Square Enix Is Hosting Vagrant Story Art Exhibit

By Spencer . May 11, 2013 . 3:30pm

Artnia, the Square Enix cafe where you can drink alcoholic materia and chocobo lattes, is becoming the place to go to for Square Enix fans. They had a Final Fantasy VIII art exhibit in April and starting this week, there’s a Vagrant Story art showcase.



You can get Vagrant Story drinks too. Riskbreaker (left) is said to be a refreshing drink with soda, mint, and a sweet & sour base. The non-alcoholic cocktail is made from cranberry juice, lemon, mint, soda, and grenadine syrup. Leá Monde (right) is an alcoholic beverage made with cassis, white wine, grenadine syrup, soda, lemon, and mint.


art2 art3


If you’re in Tokyo, Artnia is just a subway train away located in Shinjuku’s Eastside Square building.

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  • SMT

    i love this game :)

  • dragoon_slayer12

    The artist of this, FF Tactics, and Crimson Shroud is truly talented. I would love an art book for all his works.

    If I’m correct, he was the lead artist in FFXII as well

    • Zenthos

      Having a cold drink while looking at his works would be great. And consider it a preorder from me if there is an available artbook.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Agreed, this artist is my favorite in all of gaming. That and the artsyle of the games themselves is too. Wish SE would utilize him more, hopefully we will get some love on PS4.

      • Solomon_Kano

        He collaborates with Ito frequently and they had him work on XIV, so I’d imagine we’ll see them pop up in tandem on PS4.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        If I’m correct, he’s unemployed. He went to Level 5,did crimson, then left. That’sthe llast I’ve heard of him. Which is a shame, I would’ve loved to see what he and level 5 could’ve done with a large scale budget

    • Solomon_Kano

      Akihiko Yoshida.

    • Don’t forget that he is also the artist of Bravely Default too.

      • Solomon_Kano


        • Randy Marsh

          Who also did the character artwork for Tactics and Vagrant Story…

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah. True.

    • Tony F.

      The art of Crimson Shroud is made by Hideo Minaba. I know, the guy is good emulating Yoshida’s style!

  • Vagrant Story was such a great game. Matsuno made a masterpiece with this one.

  • Randy Marsh

    I shall go to the Artnia and get wasted completely off the Lea Mondes until I find myself in Lea Monde!

    • dragoon_slayer12

      You my friend, would then find yourself in a mess of hell

      • Randy Marsh

        Lol, you got that right!

  • Final Aura

    “If you’re in Tokyo, Artnia is just a subway train away located in Shinjuku’s
    Eastside Sqaure building.”

    Well if you’re not in Tokyo like the rest of us you can always settle with a mug of root beer and marvel at the epic pics from the distance of your computer chair …… *_*

  • DarkWaterClone

    That is cool but I would love a sequel, prequel or remake to this great game. It is one of my favorite games that Squaresoft ever made.

    • Matsuno said he was never going back to Ivalice. And VS is tied to Ivalice. :(

      • Randy Marsh

        That doesn’t mean a sequel cannot be made, of course without Matsuno…..well you know what will happen….

        • badmoogle

          Lightning would star on it? D:

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            Lightning would have her name on the title with flames sorrounding it.

      • BenderIsGreat

        I dunno, it was never overtly stated that they were, in fact, in Ivalice. VS was pre- all that FFXII marketing crap about the Ivalice Alliance.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Mm. I wish I had a Riskbreaker. :(

  • Sydney Losstarot

    Hell yeah!

  • cloudcaelum

    Best game after Chrono Cross…

  • Always No. 9

    Could this……be a hint for Vagrant Story 2?……*takes a sip of Leá Monde*. Yup, that tastes like a sequel *hiccup, hiccup*….drunk#9

  • Tom

    Yeah, I remember the Final Fantasy VIII exhibition and I thought we might be able to see some cool photos… Now I’m disappoint… :(

  • Valtiel Ikari

    this reminds me of the good old days of RPG Gold Age…

  • d19xx

    Kids these days will never believe that Square used to make good games and didn’t always have Lightning as the lead….

  • badmoogle

    Ahh the Squaresoft of old is making an exhibition…that’s awesome.

  • Suzaku

    Desperately needs a sequel… When I heard the first mentions of “The Phantom Pain” I really got my hopes up, until that turned out to be MGS5 (which is nice, too).

    But, I mean, come on. The entire game was just the prologue to the “Vagrant Story” explaining how Ashley became the Vagrant.

  • SiliconNooB

    Square Enix are shining the spotlight on Vagrant Story – I guess this means that we can look forward to seeing Vagrant Story S on mobile phones next month…

  • Good to see SquEnix isn’t forgetting their old non-FF classics. Do one of these for Chrono Cross!

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