Final Fantasy XIII-2 Will Be Re-released In Japan With Most Of The DLC On Disc

By Spencer . May 13, 2013 . 2:30pm

FF13-2_degicon_box_NSquare Enix is re-releasing Final Fantasy XIII-2 in Japan as a standalone game under the Ultimate Hits label (it’s Square Enix’s in houses budget line) and as Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection has most of the downloadable content Square Enix released after the game’s launch. Crossover items like Noel’s Assassin’s Creed costume, the Mass Effect N7 armor, and AKB48 member Yuko Oshima’s Style and Steel costume are not part of the package. The Lost Report which retells the story of Final Fantasy XIII in chronological order from the perspective of PSICOM operatives Rygdea and Yaag Rosch is also included.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection will retail for 5,040 yen ($50) and is slated to come out on July 18. Ultimate Hits Final Fantasy XIII-2 (that’s the game with no DLC) is 2,940 yen in stores. Square Enix will also release Final Fantasy XIII-2 as a download for 2,940 yen ($29) or 2,000 Microsoft Points on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade on July 16.


Just want the DLC? A Final Fantasy XIII-2 additional content selection will cost 2,100 yen ($21) or 1,360 Microsoft Points. This package will be released on July 16 alongside the downloadable version of Final Fantasy XIII-2. The total value of the content, Square Enix explains, is 2,940 yen ($29) or 2,000 Microsoft Points so the bundle is a discount. Square Enix has not said if they will release a similar DLC bundle for the West. Here’s a list of DLC items in Digital Contents Selection re-release and the DLC bundle.


Colosseum Fights

Opponent: Lightning & Amodar

Opponent: PuPu

Opponent: Ultros and Typhon

Opponent: Gilgamesh

Opponent: Omega

Opponent: Nabaat



Serah’s White Mage

Serah’s Summoner’s Garb

Serah’s Beachwear

Noel’s Battle Attire

Noel’s Spacetime Guardian

Noel’s Black Mage

Mog’s Outfits: A Wondrous Wardrobe



Serah’s Genji Bow

Noel’s Muramasa

Noel’s Catastrophe Blade


Extra Episodes

Sazh: Heads or Tails

Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess


f13-2b f13-2a

Gilgamesh DLC fight (left), Serah’s Summoner’s Garb (right)

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  • Great I guess. Nothing too positive to say about this IMO.

    • Brutal2d

      Are we even surprised anymore?

      • No we aren’t. Square is finally dying. Or at Death’s Door. I don’t expect them to be an RPG superpower like they once were. They’ll need all the re-releases they can muster and transition to their beloved mobile markets. I want them to turn around but it doesn’t look pretty from where I’m standing. A sad day for me as a Square fan.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          They’re not so much dying. Just losing their credibility.

        • Herok♞

          Really I doubt you are much of a fan,because a fan would be glad people who don’t have access to internet or just want a full disc of everything would be able to have it. if this comes out in English in someway then I will pick it up myself because I hate having to take the game out the collector’s edition I have of the game.

          • I’m a fan of Square as a company. I did not say I was against increasing “accessibility”.

        • Brutal2d

          I expect them to get off the floor and realize what is going on. It seems more and more common now with business practices to be spread and copied amongst other companies so much that they don’t even have an identity anymore.

    • Randy Marsh

      I don’t get what the big deal is, most games have special editions with DLC packed up. LBP, Uncharted, Bioshock, Skyrim, Tales of Graces f, etc. They’re just doing what any other company does.

      • Ehren Rivers

        Oh quiet, you. How dare you be reasonable and logically point out that they’re doing no differently than anyone else. Take your logic and your lack of cries that the company is dead and go back to whatever horrifically reasonable reality you come from.

        • ShadowDivz

          Indeed sir!
          Logic on the internet….The very idea!

      • Aoshi00

        Exactly, Arkham Asylum, GTA, etc all have GotY version eventually w/ all the DLCs packed in, cheaper than individually bought before..

