Resident Evil: Revelations Hands-On – Updated In All The Appropriate Places

By Matt Hawkins . May 17, 2013 . 1:40pm

Some might consider the upcoming home console ports of Resident Evil: Revelations a lazy form of cashing in. Others might consider it a sorely welcome homecoming. However, members of both camps may agree that the former Nintendo 3DS exclusive is finally here to clean up the mess that Resident Evil 6 has left in its wake.


At first glance, there isn’t a whole lot to say here. It’s more or less the same game that graced the Nintendo portable, except on the bigger screen. Nothing has really been lost in translation, except for the three-dimensional visuals. Instead, a few minor tweaks and upgrades have been given. Nothing mind-blowing, just appropriate.


This is either a plus, specifically among those who believe that one should not mess with success or simply never got to play the 3DS original—which is the primary reason Capcom has been using to justify the port in the existence; to introduce it to an audience that either currently doesn’t own a 3DS or is unwilling to.


For those in the former camp, some background: the game takes places between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, shortly after some of the series’ staple characters have formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or BSAA, which was introduced in RE5 and was featured prominently in RE6. Jill and Chris have new partners, and one pair goes missing, leading the other pair to investigate. The same kind of hijinks that all longtime Resident Evil fans have come to expect, which were established in part 4 and elaborated upon in part 5—as well as somewhat left to the way side in Resident Evil 6—ensues.


And that’s the selling point, really. It’s a return to basics, to the dimly-lit and claustrophobic corners that made the original entries so beloved, couple with the overhauled, over-the-shoulder viewpoint that became standard in Resident Evil 4. The latter part is the most important detail, and why those who played the first iteration of Revelations might consider a return trip.


While extolling the virtues of the port, a Capcom rep told me, “You can now finally aim and shoot and walk at the same time!” What he forgot is how such a configuration is possible in the 3DS version, but it’s not the most ideal of solutions, hence why the default control scheme has you just standing still while aiming (although, you can still move while firing on 3DS). So that alone might be a major selling point for some.


Visually, everything remains the same pretty much. Some textures have been upgraded, plus much of the lighting has been redone, but it looks just as great as before. Whereas Resident Evil: Revelations was a graphical powerhouse on a portable, it simply looks “really good” on consoles, which is not a knock, and more of a testament of how incredible Capcom’s MT Framework Mobile platform really is.


The same rep also told me that Jill’s face has been slightly redone because “the original looked kinda funky,” though I wasn’t able to really discern any differences.



Once more, there are new modes, like the new Infernal difficulty mode, improved Raid mode, plus a new enemy type in main game, though I was unable to experience any of the above in the preview build I was given access to.


Overall, Resident Evil: Revelations, while not completely atoning for the sins of Resident Evil 6, should hopefully remind players what a back-to-basics, focused Resident Evil experience is all about, and if the response is sufficient, hopefully Capcom will be reminded as well.

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  • Tales_of_Master

    I personally played the game back when it was first released on the 3DS with the CPP attachment and the controls for the most part were perfect (except for the awkward placing of the R button). I was able to shoot and move at the same time, just like in the Demo of the console version.

    In short, if you have access to a 3DS and a CPP you’re better off playing the 3DS version, considering it has better aiming and a laser sight that was removed from the console version. Also, you can view Jill’s backside in glorious 3D, that’s always a plus :3

    • Let me add to the above comment by saying that Revelations on the 3DS does not need the CPP to be an enjoyable experience.

      I’ve been playing this game for over a year without the CPP and I can move, aim (and do both by pressing R) perfectly fine with the default controls.

      The controls are similar to how RE4 played like. And that game did fine with one analog on the Wii and with the 1 and a half analogs on the Gamecube. People who need the CPP are the ones that started out with a dual shock controller. Anyone else, does not need it. IMO.

      I say this, because I don’t want people to get the wrong idea that Revelations on the 3DS is unplayable without the CPP. That is not the case. The CPP is merely an optional device designed for those that need the extra help moving and aiming.

      For those looking for aiming in an even easier manner, there is always gyro controls. Which also doesn’t require the use of the CPP add-on.

      • Tales_of_Master

        Oh I wasn’t implying that the game isn’t enjoyable without the CPP add-on, but for those who want the same controls that the console version is offering, they can go with the CPP because it pretty much offers console-level of control.

        • I just wanted to explain the above because the CPP is hard to get. And people would avoid buying Revelations for the 3DS because they would think that without the CPP there was no point in playing it. When in reality, the game plays perfectly fine without the CPP. It only makes thing easier, the CPP.

