guess what, no one has said that anything Compile Heart would be epic, which is the word I assume you intended to use rather than one that indicates a distinct time period. Most of, if not all of, their fans know that they don’t make those sorts of games, they know that what Compile Heart puts out are the equivalent to a B Movie; not amazing and actually quite flawed, but still quite charming in their own weird way.

          • ChiffonCake

            Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many strawmen in a single comment.

          • Chiupon

            lol @ you for expecting a cohesive argument at 9 AM

            tl;dr ver: i think it’s gonna suck i don’t have any concrete reasons, other than “reasons” pulled from assumptions about the company that may or may not even be real because I wouldn’t touch their games with a 10 ft pole

            I honestly don’t see how it even escalated this far, but Eusis just replies to everything I post and even checks my post history so I’m assuming he was bored this mornin’ too.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And if you aren’t going to give concrete reasons let’s stop right here with determining your opinion as singular fact. If these are games you wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, why does it even matter what content they have, or why someone else chooses to play them.

          • Sentsuizan_93

            Wow. Just…. Wow… Calm down man.

            If you don’t like it leave it alone, move on and don’t go bitching on about this and other conventions of anime. Besides, with what little information there is about this, it is far too early to go on saying its going to be crap. I know that everyone here is free to express their own opinions on a piece of media, but let me tell you that there is a fine line between expressing your opinion and expressing your opinion as fact. By saying that you don’t have concrete proof that this will suck, you have practically crossed that fine line.

            I mean come on, I don’t necessarily think this is getting any “Game of the Year” awards anytime soon, but there is absolutely no reason for this unnecessary bashing. At all.

            Now, I will say this once again, calm…. down….

          • Guest

            Posting a lot of words with zero argument isn’t a lot better than saying “lol crapcom” actually.

          • neocatzon

            If he is the mc, this teaser image is incredibly harsh. I expect him to get forgotten all the time ingame.

  • While I’d like to share in the enthusiasm, especially with the lineup of art and music and what I’ve seen, I think only one thing holds me back.

    The developer, Compile Heart.

    Although I don’t see Idea Factory anywhere here, it still makes me cringe hearing them involved in this. Considering the lukewarm at best game systems they tend to produce I would have to take this into account before I can get hype for this. I’m not going to spend 60 bucks for eye candy only for it to be just that. CH needs to get me a game that actually delivers on all fronts for once.

    Hopefully, with this lineup, they do just that…but people should recall what they’ve released in the past several years overall for their content, not just the fact that it looks pretty. I like it that it looks pretty but I want a well-rounded game for once instead of it falling off into the abyss when I actually want to play it.

  • AnimeLeirus .

    This game is more Names than Game. I wish for more Drama-Action like those games from PS2… like Wild Arms and not more visual-novel like Hyperdimension, not that I don’t like Hyperdimension, but it seems they just don’t do that anymore. Those scenes in Wild Arms were the main character acquires a power are really engaging and it drives you to keep playing the games, in Hyperdimension you’re obligated to read EVERYTHING so you can get some laughs, I do read, but it gets pretty annoying.
    Me complaining and/or giving advices and probably THIS GAME WON’T GET LOCALIZED. xD

    • Landale

      … What did you say?

      • AnimeLeirus .

        Did you read it?… -sigh-

        • Landale

          Did I read it? Yes. Did I understand? No, not particularly. What you typed there seems to me to be a random rant ending in hopes that this won’t be localized or something?

          • AnimeLeirus .

            I was comparing JRPGs then and now. How their story telling have change, in a way that is getting worst.
            Here’s a video of Wild Arms 5 Drama-Action…
            Something like that I want to see in this game(hopefully) and not more of this…

          • Landale

            One company’s choice of having the story delivered in a visual novel style does not reflect the genre as a whole. Nor does their method make the story telling worse.

          • AnimeLeirus .

