New Nobunaga’s Ambition Game Coming To PS3 And PC This Year

By Spencer . May 14, 2013 . 4:20pm


Nobunaga’s Ambition is one of Tecmo Koei’s oldest series, which goes all the way back to a PC release in 1983. That’s right the series is 30 years old and Nobunaga is planning to conquer PS3 and PC again with Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation.


Nobunaga’s Ambition: Creation will have players create a new era during various historical periods of Japan. The three keywords for development are reality, dynamic, and dramatic. The graphics will be more realistic with full 3D map and over 300 different castles, the largest amount in the series.

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  • raitouniverse

    But will there be a historically accurate giant crab?

    • NTaiyokun

      Maybe Kingler

    • Guest

      It will always be a Giant Squid.

    • artemisthemp

      No you will only hit for Massive damage

  • ronin4life

    Nobunaga’s Ambition is, in one of its iterations or another, litterally on every console in exsistence…
    except 3ds. Is anyone here knowledgeable in why that may be? I honestly fail to understand how any console on earth could end up without a Nobunaga game… it’s like a Nintendo console without a Mario title.
    @[email protected];;

    • pimpalicious

      Just give it some time, it’ll happen.

      I can only assume this new game won’t localized like the last few unfortunately.

      • Ferofax

        Correction: like most.

    • Tre W

      They must have heard you talking about it or something. There’s now a game in the series coming for 3DS, as well.

  • JohnNiles

    Holy coooooow! Localize this, Tecmo Koei! We got the PS2 games (albeit not the upgrades), so it’s not impossible.

    Hope the AI is not busted.

  • NTaiyokun

    Pokemon was the only reason I knew this franchise even existed.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Am I missing something? There’s already like three or four Nobunaga’s Ambition games for PS3….

    • Gildohma

      I seen one on PS3 that didn’t get a US release. I think they released an expansion but I am not sure.

      • KnifeAndFork

        A U.S. release? Non of them got U.S. releases…

  • Tre W

    It’s good that at least Koei remembers that they make these games and ROT3K (even though the last 3K game left plenty to be desired). I understand the Musou games are what make them their bank, but it’s a bit sad to see what they’ve been reduced to, when even back in the PS2 era was privy to more variety in Koei’s lineup.

    I still hope that one day they may make another Kessen. Kessen III is easily still among my favorite of Koei’s games.

    • $36598391

      I hope it gets released in NA, it’s been quite a while since a Nobunaga’s Ambition made it’s way across the pond

    • D H

      …although they have been remakes, there have been several updated ports brought to the PS3 already, as well as the heavily supported Nobunaga Online title. They didn’t forget about the series at all.

      Now, Koei US, did kinda drop it off after 2009, and skipped the PS3 ones, but that’s not Koei JP’s fault…

      • Tre W

        Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t at all trying to imply that Koei had forgotten about Nobunaga. (Far from it, as the series has found a way onto practically every gaming platform known to man!)

        But what I was trying to get at, is that Koei’s simulation/SRPG output has certainly dwindled beyond their designated go-tos: Nobunaga and ROT3K. Even Ghengis Khan fell to the wayside years ago. And I think it’s sad, as I think that being able to experiment across a variety of games was part of what made Koei’s strategy games so enjoyable.

        I would like to think that if Koei were to seriously think about giving the likes of “Liberty or Death” or “Gemfire” modern day revivals, maybe they would have a chance of capturing a Western audience that would otherwise pass up their games because the obvious “Asian” aesthetic isn’t for everybody. And maybe digital distribution on PSN, Steam and the like…

  • I want an Oda Nobuna no Yabo game lol

  • Learii

    bring to the west

  • CirnoLakes

    Well, it is good that they’re still feeding the PC.

    And this time there is opportunities for good digital distribution “platforms”. I’m sure that the people who buy the Shogun games would be interested in this title. Definitely ought to be brought to the West and brought to Steam. As well as possibly other DD platforms, but definitely Steam.

    I’d like to see most Tecmo Koei games get a PC release. I’d like to see most Temco Koei games get a Steam release. Though then again I dream of most Japanese games getting a release on the PC and Steam.

    Heck, the original PC release of the game would be ripe for a re-release in the West on Steam and Good old Games.

  • Warboss Aohd

    ya know, dese gamez would likely do great on Steam or GOG.

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