          And the 3DS version of Revelations is going for $9.99 – $12.99 at various retailers.

          So that’s something to consider as well.

  • Only played the demo and while better than RE6 it’s not as fun as RE4 or even 5. The controls just felt ‘off’ and I hate Jill’s new face

    • I tried the PC demo and the controls definitely feel off. Just movement feels kind of odd. Jill turns her entire body a little too much when you’re trying to aim.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Mouse Acceleration apparently.

        • Yep.

          That’s why most are using USB gamepads with the PC version. I know that sucks, but until there’s a patch, that’s the best solution.

        • Yeah, mouse sensitivity on the PC version is terrible. Hopefully, it gets patched at some point. The only reason I’d buy Revelations again is to play with mouse/pointer controls. Otherwise, I’m perfectly content with the original version.

      • Try switching to the “Classic” style controls. That way, you will only need to hold one butting in order to strafe, instead of it being done automatically for you. Yeah, the “Shooter” style is what makes it a bit wonky.

        • Aha! I see now. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I played the Wii U demo, and the default controls were wonky for me. I had to change it to the 3DS style controls as that’s what I was used to.

    It looks fantastic, but unless I hear that I can use my powered up weapons in the side stories, I’m not really interested in this double dip. Perhaps when the price comes down a bit.

    • If they ever add Wiimote and nunchuk functionality, the Wii U version would then become THE version of the ports to get.

      Aside from the PC version (because of modding and uber-HD).

      • SetzerGabbiani

        I agree with that. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition controls would make me buy it instantly. They are 1 firmware update away from getting me to purchase asap.

        • If you have Twitter, tell @Capcom_Unity about it.

          They’ll pass along that info to the proper person in charge of making that firmware/patch a reality.

          And Capcom did mention that “at this time” they were not adding Wiimote support. So they did not rule it out.

  • ResidentMetroid

    Jill’s face still looks pretty bad but good thing there is already a RE5 Jill mod for the PC version.

    • But the mod doesn’t look too good, though. It seems that the face structure of Jill in Revelations (“bone” structure) makes it hard to paste other versions of the character on it. So her face looks a bit off when you apply her face from RE5.

      I actually think they ruined her face in the HD ports. Because in the 3DS version, she didn’t make this face:


      • HerosLight

        That is one angry-looking Jill.

      • ResidentMetroid

        Lol, well I still got to give credit to those that actually working on fixing Jill’s face.

        • Well its not working to well at this point. They cannot quite make her look 100% like Jill from RE5.

          So instead, they’re modding Jill giving her new hair or just trying to make that Jill look different (or nude)

      • beat

        reminds me of vester’s face in episode 11

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      There is?! Hell yeah!
      Could you post a screenshot? I can’t find it.

      • ResidentMetroid

        This is the one I’ve seen so far…

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Far better than what we got.

  • Nightmesh

    The atmosphere from the demo was right up there with RE4 for me. Say what you want about RE4 but it knew how to set up atmosphere better then 5 and 6. I felt tense and scared about what was coming around the corner.

    I love how you can’t carry around an unlimited amount of ammo so you have to conserve and decided if this guy is worth using 8 bullets to take down. I’m looking forward to playing this.

    • Symbol de Au

      I remember playing 4 a long time ago. Well honestly I don’t remember it that well and I only made it to the beginning of disc 2 before having to return it to the person I was borrowing it from but, anyway I was scared before playing it and then while actually playing I wasn’t scared at all…the owner even assured me before-hand it wasn’t scary, so I don’t really think they made it all that tense.

      • Nightmesh

        First time I fought a dog.
        First time I fought Spanish Leather face.
        First time I fought the blind guy with hook hands and stupidly kept thinking I needed to bring Ashely with me.

        There are a bunch of other times but those moments I can think off the top of my head that really freak me out. Though I let my cousin play the demo last night and he didn’t freak out but me and my sister both did so everyone different.

  • Göran Isacson

    Looks pretty neat, though I hear they removed a laser-dot aim for… no adequately explained reason? Anyone who can explain if that’s true or not?

    • venomz09

      it’s gone, capcom has not said why they removed it.

      pretty stupid.

      • Göran Isacson

        Certainly sounds like it. Makes one wonder why they changed THAT of all things.

    • Kyle Fedora

      It’s true. Capcom gave no explanation why they did it, but yes, no laser sight. Just a reticle. It really ruins the atmosphere that Revelations has by having this huge solid white icon in the center of the screen.