            You’re right!, but…
            In visual novel-style, you will get a sound instead the actual action. In novel-style, you will look only the same background over and over again, but in action-drama it will depends in the moment that story event unfolds. AD looks way more anime like(which is the approach of every JRPG) and more engaging. For example, this fight is one of the BEST fights in JRPGs I’ve seen. They still can use the visual-novel style, but not EVERYtime. Sometimes the story came to a certain part/event, were the visual-novel style, it just don’t make justice to what they want to present. In a visual novel, a fight or magical event it just have sounds, which is pretty annoying and boring. As a gamer and JRPG fan, I want a better more satisfying experience, which if I’m not wrong, that’s what they want to offer with every game they release.

          • Landale

            Ok, so you like things to be flashy and fully displayed. That’s fine. That’s not really Compile Heart’s thing though. Sure, they occasionally break away from the visual novel style for a scene here and there, but that’s not their primary style. If you want something else, go look to another company’s games. To say, if I’m understanding your initial statement right, that if you had your way things like it would never be localized just because YOU don’t like it is kind of a dick stance to take.

            Frankly, as a gamer and JRPG fan I also want a more satisfying experience, so visual novel presentations work for me and they work for people like me, that’s why that company is still around. I know what the characters look like, I know what they’re saying, I know generally what they’re doing, and that mental image from knowing all that without being forced to see is typically far more impressive than just being shown something without needing to think about it.

          • gamefreak86

            Thank you. Said everything that needed to be said.

          • AnimeLeirus .

            I won’t stop playing CH games just because you tell me to, I like CH games, but I wish for a different experience, to those we’ve already got from CH. Not because I don’t like it, I don’t want this to get localize, the more JRPGs the BETTER, besides we haven’t seen any fucking trailer with gameplay, so I’m looking forward to it, but I won’t get too hype about it.

            In the end is me the one who decide to either buy this or not, if its get localized, that is.

          • Chiupon

            unrelated, but that was one of my fave parts in Xenosaga. Game was fab.

    • FetusZero

      Press Square, my friend, the square.. on the second playthrough anyway lol.

      I’ve never played Wild Arms though so it’s hard for me to visualize exactly what you mean, but from the video you posted down there, wouldn’t it be a bit like the Tales series? (granted I’ve only played Vesperia).

  • Chiupon

    still really generic looking and bland

    but at least blue haired girl is a qt pie

    I’m skeptical, honestly, and i do doubt their capabilities with this game, because lol, I don’t just buy anything unless it’s like actually good, but…

    idek there’s like a glimmer of potential, it really just depends on who the main is, how they develop/him her, and their relationships with the people around them

    obv if that generic boy is main and everyone harem routes him, this will essentially be summer anime fodder in videogame form and generic crap.

    if the girl is, there’s still a lot of potential for it to go that way, because it would just seem like a bad Atelier game…

    • MrTyrant

      I wouldn’t mind if I play with a generic male if all the girls were interesting but not those two, don’t like them too much. If Yoshitaka Amano were the designer I would have another impression but still an impression, I want too see video about the gameplay and know more about the plot.

    • puchinri

      Definitely agreed on that main part (and that generic boy being the main part, which I’m now worried about). Guess we gotta wait and see, huh? ;u;

  • Lemon

    I’ll probably get bashed for saying this, but I’ve never been really interested in the Neptunia series because there are no male characters, despite how great I think the art is. However, I’m definitely getting this now since apparently you play the role of Fang, a male protagonist. I’m just one of those people who needs some form of self-insert in a game to fully enjoy it, I guess. Oh well, looking forward to more news of Fairy Fencer F!

    • Landale

      Not really something you’d be at risk of getting bashed for, your complaint is fairly legitimate despite not being a common issue. You only really set yourself up for having people tear into you if come in commenting on how you pass up the games because of the company or art style and proceed to rip on those points just because.

    • puchinri

      That actually made me a bit disappointed; not you wanting to play as the guy, but knowing that he’s the protag you play as. I really hoped it was Tiara (if not Alyn) – or at least that all three would share the spotlight.

      Kind of torn though, because yeah CH would make a game where you play as a gal lead (not entirely for the usual reasons), but at the same time, I’d like more chances to play as a female character in my (J)RPGs.

