Devil Survivor 2: Break Record Slips From July To Fall 2013

By Spencer . May 9, 2013 . 9:50pm

imageFans hoping to replay Devil Survivor 2 over summer vacation will have to wait a little longer to join the JPs. Atlus pushed Devil Survivor 2: Break Record back from July 11 to fall 2013. Atlus says they delayed the game to increase the quality of the title.


Originally released for Nintendo DS, the enhanced port for 3DS has an added casual mode and an epilogue after the Septentrion invasion.

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  • Quality? Atlus are you turning into a Nintendo subsidiary anytime soon? Poor dragon crowns fans.

    • TheRealMalek

      I will take quality over quantity.My “wild” guess is that they found blocking bugs like the ones in european DSO version.

  • SilentMC

    Why do I get the feeling they’re trying to iron out bugs to make sure they don’t pop up after localisation for whatever reason

    • Isn’t that a good thing? lol

      • SilentMC

        Yeah I meant that as a good thing, I’d rather them delay the game than release it in a somewhat broken state

        • Jisgsaw

          Well, the bugs weren’t in either NTSC version, and frankly (and sadly), I don’t see Atlus delaying a game in Japan and NA to sort out bugs from a PAL version that isn’t even announced (and on which they surely haven’t started working), given how the seem to care so much for PAL regions.

          • SilentMC

            That just reminded me, didn’t Soul Hackers have some game-breaking bugs in the NTSC release? That’s at least what I heard when looking around.

            It’s weird how both these updated ports have this issue (even if it is from different regions). One would hope Atlus Japan would be nice enough to iron out bugs in the games they’re sure they want to localise

          • Hard to do when some asshat on the localization team forgets a quotation mark at the end of a piece of system dialogue, causing the game to freeze.


  • Ethan_Twain

    That’s fine. Considering the short span of time between the original and enhanced versions of this game, a couple additional months of wait I don’t imagine is going to drive anybody up the wall particularly. Also, I’ve had more problems with bugs in the Devil Survivor games than any other Atlus products – this additional time may be well needed.

    • That was ghost lights gaffe though. Broke the game, they did.

      • Ladius

        Ghostlight didn’t do anything to DSO’s code, Atlus Japan works directly on the PAL builds of all their games. Of course Ghostlight can be blamed for the lack of testing, even if they probably assumed there wasn’t any difference from the NA build.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Nah, I wasn’t even referring to whatever issues have been plaguing Devil Survivor Overclocked’s PAL release. I’m an American consumer and I’ve had both games freeze up on me multiple times. It’s not game breaking, but from this company I’m accustomed to better.

        • Shinra

          I remember that something like that happened to me while playing the original version of Devil Survivor.
          After I finished the game for the first time, during the new game+ I put the power off because I forgot to make my characters to crack some skills during the battle where Kaido gets Pazuzu, but when I tried loading the game it told me that the data was corrupted.
          It almost gave a heart attack…
          But then I noticed that I was still able to load the Suspend data that I had from before I started the battle with the last boss during my first playthrough, that was kinda of weird, useful notless.
          Usually I would expect all the data to get lost– but no, I just loaded it, defeated the final boss again and started a new game+. Apart from that I didn’t really came across any other bug again.

  • komiko12

    It’s okay but the anime would have been finished by quite some time by then. The advertising effect of the anime would be uh.. powered down because of the time interval. I think they were intending to release Break Record at around the same time the anime ends (which I assume to be around July). The added Easy Mode to the game was even intended for the watchers of the anime.

    Anyways, quality comes first. Debug the bugs or perhaps even better sprites (especially the map sprites). They might even give a voice to the MC then decide to lengthen the game more. :D

    • Barrylocke89

      I think you’re right about that being Atlus’s plan, since at the rate the anime is going I imagine it should be finished by late june/early july.

      I agree that quality comes first, as no one wants to be shipped a product with bugs like what EU wound up with in the case of Overclocked. But I am a little worried that the “powering down” of the anime as a way to advertise will lower potential sales.

      Plus by October, Pokemon X and Y are scheduled to come out. I’m not sure how the Pokemon vs. Megaten audience goes in Japan, but I know that in the West there’s a decent amount of overlap. If this is true in Japan as well (and as both games are on the 3DS and have some monster collection elements, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is), I could easily see some people that are potentially interested in Devil Survivor go for Pokemon instead because…well it’s pokemon. And by the time those people are done with pokemon their maybe other games that are on the market that they want.

      I suppose we’ll get a clearer picture when we get a specific date for Break Record.

      EDIT: Also, now that I think about it, it really is a good idea that Atlus is releasing SMT4 so soon in America for the exact same reason. If they had released it with their normal localization timing (about 7 months these days) it would have been competing against Pokemon as well. Releasing it in the summer gives it less direct competition.

      • komiko12

        Yup yup. I would prefer if Break Record would release before Pokemon. Being released at the same time as Pokemon is just bad.. plain bad for sales. Even the few weeks after the release of Pokemon would still be bad, because the might of Pokemon would be still strong.

        • You’re forgetting a key fact however! Anime is run over there the way TV shows are over here. The show probably won’t be run a single time, by the time fall rolls around, it’s likely that rerun episodes will still be circulating on the air AND should coincide with release of dvd sets and so on.

          Not to mention that with the anime being licensed in the US and the fact that a delay just gives more time for an NA release to catch up, it’s entirely possible they may just release the US version of the game with the dubbed version of the anime instead, while the reruns and box sets steam through the JP market. The anime has impressively done some surprising, crazy stuff so far and has gained quite a bit of popularity.

          • komiko12

            I doubt about the rerun. But yeah DVD sets and localization might help. :D

  • Kitestwinblades

    These articles names continue to trick me. I need to slow down…
    I literally read that as “Devil Survivor Breaks record, Slips from July to fall 2013” as if the game was being delayed constantly or something.
    Couldn’t help but laugh to see the actual title say Break Record.


  • isfuturebright

    Every time I see an article about this game I think that it sold a lot :P

  • So…. How is this going to impact the yet announced US release?

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    give me english date already :|

  • Schezo Wegey

    As long as it gets a USA release I’m good.

    I rather buy this than Pokemon XY any day. Just Saiyan.

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