      • The oddest thing is, they didn’t even adjust it for 3D. I tried the PC demo in stereoscopic 3D and it looks just fine, except for the reticule, which appears behind Jill instead of in front of her.

  • evilmajikman

    How is Revelations supposed to atone for the sins of 6 when it was originally made to atone for the sins of 5?

    5 imo is a far worse game than 6 because of the bs it had like night time only during boss fights, the horrible turret giant boss fight, the glitchy qtes and boss fights, micro managing 2 crappily done inventories, horrible coop ai (practically impossible playing as Sheva). Then there was the tagline “Fear you can’t forget”.

    If your going to make an action shooter, at least make something that can compete with Uncharted or Gears of War. Instead what we got was a neutered RE4.

    • eilegz

      re its not an action nor a survival horror game. Its hybrid, sure the only thing that re6 needed was the proper cover system and it would be like uncharted or gears. but thats not the point.

      People complaining about re6 being worse than re5 and re4 its just in denial, they are complaining about annoying QTE, The focus on action and tension. Guess what newsflash since re4 everything its been like that and revelations its not that different.

  • Kyle Fedora

    *rolls eyes* Oh look, another post knocking on RE6.

    It wasn’t a bad game, people.

    • Strid

      Bad enough.

    • From some that loved 4 and 5, 6 was a total turd. I don’t know about now with all the updates, not sure if that did any justice to it but that was my biggest disappointment of 2012. Still regret paying 60 for it.

      • eilegz

        well you hate the game because wesker its not in it right?

        because so far i dont find a decent reason to hate re6 and more when you enjoyed re4 and re5.

        re6 its a improvement and a decent update over its predecesor, its the best modern re

        • Guest

          The story was god awful. Chris’ campaign wasn’t fun at all. Jake’s was alright but still mediocre for the most part. The J’avo are just….stupid. I liked the idea of mutating enemies….until I realized they were armed to the teeth all the time, some even after mutating. RE6 for the most part is a mediocre 3rd person shooter. Is it better than 5? yes. Is that saying much? Not at all

          • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

            Oh my god I’m seeing double!

        • Tvirus Getz

          The story was god awful. Chris’ campaign wasn’t fun at all. Jake’s was alright but still mediocre for the most part. The J’avo are just….stupid. I liked the idea of mutating enemies….until I realized they were armed to the teeth all the time, some even after mutating. RE6 is a mediocre 3rd person shooter. Is it better than 5? yes. Is that saying much? Not at all

    • eilegz

      agree and more considering that since re4 the game changed a lot and the evolution and improvement of all those iteration its re6 which for me its the best modern re

  • eilegz

    great another re6 like a sin topic…. and revelations like the panacea of modern re… played the demo and no one complains about the lack of laser sight, the wonky and floaty shooting (more than re6), how zoomed the camera its…. oh Yeah those looking for the scare i didnt find anything scary, and the tension i felt more on re5 and re6 demo.

    Yeah all those factors that at the beginning re6 have and got fixed…. this game the demo felt like the ship part con chris campaign in re6…. Until i play the full game i will see how this game compare but for me its re5.5 with nerfs and downgrades.

    • So you’re trying to build up RE6’s reputation by attacking Revelations? Jesus man… How are you better than those attacking RE6 and who you criticize for having a negative opinion of the game?

      Listen. no matter what your experience with Revelations turns out to be, good or bad, Revelations will STILL remain the better RE game that has come out since RE4 and that is worthy of having that title on the box. No buts about it.

      The game had more than a full year on the market on the 3DS and won Editors and GOTY awards, was praised by the media (check metacritic) and was praised by players (check amazon user reviews). Even sold 700,000 units on a handheld system with a very reduced user base and that traditionally, does not buy M rated games.

      But if you expect Revelations to be an all-action game like RE6, you’ll be disappointed. For instance:

      * There are no intrusive QTE’s in Revelations where the game takes away the control from you and forces you to perform an inane action that could’ve been done better if you were in total control. Almost none of that in Revelations (there are few exceptions) . But lots of that in RE6, though.

      * In campaign mode, you also won’t be able to enter rooms with guns blasting, cleaning areas from 10-30 enemies as fast as possible and run to the next room to rinse and repeat the process. You can’t because you have very limited ammo and the enemies won’t go down easily. Dealing with even one enemy will take you more time than cleaning a room full of enemies in RE6. So Revelations won’t be a twitch-gamers paradise.