        Although I wish S-E had done a Season Pass at the very beginning like other games, as I did buy all the DLCs separately, since I liked 13-2 very much.

        The colosseum battles were fun but hard, I only beat Nabaat, Omega, & Lightning.. it would’ve been nice if there were addt’l trophies/achievements for these DLCs.

        Wonder what cool covers they would have for the re-releases.. alrdy have Jpn PS3 ver & US 360 ver, so I’m good…

  • efholic

    I’d buy it.

    • Brutal2d

      Why not just get the DLC now then?

      • Manny Being Manny

        Way more expensive

        • Brutal2d

          That…would probably be a good reason then.

          • MogCakes

            It would be, but I found my copy dirt cheap and with the story DLC, about 4 arena matches, and the costumes bought, it cost about $30 bucks total. So, depends on how cheap you can find the base copy.

          • Ehren Rivers

            Except for the time when a bunch of the DLC was temporarily half-price, the DLC listed here equals out to about $57 (Give or take a collection of pennies). This is without counting the Seraphic Wing weapon (Not sure why this wasn’t included), the Azrael weapon (XBL-exclusive), or the two collaborative costumes. Even if you find a cheap copy (the cheapest I’ve seen is $15), this package is a major moneysaver if you intend to get all of the DLC listed.

            Even if you exclude the weapons and knock off all but the four cheapest Coliseum challenges, it sits at $46, $41 without the Sazh DLC (If you don’t consider it story-important) so it’s quite the steal.

          • MogCakes

            That’s pretty awesome and is a good deal indeed. My copy cost me $4 and I got all the DLC that I wanted already.

  • Spider-Man

    Should have included everything in the first place.

  • Bojan Njegomir

    Most? Why most? Why not all like everybody else?

    • Ehren Rivers

      The AKB48-made outfit is free (so it doesn’t really matter), and the other two DLC not included were collaborations with other franchises that it would likely be tricky to include. Depending on the deal they made, this might entitle the owners of the other games to a larger cut of the profits than they would get from a sale of a costume on its own. It’s also possible they had to ask permission from the original owners to include the collaborative content, and were denied.

  • WingsOfEternity

    Brace yourselves, shitstorm incoming

    • Testsubject909

      Not that big of a shitstorm honestly… Not much of anything really…

      Hmm… Guess the popcorn won’t go in the microwave tonight.

  • Total_Overdose

    I knew this would happen eventually. Glad I held out. I wonder if there will be an english option like FF13 Ultimate Hits.

    • Testsubject909

      So… Basically you’re saying that they’ll do like Mass Effect 3 and eventually release a box-set of all 3 Final Fantasy 13-1-2-3 games in one box huh?

      Yeah I can see that happening…

      Edit: Or did I misread what you said…

  • DanijoEX

    All I can really say is…I hope Square Enix knows what they’re doing.
    I’m going neutral on this one (because I can’t think of anything else to say).

  • Lemon

    I’m not sure how I feel about Square Enix anymore. I feel somewhat bad for them since they just posted a $134 million loss, but on the other hand I also hope they learn this hard lesson, pick themselves up from this, figure out and reflect the things they did that wrongly, and finally focus a bit on what the fans really want. It’s definitely hard to please everyone and live up to such pressurizing expectations, but I’m rooting for them to at least try.

    After all, I sincerely do hope Bravely Default (which I immediately fell in love at first viewing of the Japanese trailer last year) will do well once it finally gets localized. Maybe then they’ll finally consider it’s these sort of new IPs that are worth investing in, instead of more sequels or remakes.

  • Vesperion

    Haven’t heard anything about Lightning Returns lately

    • Ehren Rivers

      We might hear something in the next two weeks, but it seems most likely they’re gearing up for an infodump at E3 in a month.

  • Elemiel

    ….. I feel bad for the people who bought XIII-2 day one and all the DLC with it. ._.

