Did Falcom Just Tease A New Version Of A Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue?

By Spencer . May 21, 2013 . 12:46am

falcomdFalcom set up a crossover with Trails in the Sky and the online role playing game Grace of Fairsky. While tweeting about the collaboration, Falcom said that it looks like Trails of Blue, which was released for PSP in 2011.


Falcom then tweeted that reminds them "that blue" will be announced soon. Speculation from Japanese message boards is Falcom is teasing a port or a remake of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue. Kadokawa Games partnered with Falcom to bring The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero to PlayStation Vita. Trails of Zero Evolution added a new scenario, a couple of mini-games designed with the Vita’s hardware in mind, and unfortunately a rash of bugs.

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  • Hours

    Alright, XSEED, lets huddle up. Three easy steps to world domination. #1: Get the Trails in the Sky trilogy PS3 ports up on PSN. #2: Release the Vita versions of Zero and Blue. #3: Release both versions of Sen.

    Then we’ll all be happy. Cool? Cool.

    • Chris Yuen

      it’s easy for us fans to say it, when the reality is that the sheer amount of text waiting for their translators to translate it can easily make them suicidal…

    • Ladius

      If this was feasible, they would already being doing it.

      Now, look here to find out why Trails localizations are so absurdly problematic, especially for a small publisher (and even more so considering Trails didn’t sell well): http://xseedgames.com/forums/showthread.php?3889-Zero-no-kiseki-evolution-script-of-the-Death

      Yeah, all the tomes in the first screenshot are just the dialogues in Zero no Kiseki Evolution. Trails SC and The 3rd are a bit smaller, and Ao is apparently bigger.

      If you scroll further down, you will see that apparently the scenario books of the first three Trails games (scenario books = no npc dialogues, and they’re actually as relevant as the events in terms of size) added to an estimate of the Zero-Ao duology are comparable in size to the entire Wheel of Time series.

      As sad as it is, we will be extremely lucky to get Trails SC unless it’s ported to Steam and proves to be a huge success.

      • Hours

        Obviously I was being a bit facetious, I know these games are huge undertakings. But at the same time, XSEED did take the initiative to bring the first game in the series to the US, so seeing that fans now want more shouldn’t be surprising.

        I just loved the first one so much that I really want to see more of them in English.

  • Alexander Aubert

    are the bugs fixed in Zero no Kiseki Evolution?

    • Ladius

      Yeah, they were fixed some time after the Japanese release.

      • Kevadu

        About a month after the game came out. I don’t know why Siliconera is still ripping on it…

        • Ladius

          Maybe they could edit that part, yeah.

          • Gangrelion

            I am still ripping on it too! Those bugs were horrible!! It was not a tiny problem! The game could freeze during anytime! This happened to me during moments like saving data (thank god I used many different saves) and after the final boss! I had to create countless saves and save my progress after each normal battle. It was insane! One month is a lot of time man, I had already finished the game by the time it was patched.

          • TheExile285

            Wouldn’t it have been to just wait?

          • Gangrelion

            What are you talking about? You paid to play the game, not to wait for a month! People nowdays complain for not being able to play in the first day (see diablo III), think about a month! Like I said before: One month is a lot of time.

  • kenshee

    There’s no one to blame for these games not coming out in English, but it’s incredibly saddening all the same :(

  • dahuuuundge

    Ao no Kiseki Evolution for Vita!

    • TheExile285

      I hope so

  • ragingmerifes

    I wish Xseed teased it instead…

  • Please yes Ao no Kiseki Evolution I loved Zero no Kiseki Evolution (Despite that VERY rough launch it had) and I would by Ao in a heartbeat. Ao no Kiseki IMO had the superior soundtrack out of the two games as well so to hear that remade would make me SQUEEEL

    • DesmaX

      Azure Arbitrator Evolution…

  • Aristides

    Xseed should seriously launch a kickstarter for the trails series… at least SC for god sake.

    • It’s not completely the funding that’s a problem. It’s moreso that the time to devote to translating a script of that size is insane.

      The average, wordy, RPG is about 600,000-750,000 Japanese characters… the SHORTEST game of the Kiseki series is 1.5 million Japanese characters.

      Nevertheless, XSEED has already said that Kickstarters are not a good idea for localization companies. You can their comments on that exact topic here:

      • TheExile285

        Don’t forget that Xseed is a company of like 7 people. Its amazing what they get done now IMO.

      • GGear0323

        i have said the same as them in the past to people who asked that question. the best use of kickstarter for localization would be for the original license holder to have a localization team on hand and create the kickstarter themselves. problem is, they are too freaking lazy to do that (maybe i am generalizing but i don’t care!!)

        • Unfortunately, I don’t think kickstarter really is a ‘thing’ in Japan. The concept of crowdfunding doesn’t exactly mesh well with a lot of aspects of business in Japan.

          Nevertheless, consider the costs they’d have to raise just to get a localization team.

          Look at it this way: if you had one translator and lowballed the hell out of them at $15/hr, and paid for them to work 40 hours a week for a year, then you’d have already paid for $35,000 in a single employee’s salary.

          And translators get paid more than that. Not only that, but Japan’s cost of living also includes a somewhat higher cost economy. What does this mean? Average pay goes up a bit, too. You can easily burn up to $50,000 on a single translator. And this is before you get into editing, and marketing, and all.

          And that doesn’t even cover the legal costs of preparing the globally capable team, that would be working in-house, as well as focusing on an overseas market. There’s a reason why globalization is only achieved by some (very large) companies. It’s a big pain in the butt to accomplish.

          It’s far easier for a publisher overseas to take on the risks themselves, and allow the original developer to keep their hands free so that they can continue doing the work they do as well.

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