DoDonPachi Saidaioujou For Xbox 360 Is Region Free

By Spencer . May 10, 2013 . 4:06pm

imageLooks like DoDonPachi Saidaioujou won’t get a Western release like DoDonPachi Resurrection. Why? Because Cave just announced DoDonPachi Saidaioujou is region free and will play on Xbox 360 consoles from other territories.


Sweet. Play-Asia has DoDonPachi Saidaioujou for $73.90. The super limited edition (pictured on the right) has already been presold, but you can get it from AmiAmi for 11,260 yen.


DoDonPachi Saidaioujou comes out on May 30. Thanks for the tips everyone!

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  • Good thing the yen and dollar balanced out evenly for the first time in nearly four years!

    • Aoshi00

      Tell me about it.. I love the $1 = 100 yen exchange rate, pretty much just knock off 2 zeroes.. There’s a chance yen might continue to weaken to $1 = 120 yen, I remember that was over 10 years when I was in college.. and back then I thought import was expensive (well anime DVDs always were crazy expensive even at better exchange rate)

      argh.. wish I had pre-ordered the Limited edition from AmiAmi when I had the chance, been pre-sold out for months, was holding out for super limited.. hope they would have more available copies later, doesn’t look like anyone’s dropping theirs now.. Caladrius was pretty good, but I want this steelbook case :)

    • Shariest

      Even better for us in Euro countries :P

  • landlock

    Is this a completely new game compared to the one already released on the XB360?

    • neo_firenze

      Yes, it’s the newest entry in the series and this will be the first console release (arcade version was released in 2012).

  • FetusZero


    .;goes on play-asia and orders;.

    • FetusZero

      Aw man too bad the limited and super limited editions are sold out at both these places. It’s as if everyone jumped on them the second these news came out. No matter, regular will do the job :]

      • neo_firenze

        The LE/SLE were selling out super fast even before the news about region free.

        I was lucky enough to get a Super LE reserved (from the 2nd batch put up for order at, but at pretty much every importer they sold out in a matter of hours from their initial allocations and any extras they may have put up later.

        • FetusZero

          A couple of days ago Play-Asia still had the Limited Edition, was just talking with someone how I was wishing for CAVE to confirm what was happening before I miss my chance at an LE, but I was too late nonetheless -_- I could of pre-ordered in case before it was confirmed, but I never liked cancelling my orders lol.

          • McBonJon

            I found some pre-orders still available for the LE here. I’m not so sure, but I’m taking a chance here. I really want the LE.

          • FetusZero

            Ay already placed my pre-order on Play-Asia earlier D;

            I had never heard of that site before.

          • McBonJon

            I was looking for one and saw nin-nin had one up for order. I will give it a shot and report back on my findings with this site.

          • Yeah a friend and I went with NCSX to avoid any issues. I’d give nin-nin a try in the future but I don’t really know if they can be trusted.

          • neo_firenze

            Yep, seeing as how I’ve been ordering from NCS since the 90s in the Sega Saturn heyday and they’ve always been nothing but fantastic for me, I trust them.

    • TrevHead

      See what did I tell you, I knew CAVE wouldn’t let us western fans down :D

      Shame I’m skint until around launch day, all I want is a std ed but who knows how big a print run this game is.

      Now all that I’m missing is MushiHD (along with DS2 here in PAL) I suppose that is something us westerners could pester western pubs for. (wink)

  • Anonymous

    Cool, Are Cave Shmups in HD?
    Because i heard the reason Cave doesn’t make Shmups on PS3 despite it being more popular than 360 in Japan is because PS3 games are not allowed to be in SD

    • TrevHead

      All of CAVE’s 360 titles except MMP & Pink Sweets plus Guwange on XBLA are HD plus they have std low def arcade original modes.

      The rumour over Sony wasn’t so much HD it was their aversion to 2D and games in Tate format (3:4) at the start of the gen. That’s why Grev’s PS3 ports have widescreen modes included (it went against Sonys brand image for the ps3 been a high spec machine), something which CAVE wouldn’t beable to do due to the vert aspect ratio been at the core of their Bullethell design.

      Hopefully Sony can’t afford to be so snobbish in the early life cycle of the PS4

  • ギャビン

    Played this when I was in Akihabara last year, insta buy.

  • TrevHead

    It’s still a shame that this release didn’t go with CAVE’s plans for worldwide localisation and that after the good sales Deathsmiles did in both the US and PAL that both Akia Katana and the last Dodonpachi failed to sell.

    Imo they might have been too complex for the avg westerner, the 2 Mushihimisama’s would have been better choices given the simpler mechanics.

    Whatever the case, Thank You CAVE for yet again going the extra mile for us players lacking a J360.

    • Andrew Norris

      I would probably put the blame on cuteness levels of the games and marketing over the complexity of the mechanics as to why Akai Katana and Daifukkatsu didn’t do too well. You give people too much credit to actually look into the mechanics of a game before buying it.

      • TrevHead

        You might be right and the reason DS1 sold well in the west is the same as Japan, there’s a hardcore niche that like that sort of stuff. Just look at the Caladarius articles on this site, they get 2 or 3 times the comments CAVE games do and only because of the artist and that clothes can be torn off. It must be depressing for shmup devs who make these interesting and intricate games to know that a game will succeed / fail on something as superficial as character art.

        That said I still think some westerners expect STG to be this really simple games and don’t understand it when a STG like Akia Katana requires them to take the time to learn the game just like a fighter does. Maybe that’s why Ikaruga was such a big hit with gamers as the polarity mechanic is easy to grasp, while AKS even took me a while to understand and I’m used to STGs

        Whatever the case it’s a shame AKS didn’t take off it’s one of my fave STGs and it’s very unique.

        • Andrew Norris

          I mean, you can see a trend with just Cave’s games where they’ve gotten cuter overtime. The first DoDonPachi was just a helicopter blowing things up, now there’s elemental dolls and you get to dress them up before you play. Akai Katana went completely against that trend of Cave’s games getting cuter though, and it probably suffered in sales for it.

  • PoweredByHentai

    CDJapan still has 2 units of the “Limited Edition” left for pre-order.

    The Super Limited Edition sold out long ago.

  • SupaPhly


  • CirnoLakes

    Good good good good.

    Now I definitely need to order this.

  • No

    Got my Super Limited Edition reserved. Come on May 30th!

  • Actually play-asia and ami-ami were both sold out of the Limited Editions when this news was made public yesterday……………..

    I got one from NCSX instead.

    • Wow. I had been checking NCSX about a month ago and it was listed as sold out. You got lucky!
      AmiAmi usually opens orders up again on release date, I guess if orders are dropped or they have a few copies more. Wouldn’t bet on it, but it happens.

  • Michael Synodis

    I heard this one is on the more difficult side. I imported ESPGaluda 2 and it was just too tough for me to get anywhere. My speed is more along the lines of Normal mode in Mushimesama 2 or Normal Deathsmiles, or Akikatana.

    Can anyone who has played this one give me an idea to its difficulty?

    • TrevHead

      It is supposed to be one of CAVE’s harder STGs however I don’t know how much of a difference the dress system alters difficulty, DFK it’s pequel had alot of variation of gameplay and difficulty between Strong, Bomb and Power modes of the vanilla game.

      Also IIRC CAVE are working on a XBox 360 arrange mode which is aimed at DS1, AKS level players.

  • notforsale


  • All sold out of Super Limited Edition on AmiAmi ;_;

  • Peter Le

    Any chance the super limited editions will be restocked? ._.

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