      • Wtv

        I don’t think that they said yet who you control, actually. Just that the guy is also a main character.

        Since Tiara gets all the marketing, maybe it’s her…unless this is some kind of visual novel style…

        • puchinri

          Ah, okay. That’s a bit comforting.

          Yeah, I assumed it was Tiara, but if it isn’t, this is going to feel like a slap in the face.

    • MrTyrant

      I understand your point. In fact I prefer Atelier saga because of that, you play as a girl but there are lot of males character as female ones in the cast. Some of them can lead to some “romantic” development like some otome novel but it’s not a bad thing for me while interacting with other girls feel like you develop your friendship from another perspective.

    • Sekai-jin

      Ha ha, sound like me. I got that kind of mindset too, and have problem get into playing or watching anything that have only female character.

  • Kai2591

    Hmmm….Yoshitaka Amano as a concept designer…but characters designed by Tsunako…? weird combo.

  • MrTyrant

    I love those comments about “so cute/kawaii i love the game already” when we know pretty much nothing about the game and the characters look…I’d say fairly simple or too normal? I don’t want to say Tsunako’s characters sucks because she draws pretty well but the design of those two aren’t that impresive either.

    • Sakurazaki

      Well if lots of us are swooning over this, I’m sure they did something right.

      It’s Compile Heart though, so lol.


      Don’t leave out that Yoshitaka Amano and Nobuo Uematsu are collaborating with Tsunako and the Nep Team – this is reason enough to be excited if you’re a fan of Neptunia. When V was coming out, the excitement seemed to build with every article.

      I am interested in getting more details about the “evolved Neptunia Battle system” and how they are going to incorporate air combos, but to talk about the character designs, they are fine. When you play a 40+ hour RPG and read many lines of dialogue , you will decide if you like or dislike a character based on their personality, not how they look~

      • MrTyrant

        “Sadly” Im not fan of Neptunia but Nobuo Uematsu and Yoshitaka Amano got me exited, now that I know that Amano isn’t doing the character design my “hype” (?) droped a lot.


          Your “hype” may have dropped, but I’m still looking forward to it – Amano or Tsunako designs.

          Besides, there’s a lot of comments saying Amano’s style would not translate into 3D, so it doesn’t sound like a major letdown.

    • Elemiel

      The faces look fine for me, it’s just that their clothing looks the same; short gothic lolita-esque dresses and zettai ryouiki. :|

  • ChiffonCake

    Well, it looks really pretty, at least. I really love Tsunako’s art, and if there’s one thing Compile Heart can do well, it’s making the in-game graphics look like their art… and that logo is awesome. Hopefully this will turn out good.

  • Ni

    The more info of this game that got released the more uninterested I get.
    I think Amano will just draw the bad guys and that would be the only thing that i want to see.

  • Brandonmkii

    I just want a fun battle system this time, story be damned.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    So, 2014 release by NISA?

  • DesmaX

    … I dunno, they look exactly the same as the ones in Riviera: The Promised Land.

  • Wtv

    I remember this being a goddess against a bad god. Couldn’t the boy be the bad god?

    I just don’t want a harem game. I’m okay with Tiara falling in love with him (would prefer Tiara X Alyn, but well…), but if he is a main character and don’t show up in promotional images, he’s probably a empty self-insert character to get all the girls…that would make my interest go down.

    Anyway…just realized Alyn is the fairy!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The art itself sold me this game lol.^_^

  • Istillduno

    Looks pretty, although the lack of the male character’s presence on promotional materials does set warning bells ringing, was curious about the Neptunia series but the concept seemed to preachy for me, (“Piracy is bad mmmmmkay”) so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

    • revenent hell

      Haha Neptunia is far from preachy its more like *supersugaroverdosetime* but yeah, I am amongst the minority who actually *shock* like male characters as well so I always get a little sad when they get forgotten or just become minor characters or generic brown haired boy type thing.
      Don’t get me wrong I like cutesy girls (im still perv enough) but I like male options as well.

