Meet The Ladies Of Killer Is Dead, Strangely One Of Mondo’s Girls Is A First Print Bonus

By Spencer . May 10, 2013 . 5:30pm


When Mondo Zappa isn’t acting as an assassin in Killer is Dead he can impress ladies in Gigolo Mode missions. Grasshopper Manufacture calls these women "Mondo Girls" and if you want to date all of them get Killer is Dead at launch. Betty, a beauty from Eastern Europe, is tied to a DLC code bundled with first print copies of the game.


These three women are regularly in Killer is Dead:


Natalia – The Pheromone

killer04 killer07


Scarlett – The Sexy Monster

killer03 killer06


Koharu – The Golden Geisha

killer05 killer08


More pictures of the mysterious Betty.


killer11  killer01


First print copies also include a pair of mysterious black sunglasses and another item to be announced at a later date.


killer09 killer10


Killer is Dead is slated for release in August for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Kadokawa will release the game in Japan, Deep Silver is taking care of Europe, and Xseed has North America.

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  • DemiSouls

    I’m suddenly reminded of Namoi’s chest in her lab. That was a glorious moment.

  • darkonezero

    Are the sunglasses physical goods? If so, count me in!

    • Zonic505

      That would make for a sweet pre-order bonus if those were actual sunglasses. Be stylin’ just like Mondo.

  • Byas

    Those sunglasses… Do you guys mean the in-game one that see through clothes or a real one?

    • Keima88

      Good question. Wondering that myself too. Both options are fine for me though.

      • Suicunesol

        I don’t think it’s real. The picture up close has polygons around the lens.

  • Arcm

    You had me at Scarlett – The Sexy Monster lol

  • Neophoton

    I feel a little sad as to being unsure if the glasses are actual or in-game. The game looks pretty excellent so far, though.

  • Asura

    “and if you want to date all of them get Killer is Dead at launch. Betty, a beauty from Eastern Europe, is tied to a DLC code bundled with first print copies of the game”

    I don’t think there’s ever been a more 1:1 relationship between women as objects in video games than now, at least in the marketing scheme of things. Gameplay wise hopefully the same will not apply.

    • puchinri

      It’s kinda weird and startling, isn’t it?
      I am a little curious about how it’ll go down gameplay-wise, but also apprehensive. I also don’t feel certain if I see Suda playing up the trope breaking and deconstruction card in this as much as he did before, which would be a huge shame.

    • Sekai-jin

      The beauties, man or woman always drive sales, so why not.

      Its the same concept as slamming a Bieber, the beautiful boy on an advertisement, with the hope item sales will increase like crazy..

      Is using the physical attractiveness and the handsomeness of Brat Pit, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reaves, Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, and the other ‘sexy guy’ man in an advertisement or movie to boost its popularity, considered as objectifying?

      I wouldn’t say no, and most people wont call it objectify man or anything. The same should apply on Betty in Killer is Dead as well.

      • Asura

        “It’s always been so why not?” isn’t an argument. It isn’t anything. Don’t try to make a rhetoric question with it.

        “considered as objectifying?”
        It depends on a case by case basis because marketing is not done the exact same way every time. So your question is rather irrelevant.
        The commercial you provided is exploiting a fanbase while being akin to those Axe commercials: ie “buy my product and you get your sexual desires fulfilled”. Except in this case Justin Beiber isn’t in his boxer shorts with a look like he is about to start pleasing the girl any second, not to mention he is also imagined instead by the girl rather than an actual person as in the Axe commercials. In other words, you get a “you’ll get the person you want” feeling more than a “people will get on their knees to have sex with you” feeling. So no, while the theme of “buy product to get the person you want” is horrid, the commercial itself does not objectify Justin Beiber. It exploits his fame – but it does not turn him into an object (assuming that the image of a pop celebrity is already not an object, of course).

        But really I’ve wasted words on that because that commercial has NOTHING to do with this topic, largely because the purpose behind this marketing attempt and your perfume ad are in completely different realms.

        You have “Preorder the game to get an exclusive woman to date!” is from the marketing perspective literally turning whatever character Betty may be into an object. She is literally introduced as pre-order DLC. And this is giving Suda the benefit of the doubt that the datable female characters actually have something to them beyond being datable objects to begin with.

        Your argument boils down to handsome men can be in ads, therefore Betty isn’t objectified. That’s such a huge non sequitur it’s laughable.

        The irony in all of this is that it’s called freaking GIGOLO mode. If anything Mondo is the one who should be objectified and featured in his birthday suit or near it, rather than the women.

  • Aoshi00

    Wish they would make clear which ver has dual track.. if the US ver doesn’t, would import like Lollipop Chainsaw or Tomb Raider.. Scarlett is so hot, poke me w/ that big needle :)! well all of them are hot *.*;;

    • wyrdwad

      Unless we CAN’T include dual audio due to licensing or something, I don’t see any reason we wouldn’t. I think you can probably count on it.

      • Aoshi00

        Appreciate the info. That would be extremely awesome, and make pre-ordering the US ver easier :). I hope you could announce the confirmation before release if there’s really no problem for dual track. Sometimes you just never know.

  • Final Aura

    Koharu so kawaii!! Can’t wait to “date” her.

  • Wait, so that schoolgirl or whatever isn’t hitable?! *forever disappoint*

    Koharu balancing out the two super lewds singlehandedly~ I feel like I’m going to enjoy this Gigolo mode the most~

  • Prungy

    Do publishers really have to hold content hostage to get pre-orders?

    • Kaitsu

      Well, you are essentially paying more for pre-order, so you’re pretty much paying for the DLC too, but probably at a cheaper price.

      • How do you essentially pay more for pre-order? Loss of purchasing power for those $5?

  • Already pre-ordered, so puck yeah! =^_^=

    • Damarius Wingfield

      Congrats and yes more pucking to ya!

  • Damarius Wingfield

    Mmm,mmm,mmm….Lord knows I’ve sinned!

  • ShadowDivz

    Meh, Scarlett is the hottest anyway.

  • new_tradition

    Guess they won’t throw in a male option >3>

    Kind of laughing at the shades. They’re actually very nice, but can’t think of any distinguishing feature that fellow KiD players will recognize.

    I’m curious what the mystery item is…

  • I really like how Scarlett looks! Her hair is so pretty. Hmm, kind of want to pre-order now. xD (I was going to wait for a price drop.)

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I hope they include this as a bonus overseas.

  • FX102A

    Based on the last two images, I was the under the impression that the glasses are an in-game item with X-Ray vision.

  • Go2hell66

    Cutscene of the first time zappa meets betty

  • Eddie

    This game looks gorgeous, I just hope the gameplay isn’t exactly identical to No More Heroes. They need to start adding some new gameplay elements to their games, so the gameplay won’t feel like a really good looking but generic hack n slash. Either way I’m buying it though.

  • Vash bane

    are those mundo glasses?
    I don’t mind owning some X-ray shades ;D

  • T-X

    O^O Gosh, I must get contacts and crush this game soon!

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