      * Your characters move slower than in RE6. By design. This is because you’re suppose to be EXPLORING not storming the ship or areas that you have to cover in the game. I already read complaints on the web by users playing the demo version and who are disappointed that you cannot speed through areas, killing enemies by their mere presence.

      * In terms of the controls, these were designed for a gameplay that has more in common with the old games, not the new action-y games. Once people settle down and realize that in Revelations they won’t need to become a spazzy RAMBO to deal with enemies, is when they’ll enjoy the game more. Instead of running toward the enemy, you’re suppose to stand your ground and slowly move either forward or backwards while shooting. Taking your time. Like in the old games. I do agree that the controls in the ports need work. Since they feel a bit off compared to the 3DS version.

      * Another example of how Revelations is not as much as an action game as RE6, are the melee attacks. In Revelations, these attacks are a lot harder to perform (relatively speaking) and you cannot do them unless you first stun an enemy. And these are melee attacks that you have to charge up, by the way. For best effect.

      There are only 3 sections of the game where there is non-stop action similar to RE5. The rest is more like the slower parts of RE4. Except that in Revelations you backtrack a lot. Like the old games.

      There is also a section of the game where you start with a handgun with a couple of bullets, no health items and have to deal with an army of Hunters. Oh, and you have to protect someone at the same time.

      And the game is more creepy and scary. Never once got that in RE6.

      Anyway, I think you’ll agree that LIN in RE5 was the best thing that came out of that game (and Mercenaries). Well, Revelations is like an extended version of LIN.

      Instead of attacking Revelations just to make RE6 look good, we should be supporting this game. This is what Resident Evil should play like. Don’t you think?

      • eilegz

        attacking? what attacking i want to play revelations in console i enjoyed every single re since 4, but the hate for re6 and the whole praise for revelations and re4 for those “fans” its just weak argument

        1- remember re4 yeah, there are a lot of QTE, so its re5 dont know about revelations but complaining about re6 when previous games are like that its unreasonable

        2- Sorry but the demo i have full bullets and i enter guns blazing compared in re6, re5 and re4 you cant go guns blazing neither at the beginning, i have to play revelations when its released but i doubt that this would be different demo wise re5 and re6 felt more scary more tension and more resource management than revelations

        3- The movement its slow, so are the enemies i felt that movement its faster and less clunky than re5 nothing wrong with that, somehow the enemies felt like a sponge of bullets i never tried to melee stun compared to re4 re5 and re6 because i dont notice when they are stun or not

        4- the controls, by design its not bad in fact its better and than re5 but again compared to re6 its a downgrade, it make sense when this game its released before re6

        RE6 improves everything from its predecessor, while its not a perfect action game or a scary game it was a good game on its own,

        • 1. In Revelations the QTE’s are minimal. I can only remember their use at one time: when you have to force a hatch to open using a pipe tube. So its not ever going to get close to RE4 levels. Much less to their heavy and intrusive use in RE6.

          2.Listen, in Revelations you cannot go guns blazing and still find enough ammo to keep on trucking with that same strategy all through campaign mode (you sort of can in Raid Mode). I know this because I beat the original game on the 3DS. And you should consider that the enemies in Revelations are bullet-sponges (I believe you already notice that). This means that you won’t kill them with a few shots. So you cannot storm the areas, killing enemies with the speed you see in RE5 or RE6. Those games are real action shooters. Revelations isn’t that type of game. Some might be disappointed in that.

          3. You know when you have stun an enemy when its “tongue” comes out and he stops moving. If you wanna see that in action, shoot at the arms of an enemy (both of them) and you’ll stun him. Sometimes that also works if you shoot at its thorax. An even easier way to make that work is if you throw at it a pulse grenade.

          4. Again, the shooting mechanics in RE6 and Revelations are different. So is the gameplay. RE6 is meant to be more action based. Revelations has action but its not in the same Gears of War levels that RE6 is. So there is no cover system, or any of that fancy shooter stuff in Revelations. That’s why the controls seem weird to some. Because they expect to play Revelations like RE6. Big mistake.

          RE6 was not as good as RE5. And like it or not, that’s the general consensus all over the web and beyond. It was a step back and feels bloated. It also lacked focus. Talking about gameplay here. If you liked the story, that’s different. the story in RE6 is probably better than RE5’s.