      • Rentekabond

        Neptunia as a whole isn’t preachy, but MK2 dropped ALL subtext and was incredibly in-your-face about its message.

        • revenent hell

          Really? I haven’t even finished it…I just started it to be honest and never got very far because better games came out

          • DesmaX

            Yeah, it gets really annoying sometimes.

            Oh well, at least they stopped doing that in V… kinda

          • revenent hell

            Well……..I guess im not going to be finishing the games any time soon……Hearing that gives me little insentive

  • don’t care about the gameplay, It’s Tsunako and Compa after all, bound to be good~~

  • don’t care the gameplay as long it’s Tsunako and Compile Heart~~

  • Kevin Schwarz

    And the first glimpse is just an anime picture…okay. So typical of japanese games. I won’t buy this crap until I see if the gameplay is fun, or at least it has a decent-not-so-anime-ish story.

  • Jordan Coleman

    This just looks like the same stuff Compile Heart and Idea Factory already put out. Stuff that I’ve never been the audience for, stuff that already has a niche audience. When they made this new label and hired actual talent I’d care about, I expected them to actually be pushing away from the type of titles they usually make. If this art is anything to go by I guess not. Count me out

  • revenent hell

    Ooh such criticism for the art >_< I actually like it but I cant get on this wagon unless they actually add in some guys. Im so tired of these types of games being "female focused" it detracts from the game for me in a way, Im not a big yuri fan, but all the games strike me that's the way they should be viewed as because of so much focus on them.
    A story can be more believable with some dudes thrown in so please add in some guys and not just generic ones please.

    • brian

      But it does have a male character, and we haven’t seen any evidence of it being about yuri.

      • revenent hell

        People please be literate…. I didn’t say the games are yuri I said “but all the games strike me that’s the way they should be viewed as because of so much focus on them”
        There’s a difference, and im talking about the feeling the game give’s because of its focus on females and female interactions.

    • Wtv

      Well, sorry. There aren’t a lot of games female focused at all. Most games have a male character as protagonist. I was against a male protagonist in Atelier for that very reason.Yuri is even rarer, unfortunately.
      So…I don’t know what you are complaing about.

      • revenent hell

        I’m complaining about the lack of males in these types of games not all games as a whole. Its very off putting to me. I’m female I don’t just like looking at an all female cast with a generic brown haired boy thrown in just so they can claim a guy is there. Once again I’m not complaining about all games just this particular type of one. as for the yuri read below.

        • fireemblembeast

          As a girl, I get where you’re coming from, but this is Compile Heart we’re talking about. I wouldn’t hold my breath, lol
          Maybe if they had a few guys in there but not one as the main character and instead just all as supporting characters

          • revenent hell

            Its hard for me because I do like compile heart games, I really do. I like cutesy and whatever type of girls they throw out but some guys would be nice, hell even if they where all shop owners or something. Its just to much of a female cast for me as of late .

        • Wtv

          Well, knowing you’re a girl, now I understand what you mean.

          But CH don’t make games to the female gamers, anyway. They can still play, but…Yeah, I don’t like to play all-male cast game or watch all-male cast anime. Or otome games. So I don’t think CH has a lot of female fans.

          But I think there are lots of anime-style japanese games that appeal to female gamers even more than male. Tales of, for example. There is even a Atelier otome-game, but since west don’t appeal to female gamers, most female oriented are never localized.
          I don’t like that. As a male gamer I am unconfortable knowing a media that I like is trying to make things that only appeal to me. I don’t like this sense of exclusivity. It feels wrong…

          But anyway, you probably agree with my other post here, right? Like, I don’t care that much about having a boy…I just don’t wanna him to be a harem lead. And I wanna the two of them being as important to the plot and as strong as the other. I think actually that since they put a male character, they should put some more so this don’t become a harem-esque game. But maybe this will be the point.

