Idea Factory Working On PS4 Game, Soul Sacrifice Changed Vita Plans

By Spencer . May 8, 2013 . 1:22am

image A couple of tidbits came out from an Idea Factory interview with Famitsu magazine. The company that develops Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mugen Souls is working on a PlayStation 4 title.


Perhaps more interesting are the company’s thoughts on PlayStation Vita. Compile Heart, a sister  company to Idea Factory, released Monster Monpiece and the charming, curry-making roguelike Holy Sorcery Story for the Sony’s handheld. Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP is also in development and the game is essentially like the [email protected] with characters from the Neptunia universe.


While Idea Factory has been supporting and thriving on Vita, as indicated by re-shipments of Monster Monpiece, they almost gave up on the system. In the beginning, only Monster Monpiece was in development and after that they were going to cease Vita development. However, when Sony announced Soul Sacrifice they decided to focus on Vita and develop more games for the system.

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  • brian

    I get a feeling that PS4 game is going to be under their Galapagos label.

  • malek86

    That’s some turnaround they had, and just for one game. Were they going to give up because they thought Sony wouldn’t support the system? That would have been kind of weird…

    • asch999

      My thought exactly, I wonder what the connection between SS and their plan to cease Vita game development

      • Margatroids

        Isn’t Idea Factory close with Inafune? That might have something to do with it.

      • Armane

        I’d imagine it’s just that SS sold hardware. The larger install base means Vita development should get more profitable. The fact that they had shortages of Monster Monpiece probably helped change their minds as well.

      • Demeanor

        Maybe they want to make a Soul Sacrifice-like game where moe majokko fight the “monsters” from Monpiece? :D that WOULD be awesome! XD

    • Rafael Monteiro

      If there are no interesting games on the horizon, users base doesn’t grow, and you’re just wasting your game potential

      Kinda like a Tinkerbell effect, you think Vita has no games, so you make no games for it

      • malek86

        Oh, of course. But keep in mind Soul Sacrifice is a first party game, so it wasn’t a sign that some big developer trusted the console enough to make something meaningful for it. Simply, it was a first-party effort, like any other console has them.

        It’s only natural to expect the hardware developer to support its product with software, so I’m just not sure why they were swayed by this particular game. Maybe it’s because of Inafune working on it?

        • Except Soul Sacrifice wasn’t really a first party game at all. It was co-developed between comcept and Marvelous AQL (by former members of Cavia).

  • Shariest

    I had no idea about their plans for Vita…
    Feeling really reliefed that SS had that much of an influence!
    Thx Keiji!

  • Tenshiken

    Good for Idea Factory, it’s too bad though that most western publishers have given up on the system though.

    • malek86

      I’d actually say western publishers right now are giving more love to the PSV than the 3DS. Even if just through late ports and PS3 conversions, they are still making some games.

      • Tenshiken

        That’s all well and good for now, however we’ll soon need publishers to publish more vita exclusive games when console developers switch from PS3 development to PS4.

        • malek86

          I’d imagine that Sony also made it easy for devs to port games from PS4 to PSV.

      • Elvick

        Well, if we’re talking indie games. Sure.

        Well… I guess in general you have a point. Not like there’s a huge western push on handhelds to begin with. Yet they’ll pump out mobile games like no tomorrow.

        Why they don’t also put them on handhelds at the least is beyond me. I’d totally buy some of those games on my handhelds.

    • asch999

      If only Sony could pull 1st and 3rd party AAA games on Vita like GTA on PSP, it will help increasing the sales a lot

      • sherimae1324

        we could already assume that sony’s franchises will come to vita eventually besides uncharted, lbp, sly, wipeout ,mlb, hotshots golf is already there plus killzone is coming out his year

        remember that the 1st god of war came out on psp in 2008, which psp has already 2 years being released in 2006 ^_^

        • About three or four years for the PSP actually, it released at the end of 2004/start of 2005.

      • gamefreak86

        Disagree. With What PSP sales were it was evident even such titles couldn’t push it to sell more. I mean how many PSP games that were hit franchises on console sold only a portion of its original counterpart and helped sell systems. There was GTA, gow, ratchet and clank.just to name a few. And people that missed out on PSP would do well to grab it on vita. The big question is what is the system seller for the west? AC, Uncharted and BO all came out and system is at 2 i

        • gamefreak86

          2 mil units still. It’s funny to how everyone was saying just add a second stick and they’d buy day one but didn’t. Anyways I’m enjoying it immensely and hope compile hearts games get localized with all content intact.

