Japan’s Long Wait For Final Fantasy VII On PC Is Almost Over

By Spencer . May 15, 2013 . 1:25am

imageFinal Fantasy VII was released only as a PsOne game in Japan. The PC port handled by Eidos Interactive (now ironically Square Enix Europe) was never released in Japan, probably because it would require extra work to replace the English text with Japanese.


Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII International as a downloadable game through their Japanese eStore on May 16. Final Fantasy VII is also available now in English on the North American and European eStore.

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  • Kenny Loh

    A game already release in 1997 just get an official release on 2013 for PC in Japan, nice, square-enix.

  • RovCal

    why would anyone buy this when you can buy and play the game on a portable device?

    • Because Squeenix is good at doing things nobody asks them to do anyway.

    • well its SE

    • Zero_Destiny

      Some people may prefer to play on their computer as opposed to a handheld or TV, there isn’t anything wrong about trying to reach as broad of an audience as you can, per se. More people own a computer then they do a PSP/PS3 (and PS2/PS1 requires people to hunt down a game that is more then 16 years old and when bought will only profit second hand sellers and not SE).

      I suppose the thing SE was trying to push the most with this new version is that it features Achievements, and has a Cloud Saving option. And honestly if SE would just put it on steam that would be really amazing, I kinda prefer steam over PSN myself. lol

  • doubletaco

    I wonder if they’ll also have the same incredibly stupid 30 day download window we have.

  • Amagidyne

    “Japan’s Long Wait For Final Fantasy VII On PC Is Almost Over.”

    Meanwhile, everywhere else’s wait for Final Fantasy Type-0 still continues… `___`

    • ShadowDivz

      Not happening. Ever. I think we should all let it go.(as i’ve been told)

      And god i love your avatar, and that name… Pure freakin genius. Wish i thought of it.

      • CirnoLakes

        I don’t know about never. Perhaps if they re-release the game on another platform you might see it.

        As it stands, the the PSP failed. It had a lot of great exclusive software, but it failed. That might have all been fixed if the PS Vita did well, prompting companies like Square Enix to port the game to the Vita via the PlayStation Network or some such. But the PS Vita failed to the pick of the slack of the PSP.

        Not that I’m hugely interested in Type-0. But I figure Final Fantasy fans deserve it and have a chance somewhere. Though I think that only chance is on another platform. Square Enix should release the game for the 3DS.

  • CirnoLakes

    It is good because this means more than the Western market is being tested for PC games by Square Enix.

    This sounds like a good direction for the PC game industry to be moving in Japan. I hope that Steam sure gets better support in Japan, and more games of interest to Japanese audiences. I think something like that would do wonders for PC gaming in Japan.

  • Universe

    But the wait for Final Fantasy VII on Steam isn’t.

  • Universe

    But the wait for Final Fantasy VII on Steam isn’t.

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