          Anyway, just to make clear. I assumed you were a male, sorry for that. The problem is that while japanese female gamers like male characters and japanese male gamers like female characters, here in the west, female gamers like male characters and male gamers like male characters. Then male gamers want female characters just for the fanservice. So we don’t get a lot of variation on protagonists here. And for some reason I like to play as a female character and I don’t do self-insert. So…sometimes the way the western industry works kinda annoys me. That happens more with western developed games, however, but..

          • revenent hell

            I actually quite like this post and agree with it.
            Its hard to please everyone but an equal mix isn’t bad in games. Im not to picky if its a male or female lead because playing either isn’t a big deal to me, I enjoy the experience either way, yes an option is nice but for me its not mandatory.
            I just like having a good mixture of people to play as and them all being various options of female gets dull and boring for me after a time, they have proven they can draw out some guys (and they can be just as good looking as the females) so I don’t see why they cant throw a few in…….
            But yeah good post you have

  • biskmater

    I think most people are forgetting this is the title they are not giving a crap about what we westerners think. Yes it is extremely anime-ish and its only gonna get worse, personally I don’t dislike it, but i don’t own a PS3 anyway, so it matters little.

    • Rentekabond

      There are plenty of non-generic games that Japanese Devs have made where they didn’t care about what Westerners thought that were still good. While Obviously I can’t judge if the game will be good or not, as they haven’t released any actual gameplay shots or videos, there doesn’t seem to be anything about this game that removes CH’s stigma for mediocre-at-best games.

      As someone who’s played a decent amount of CH games and owns all of the Hyperdimension games, on their best days they can make a passable game and on their worst days they’re probably one of the worst gaming companies I’ve ever seen.

      Honestly, personal opinion here, if it weren’t for the fact that they seem to be one of the only companies hiring Melissa Fahn to some degree, CH wouldn’t even be a blip on my radar, especially after the atrocious HDN1.

      • biskmater

        Sorry, man, but I am honestly not seeing your point, I personally have few if any expectations from CH, but if I sounded like I was dissing japanese devs, then I think there was a misunderstanding.

    • “they are not giving a crap about what we westerners think.”

      Admit it, they never gave a crap about what we westerners think even before this new label was announced.

      • biskmater

        It depends on the developers, but yes, that is pretty much it.

  • fireemblembeast

    I’m sorry, but I can’t be the only one who thinks that she looks like Suigintou from Rozen Maiden…

  • wererat42

    Where are people getting that Fang is the main character? Considering Tiara takes up pretty much the entire article, and Fang get just a single image of his character design, which is significantly smaller than the others… that seems a bit odd.

    Even in Toki to Towa, where Toki is the actual player character, the Prince was still promoted as the main character.

  • Kelohmello

    Meh, we’ll see how this turns out.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Guys, not to be “that” guy or anything but shouldn’t we at least hear more information about the game itself and characters before we officially decide to buy it or not?

    • Wtv

      It’s called hype. That’s how it works.

      Don’t worry, though. A lot of people that are saying “I CAN’T WAIT” will give up when something that they don’t like shows up. Just like a lot of people saying that this looks bad, will probably buy when new information is given. Also, this can never be localized. And can be localized with english-only audio that would make a lot of people don’t buy it anymore.

      A lot of bad things can happens until they can play. Don’t try to kill their hype, though. Sometimes is good to wait for something.

    • I agree, it’s smarter to show interest but not scream “day one buy!” just cause some cute girl pop up.

  • Hippoman

    I can see the fanart already.

  • No videos at all, we barely have pictures and I’m already dying to have this!!! Any chance we get this on the west?

  • Will John

    I hope there be a good story

  • cute is good, but RPGs in my opinion need story and an epic one at that.
    I expect great things from them since they want to get the group of talent altogether like this.

  • HPN

    Looks awesome — but Japan seriously needs to remove “Fairy” from their vocabulary.

    • fireemblembeast

      What about “faerie”? :P

  • 4shiki

    Figures when?

  • Asuna Ilano

    whoa whoa wait. so this is Neptunia and Final Fantasy combined together!?? *orgasm*

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