    • Symbol de Au

      I don’t…It’s been a year and a half…tomorrow.

      EDIT: Actually going by japan time it had already been a year and a half when I posted…probably.

  • Randy Marsh

    They should just include the English dub also and just retitled the game Final Fantasy XIII-2 International.

    • Aoshi00

      The problem is like MGS4, both the real time and pre-rendered lip movement in each version is actually different. And they just don’t seem to do it for these 2 series as a tradition (like Rising has no dual track).

      Recently I imported the Jpn ver of Tomb Raider for dual track (traded in my Us ver). Unfortunately despite rated at Cero Z, it was still censored. The corpses scattered all over the floor don’t look that bloody and grotesque anymore, instead w/ grey textures like the aliens in Prometheus :(.. really take out the immersion of fear that Lara faces.. so that’s my only complaint. In the US ver, the body parts freaked me out like Lara is in hell.

      • Randy Marsh

        Oh yeah, they used a new system to fix the lip movement in cutscenes.

  • It’s almost as if they’re trying to make it convenient and affordable for players interested in buying the third version of this game to get caught up.
    How dare they!

    • Ehren Rivers

      Right? What monsters.

    • Testsubject909

      I’m wondering how many are they.

      Because as someone who does like Final Fantasy but expresses no interest in Final Fantasy 13 and the multitude of sequels it’s going to have.

      I have no interest in it whatsoever.

      Nor does it erase their past actions with FFXIII-2 and the “purchase the ending” DLC deal.

      Edit: Mind you. I do understand that this is pretty much an equivalent of “FFXIII international”… sorta.

      Sorta because it’s just a repackaging of DLC with no extra new content, right? And this isn’t a scenario like with Borderlands where the new DLC was actual additional content and not paramount to the narrative…

      So… I feel there’s still a debate to be had here.

      Just that, I’m not the best suited to join into it… But that I can point out the fact that… There’s still a valid debate here to be had.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    With the DLC ending the game turns into Evangelion 2.0+3.0. It was a good ride but damn that ending.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Is the ending that bad?

      • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

        Without spoilers it feels like “Yay! I passed the Math test by myself! Oh wait, I actually failed it. Damn it what a disappointing day. I will have to ask help for the fourth time.”

      • saxophone15

        I wouldn’t say the ending is bad (it just depends on what you’re looking for….there are people that like/love it), but it’s not the typical kind of ending where everything’s sugar and rainbows.

        • Symbol de Au

          Are you quoting Sazh?

          • saxophone15

            Unintentional quote (not lying). I noticed after I typed it, but didn’t see a need to change it.

        • Testsubject909

          You know. Sad or grim endings aren’t really endings that people complain about. They feel sad about, yes, but they don’t Hate the ending. They hate what happened at the ending but they don’t hate the ending.

          Kinda like the people who dismissed some claims by going “Oh they just hate Mass Effect 3’s ending because Shepherd dies”.

          That’s just… Seeking a quick excuse to justify any laziness in attempting to understand the opposite viewpoint… I think…

          Oh and, I’m doing what I can to not touch much on this because, well, I’ve only heard, not played, FFXIII-2…

          But from what I’ve heard of a friend who did play through FFXIII, FFXIII-2 and it’s ending and DLC… From what I was explained, from what I gather… It sounded like a very deus ex stupid ending. Kinda like what I hear about Prince of Persia on the PS3…

          • saxophone15

            I don’t know if I would go as far as to say it was a deus ex ending. The “twist” (trying to avoid major spoilers) at the end comes suddenly for sure…but looking back at the game, there were subtle hints of what was going to happen. (I think for some people, it just feels like their work was for nothing)

            I would say that FFXIII-2 as a whole feels like a what-if scenario. There’s not really a huge reason to play FFXIII-2 after playing FFXIII. I still enjoyed it though…and I’m looking forward to Lightning Returns.

  • Dagobert

    Golly gosh! Now I too can be fabulous with all them costumes and whatnot.

