Bravely Default Developer Talks About Square Enix’s Luminous Engine

By Spencer . May 17, 2013 . 8:02pm


Silicon Studio makes games like 3D Dot Heroes and Bravely Default, but their core business is providing software solutions for video game developers. They have a full game engine called Paradox and Yebis 2 which Square Enix utilizes in their Luminous Engine. Since Silicon Studio’s middleware works with PlayStation 4, PC, Wii U and other platforms they are in a unique position to talk about the next generation of consoles.


What are you thoughts on all of the new hardware announcements?


Takehiko Terada, President: PS4 and Wii U are very different. PS4 has decided to go closer to the PC architecture and I think people will like it. It’s much easier to port too. Recently, developers more often make PC versions and focus on cross platform development. PS4 makes it different, so it’s good there.


Wii U has very specific characteristics. Some game designers will like it. Some others will have a hard time to port their game. There are pros and cons. We are very close to Nintendo, so we were working on Wii U for a long time. We almost got the maximum performance with the hardware. Since we are working closely with the Nintendo support team they gave us a lot of useful information.


Ian Graham, Principle Engineer: I think it was a bit of having a headstart and there was a lot of continuity from the Wii in terms of architecture. They added a significant amount of horsepower, but there was no revolution needed at the engine level to take advantage of it.


Are people going to use Silicon Studio’s tools for Wii U?


TT: Not yet, I think. We have an internal development team, but we just started to sell it on Wii U.



As a developer and middleware maker, do you feel the leap between PS3 and PS4 is a big leap?


TT: I don’t know yet. The horsepower in the system is very powerful. For us, it’s one platform customers will want to port to. Since the performance [of the console] is higher we have a better version [of our engine]. For example, we’ll have C# plus multitasking or multithreading so we will use all of the CPUs and GPUs power in our engine.


Since you’re working with the 3DS as the developer of Bravely Default how do you feel about that hardware?


TT: I think we have some room to fine tune on that some more, but the driver layer is almost done. We almost have full power of the graphics chip.


What do you think about PlayStation Vita?


TT: For Vita, we’re still trying to improve our work with it. We don’t have much experience with the GPU yet. Maybe within one more year we can tune up our processes with it.


I remember you said you were going to take a break from developing games after 3D Dot Game Heroes, but then I saw Bravely Default with Silicon Studio’s logo on it. That was a surprise. Are you developing any more games?


TT: Yes, but I can’t tell you what those are. We have one 3DS title, a PS3 title and a Vita title is also coming.


I asked Q-Games this as well, but can Microsoft come back in Japan with the next Xbox? They put a lot of effort in Japan at launch with Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Every Party, but the fuel seemed to die down recently.


TT: Maybe. In general, it’s not only a problem for Microsoft, but also for Sony. Japanese consumers are quickly moving to smartphones. They aren’t fighting each other, they’re fighting smartphones.


IG: Another way to think about it is the way a game system fits into your life is the way a game system fits into your life is very different in the Japanese market than it is in the West. I think that’s what is driving the smartphone transition and I think across the board you have to take that into account when you’re getting traction anywhere.


Is Silicon Studio adapting their middleware for smartphone use as well?


TT: Yes, we have already ported our middleware for smartphones. You can run the Paradox Engine for smartphones and tablets.


IG: One of the big things we’re trying to do in terms of engine work is to be full whole hog, next gen AAA support. Full support there all the way to the next generation consoles, but to have the same systems scaled down to support smartphones in an intelligent manner. That’s a big theme for us. You can have something that has insane post-processing effects and crazy particle effects on next gen and scale it down intelligently so that you get something that works on the phone and gets the same spirit the engine is doing at the same time. You’re not going to get the same number of particles, but it’s still going to look awesome.


TT: We are going to release the beta version in probably around June or July timeframe. We are also developing a sample game ourselves to showcase it.



Silicon Studio’s technology is also used on Agni’s Philosophy.


TT: Yes, we provided the technology for the post effects. It’s integrated into the Luminous Engine. Everything they do post effects with is done with in Yebisu.


What do you think of the Luminous Studio engine?


TT: It’s a beautiful engine. You can do a lot of things that are very complicated. They haven’t shown it, but it’s very good. There was a technical talk session in Japan by Square and they were talking about the details there.

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  • Agni’s Philosophy was so breathtaking.Kudos to everyone who worked on it.Both art and technical stuff.

  • Ethan_Twain

    They have an unannounced 3DS title in development, and the director of Bravely Default was soliciting feedback to be integrated into a sequel. Bravely Default sold well at a time when Square Enix is losing money in a lot of other places.

    I see this as like 90% odds the unannounced 3DS title here is Bravely Default 2.

    • Neophoton

      Is it okay for me to fangirl now?

    • No way i want bravely default 2 made it by Matrix Software !!!

      • Solomon_Kano

        But… why?

        Silicon Studio made the first one, they should make the second.

      • Neophoton

        Silicon Studio did a fantastic job, so there’s no need for Matrix Software.

        • SiliconNooB

          Silicon >>>>> Matrix.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    *HOLY LIGHT FLASHES DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS*……..What is this?! *Approaches* My god it’s…….*Raises it like Excalibur* The PS4!!?? *Battle Cries* RAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhh! *Ending drum effects*


      • Damarius Wingfield

        Indeed. Indeed my good man!