          • eilegz

            2- well trying the demo i could shoot everything, i guess it wont be like that in the final game, i did scan to have more bullets but overall felt the same for me

            3- i will try that but, the previous mechanics its way better but its easier to pull out no doubt, and melee its way better in re6 you can kick and stun them which its nice.

            4- the lack of laser sight its dissapointing (i heard that in 3ds version they have that and FPS mode), and the shooting itself its kinda like re6 as much as you want to say that no, because its kinda floaty and hit confirms its not like re5 and below.

            People hating on re6 in “general consensus” its without any reason or merit. there its no point to compare gears of wars or uncharted with resident evil its just different kind of third person game. When they add 3 campaigns and 1 unlockable its plenty content too bad that now people call it “bloat” but if they dont then people complain that the game its short. The lack of focus i would agree with it but it brings all the elements except the “exploration” that maybe that lacked in re6 compared to its predecessors .

            but let me list you the improvement of re6 over the others for that matter

            1- Move and shoot (introduced on revelations)

            2- Unobtrusive, not annoying AI partner, in re6 your partner help you but it wont eat your resources, wont need to be babysitted neither. (ashley and sheva)

            3- improved storage management i remember how i wasted so much time sorting the herbs on re4 it was pretty dated mechanic, seems that revelations its like that =/

            4- improved cooperative gameplay each on their own storage

            5- decent and balanced melee, roll, crawl on the floor all those improvement are unique and welcome.

          • 2. The scanning you have to do in Revelations is proof that the game’s emphasis is on exploration. You need to stand still and look around.

            3. Again, you’re comparing apples to oranges when you go expecting RE6’s gameplay mechanics in Revelations. Its not possible because the style and the goal of each game is different. I’ve tried to point out to you that you have to settle down and play Revelations not like you played RE6, but like you played RE4 and especially the previous games. The shooting mechanics are not the same. So obviously, things wont ever be the same. Revelations does not need a melee system like RE6’s for the simple reason that its not an all-action shooter game. In this game, you have to be careful how you dispose of EACH enemy. Trying to not waste ammo or health items.

            4. The shooting mechanics of Revelations are basically like RE4’s. They’re one and the same. The game even includes a classic configuration. Which lets you play like the classic games. Revelations plays NOTHING like RE6. The floaty/off controls are something unique to the HD ports. It wasn’t there in the original 3DS game. So that ruins your theory that Revelations controls are like RE6’s by design. Fact is, Capcom didn’t polish the controls on the ports. That’s all.

            Listen, you might not like it that everyone and their dog feels that RE6 was disappointing, but such is life. Some people even feel that Superman 64 gets a bad rap and its a good game if you get pass those annoying ring levels. If you like RE6, that’s fine. But considering that it got terrible reviews and sold below expectations (worse than RE5) and even as an action game it failed – if the box had a different name instead of Resident Evil as its title, it would’ve never sold as much as it did. It just wasn’t any good. It was average at best.

            1. To move and shoot is impossible in Revelations in the original game (3DS) unless you keep pressing R on the shoulder button. Which is something you do not do 80% of the time you play it. You only use it when you have enough space between you and an enemy. Another way to move and shoot is using the CPP add-on. Which a small minority of those that bough the game even got to use. The add-on bombed to the point that you can mostly buy it now straight from Nintendo. It bomb because barely any one used it. So sorry, but Revelations was not really an example of moving and shooting. That really came with RE6.

            2. The AI partner in Revelations is better. Won’t help you at all. So you take all the praise and the blame when playing. AI partner will not pick up items either. And you actually play alone through several stages in Revelations. Like in the old games.

            3. Nope. You don’t have to stop and organize your inventory in Revelations at all. You simply pick up herbs or ammo and it automatically goes to the appropriate sections of your inventory. No fiddling with where you can place ammo or any of the items. So there is absolutely no time to waste with any of that. Unless you want to. Revelations does have ITEM BOXES like in the classic games. You can look inside one of them and mess around if you like that sort of thing.

            4. Revelations campaign mode was designed to be played solo like the old games or RE4. So there is none of that co-op shooter type stuff in it. Which for a Resident Evil game, that’s exactly how it should be.

            5. Those gameplay elements are welcomed in an action shooter. They fit right in with RE6 style.

      • Heavenly_King

        Revelations demo is quite awful. 4 mins of gameplay and thats it? The gameplay mechanics in RE5-6 are better. I understand this game is trying to be survival horror, but why the hell you cant dodge and run, wtf?!

  • xxx128

    The series died a slow horrible death after code veronica. Kinda sad even.

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