        • Elvick

          Yeah, selling millions is terrible.

    • sherimae1324

      do you know what are you saying?
      ea has more support to vita than 3ds
      same goes for ubisoft, they put one of their biggest franchise to vita exclusively
      and even activision who puts their cod
      besides we could get another ac and cod this year which some retailers have already hinted ^_^

      • Sekai-jin

        EA have issue with Nintendo, and Activision put some cheap, inexperience small developer Nihilistic to make what it called the worst Call Of Duty.

        Assassin Creed Vita not doing that well if I am not mistaken.

        Still, I think Vita most likely flow with western developer better, FPS, popular genre in western and dual analog is inseparable.

        That and tendency to make a fancy graphic game, and Vita have better hardware than 3DS to provide those fancy graphic.

        • sherimae1324

          what do you mean ac vita not doing well?
          did you pay attention to news lately ubisoft is happy about acl sales it even reach 600k sales according to them
          and cod on vita despites its flaws had sold pretty well too
          we can expect another ac this year besides ubisoft yves guillemot said there are vita projects on the works ^_^

        • Elvick

          I heard CoD was made in a few months. All the time prior, was by another developer trying to get the CoD engine to work on PS Vita. Only to fail.

          Then I guess Sony suggested using Nihilistic since they had a FPS engine running and that’s what we get.

          Considering the game was essentially made in less than a year, it turned out okay. Mediocre to bad I’m sure (like Resistance: BS, which I did play and still enjoyed despite it’s faults).

          Huge disappointment and huge mishandling by Activision though. They shouldn’t have tried that long to get an engine working. :/

  • So happy they didn’t give up on the system. The more Idea Factory and Compile Heart games the better =^_^=

    • HPN


    • artemisthemp

      I don’t help Compile Heart/Idea Factory makes game to Vita, if they don’t make it out of Japan

  • I wonder if their Ps4 game will be PS2-quality with a choppy framerate?

  • Go2hell66

    not a good look for vita :(

    • HassanJamal

      What are ya talking bout? Seems like they’re putting more development into the vita now.

    • michel

      You got it the other way round. They almost GAVE up supporting the Vita, but now they are reconsidering…

  • Solomon_Kano

    Well, good on Soul Sacrifice then, I guess. Pushed em from giving up on the system to 3 games from the Neptunia series alone. Interesting.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    How the hell does IF move so damn fast? They’re not even that big of a company like SE.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Their size is exactly how. They keep development costs low and cycles short. I mean, they turned out each Neptunia game a year apart.

      • Demeanor

        And they came out awesome, despite some initial struggling. They are niche, yes, they have technical flaws like with animations, yes, they’re maybe not for everyone but nonetheless I find them really enjoyable and funny for many reasons. They really play it smart, being able to create such gems with limited budget.

  • Ni

    Monpiece was selling well right? Then Why would they stop development for the console? They were thinking that Sony would not push a new IP for the system nor support? That’s kind of dumb.
    I though that 24k sales for a otaku game in opening week was some nice numbers…

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      This was before SS and Monpiece came out. Vita was a sinking ship at the time even in Japan. They probably figured they would keep their word and put out their one title and be done. SS showed what the vita could do and got support from Sony showing they hadnt given up. Both SS doing well and Monpiece are what convinced them it’s worth it.

  • IF is not good at programming. Their games are good, but they can’t even handle the capabilities of the PS3. It’s nice that they are supporting the PS4, but they should stick with the Vita for now.

  • DesmaX

    PS4 isn’t a bad idea actually. If they release soon after the PS4 Release, it could make some people who just wants to pay an RPG pick it up

  • TheExile285

    That’s interesting since there are 3 Hyperdemsions announced for Vita. I have high hopes for the non-idol games.

  • Himiko

    I look forward to it. :D Something like a next-generation Neptunia would be great.

  • ZekeFreek

    I’m only going to care if atleast SOME of their Vita games make it over here.

  • Testsubject909

    It’s interesting to see what one game can do to the industry, not from our standpoint but from within.

    I now have a better appreciation of my copy of Soul Sacrifice… That said, it’s a really good game, you guys should at least try the demo.

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