  • Oh, a new PS3 game you say? I certainly hope it’s an RPG, preferably traditional. I really need more than Ni No Kuni to satisfy my RPG lust.

    • Neophoton

      I’d love to see what they’re up to for their PS3 title. In fact, I’m really just wanting to see what they’re doing in general. The Vita could stand to have some more love, so I’m happy to see they’re working on something for it.

  • rainelee

    What game is that in trailer #2 from 25ish ~ 30 sec?

  • MogCakes

    This is awesome. That’s a lot of insight! They voiced their thoughts on the platforms without bashing any system and gave their take on the industry at the same time. I don’t know why I’m so impressed by that…

    • dubaloseven

      Composure and a lack of bias is quite refreshing in this industry.

  • “They aren’t fighting each other, they’re fighting smartphones.”

    Well Said ^

  • Odin

    Interesting that he said that Microsoft isn’t necessarily alone in trying to earn viability in the Japanese market. It’s funny to see this happen, but both Sony and Nintendo have much to work on this generation, in complete opposite directions (Handheld/Home Console). They’re honestly all fighting to earn market-share, haha. Kind of makes it funny to watch on the sidelines.

  • Neophoton

    “We have one 3DS title, a PS3 title and a Vita title is also coming.” + Asano mentioned working on a BDFF sequel.

    *rolls around on floor excessively and fangirls* Just announce it at TGS already, pleeeease~!

    • Solomon_Kano

      BDFF’s sequel is probably that 3DS game, then.

      • Neophoton

        I recall Asano saying BDFF’s sequel will remain on 3DS, so I’m already eager for that announcement!

        • Solomon_Kano

          Hopefully we’ll hear about it at TGS.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I’m not shocked at all, maybe it’s just me but HOLY FUCK 3D DOT GAME HEROES IS PRETTY! I’m glad they are providing tech in one of the most promising game engines out there.

    • Testsubject909

      It’s not just you, a lot of people agree that 3D Dot Game Heroes was a very pretty game.

  • harpdevil

    If the Vita game were a port of Bravely Default I would be very happy. I think that could push me enough to buy a Vita.

  • HassanJamal

    3D dot game heroes was the shiniest game on ps3 ever. Looking forward to their next games.

  • Well we know what the 3DS game is: BDFF 2.

  • Thales Nunes Moreira

    So… Where we can see what they did with the Wii U?

  • Rob Hestar

    I may be in the minority,but I HATE playing games on my Iphone..playing TWEWY on it isn’t fun like it was on the DS

    • PoweredByHentai

      You’re not the only person who hates playing games on their smartphone. I have a Galaxy Note II phablet and even then, playing something like Chaos Rings on my phone is kind of an exercise in not trying to throw the phone at the wall.

      Admittedly, the S-Pen made it much more tolerable playing on the Note II than playing anything on the iPhone with a stupid capacitive stylus. That accuracy from the Wacom chip stylus cuts out a lot of the frustration with not having to fight the phone’s screen. As a result, if I deem a game to be shitty on my Note II, I tend to just uninstall it and I’m done with it. Really cannot say the same about my iPhone4.

      • Rob Hestar

        Yeah I don’t get it.Maybe for other people it’s fun,but I prefer games on my handheld systems or my consoles

        • PoweredByHentai

          I think the issue here is that those of us who own handheld systems and/or consoles are used to having a degree of accurate control that barely exists on smartphones.

          Action games, in particular, are particularly bad at interpreting user intent, even with all fancy multi-touch technology on the phone.

          As a result, some of the most prevalent games on smartphones are ones that have the least amount of interaction with the touchscreen interface, and I think that says a lot about how people feel about gaming on their smartphones.

    • You’re not the only but these games are easely been bought by customers who buy on a whim for a small price.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Another way to think about it is the way a game system fits into your life is the way a game system fits into your life is very different in the Japanese market than it is in the West.

    Hey Spencer, that’s an error right?

    Anyhow, great interview. It’s nice getting insights like this. It’s also nice to hear what they’ve got in the works. I expected another 3DS game with BDFF’s success, but it’s nice to hear that they’ve got another PS3 game and a Vita game in the works. I still need to get 3D Dot Heroes…

  • Testsubject909

    *pauses at*
    “Yes, but I can’t tell you what those are. We have one 3DS title, a PS3 title and a Vita title is also coming.”

    Excuse me…. YES! YES! YES! now with the M.bison impersonation out of the way.

    This was an interesting and informative article… And now I’m starting to wonder what the everyday life looks like in Japan what with the whole smartphone gaming rise and how it compares to here.

  • Göran Isacson

    A very interesting interview, particularly the bit about “the way a game system fits into your life is very different in the Japanese market than it is in the West”. I wonder what this means- is it just the general fact that smartphones due to their versatility is becoming a growing market for games, as it is here in the west as well, or is there something specific about Japan that makes it superspecial extra awesome if you’re a game developer that leads to stolen market share from the video game industry?

    Also, his talk about a scale-able game engine sounds like clever talk to me. Me thinks these fellows will do very well for themselves regardless of where games as a whole are heading.

  • I’m bleeding to know what their PS3 and Vita titles are…

  • The engine looks breathtaking, I predict the new Final Fantasy game to be using this engine, soon all will follow.


  • MmmCurry

    Here, have some errors:

    “easier to port too”

    “the way a game system fits into your life is the way a game system fits into your life is”

    “Principle Engineer”

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