  • Been over a year since the first game released, so this is a considerably good deal.

  • TheExile285

    Just Japan….?

  • Aqua King

    This is how it should have been released in the first place :/

    • Testsubject909

      Business Man: “But the flowcharts says that the estimated projections guarantees a higher percent chance for better results if we released it the way we did in the first place.”

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Serah’s inner thighs are good and all but I don’t think I’ll buy this.
    Squeenix must make an interesting first before I buy anything from them.

  • qlint chesney

    is it just me or was this game under rated. i really really loved it. only game ive platinumed

    • Lol, I wonder what Final Fantasy is not underrated? When I go to a IX vid in YT? “IX is so underrated”. A VIII vid? “So underrated.”. V? “Uuuuunderrated!”. XII vid and so on and on.

      • Herok♞

        FF 7

        • Testsubject909

          Highly overrated.

          It’s not a bad Final Fantasy though.

          Just highly overrated… And the fanbase kills a lot of new interest and prospective new players. Much like how over-enthusaistic naruto fans or more commonly known “Narutards” kills any interest by shoving into everyone’s faces just how “AWESOME AND THE BEST OF THE BEST NARUTO IS AND MAKES EVERYTHING SUCK IN COMPARISON! BELIEVE IT!” is…

  • eilegz

    oh the goty edition that everyone its waiting for but then… not western release… sigh

    Hopefully Lightning returns its not a DLC fest

  • I hope this comes to the west, my main gripe with this title were the chapter DLC but with this released I’d absolutely love to play this one!

  • LightZero

    I don’t even know why people would be upset about this. I already figured they would do this. SE loves their international/Final Mixes. Even then other companies do the same. The re-release is essentially FFXIII-2 International. Those who bought DLC don’t even have to worry about re-buying the game. If it doesn’t get localize (I wouldn’t be shocked) then us westerners aren’t getting screwed.

  • Raltrios

    Hmm. I bought the game for $20 a few months ago, but only just finished the first game a few weeks ago. I don’t have XBL atm so I can’t get the DLC, so now I’m wondering if it’d be worth getting this if it gets localized.

  • Guest

    A re-release with just having some DLC content on the disc? I would only get it if it had new features. Sorry Square Enix.

  • Testsubject909

    (Edit: PS. Feel free to correct me if ever I’ve stated something in the wrong. It’s actually quite appreciated. Just don’t be a prick or insulting about it. I’m open to readjusting the info I have if what I hold is flawed. Just… Don’t expect me to blindly accept anything as fact. I’d still need to do some double checking… Unfortunately at my own pace)

    I have to say, quite honestly.

    I’m not too sure what to think, feel or how to just generally react to anyone’s comments here.

    I’m really just sorta muddling through different thoughts and moods here… And attempting to figure out the fine details.

    I haven’t played FFXIII personally, nor have I touched FFXIII-2, most of my knowledge is second hand, that is to say, from discussions with people who have played it and from a personal friend in my close circle who has played both FFXIII and FFXIII-2 and the DLC ending… Mind you he was in the camp of “The game is stupid”.

    But… To better cement how I feel… I’d need to figure out. The DLC. Is it substantial? Is it key to the story? Was it developed later after the product was shipped out or was it intentionally removed to add later? Are there any actual tweaks to this?

    Because this might shift my view from “This is an international release, happened before, don’t really care” to “So they’re semi-scamming people and they might get a free pass because of other such packaged content though the fine detail will differ from the actual end result” deal here…

    Which is why I note. I feel there might be a debate here. A debate well worth investing time and effort in to better discern whether or not this is a good or bad thing…

    Just that… With the information I’m lacking. I’m not the one to enter that debate…


    Just… Not sure what to feel or think…


  • Antixono

    I don’t see why people hate FF XIII so much for.Can someone explain to me please.Anyway was interested in getting the FF XIII series so I’ll wait till this gets cheaper(like all editions packed with DLC do).

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