Grab Your Gaist Gear, We’re Fighting Giant Monsters In Gaist Crusher

By Sato . May 10, 2013 . 6:30pm

Gaist Crusher is Capcom’s upcoming cross-media project that aims to produce content for kids. The multiplayer Nintendo 3DS game has key points in transforming, armament and collecting. Now that they’ve introduced giant monsters, I think the interest just might go beyond the target audience. Capcom introduces Gaist Crusher’s story and a look at some giant Gaists.


In the year 2047, a rare metal, known as the Gaimetal was discovered 50,000m in the depths of the land. The Gaimetal is a metal with the purest form of energy, and was considered a discovery of a whole new resource of energy. Since then, the entire world has been digging mines in search of this new form of energy.


However, in the year 2055, metallic organisms covered in Gaimetal, called “Gaist” have appeared, and begun to assault mankind. In order to fight against the Gaist, the best scientists from around the world gathered to create the super national countermeasure organization, known as the Gaist Crusher Garrison, or GCG.


A few years later… It’s the year 2064, and the stage is set in Steel City, where a new story is about to unravel…


Here’s a look at some of the giant Gaists we’ll be seeing:


Tekkou Ryujin


Tekkou Ryujin is a Gaist that appears in Steel City. It has an intense God-like appearance of a mythological dragon. It is also the first giant Gaist that Recca encounters.


Onmyo Yatagarasu


This bird-type Gaist also appears in Steel City. It takes the form of the Yatagarasu, the mythological three-legged crow. It won’t hesitate to take on even the mightiest Gaist, but it will be up to the Gaist Crusher to stop this giant bird. When the Onmyo Yatagarasu spreads its wings, it will do powerful attacks using its sharp claws. It will require a finesse to counter its attacks and give it everything you got.


Gaist Crusher is slated for release in Winter 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • puchinri

    Looking cooler yet. I am glad that this is a project that was kept and am interested in where it’ll go and how it’ll do.

    • I agree. So far, it is shaping up to be fairly entertaining. The 3DS has been one of my most valuable recent purchases as it has been a great source of varying gameplay. Most of which has a high level of quality.

      • puchinri

        Same here~. I’ve been very satisfied with my 3DS and what it has offered (and looks to have in store for the future).

      • Caleb

        Speaking of variety, I feel I have a fair amount of RPGS, SRPGS, and dungeon crawlers both to play now and to look forward too, but there aren’t quite enough action titles or beat em ups, so this would be a nice addition.

        • Actually, You are right there. I have been fixated on KH for 3ds which has been giving me enough action to chew on. I have faith there will be more action titles. If not at least action RPGs which can in some cases be a little more engrossing.

        • puchinri

          Some beat-em-ups would be nice. I can only think of Code of Princess. Hopefully we’ll get more action titles soon~.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This game looks more interesting from each info.^_^ Hope that this game can develop better.^_^

  • Kioku

    Since I love Level-5’s Little Battlers/Danball Senki, I might like this as well.
    I’M IN!

  • michel

    Looks fresh.
    I’m sure that the younger gamers are going to respond positively to this new IP.
    Good luck, Capcom.

  • Reza Faliq

    Saint Seiya kids version?

  • LynxAmali

    Star Force + Draglade.

    That is all that comes to mind.

    I’m perfectly okay with this.

  • Göran Isacson

    The world is threated by giant monsters… and only grade-schoolers with magic alarm clocks can save us!

    So yes we’re pretty boned.

    Oh I am cynic and jest. I’m a little curious as to where they will go with all those timejumps, maybe there will be other, older agents also using the Gaist Gear? Or maybe I’m just putting too much thought into this.

    • Vash bane

      there will be
      remember the trailer? there was that guy with the black gaist but yeah I hear you. I wonder where the story will go and will there more of the opposing group

  • Vash bane

    I feel that the target audience will be surpassed I mean look at it.

    armors, weapons, and the biggest two collection and story.

    not to mention that there will also be a anime of it as well

    but most of the fans(including myself) will be coming from different genre’s

    like many have stated before. looks like megaman+saint seiya+pokemon(the collect them all part)+monhun(fighting monters and collecting more weapons ..or gaists in this case)

    btw anyway else kinda thought this by chance?
    giant gaist appears in steel city….attack on titan?

    • I also saw a bit of MonHun in there. That and collecting stuff is enough for me.
      If any monster has the petrify ability I hope one of the armors has a set of turbines on the arm guard though. Dont want to blind myself even if it increases my 7th sense =p

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