Metallica Will Have You Raiding Towns In The Witch And The Hundred Knights

By Sato . May 23, 2013 . 6:00pm

The Witch and the Hundred Knights features many strange characters such as the banged up butler Alrekino and the cursed half-canine girl, who all seem to take some sort of abuse from the prodigy witch, Metallica. Recently, Nippon Ichi introduced new characters and features, including one that will have you raiding villages.


The Hundred Knights will be exploring a world full of different races and magical creatures. Some of them will appear as enemies and others will appear as allies, who’ll be helping you out. One of the more popular races are the Mermen. The above images depicts a Merman character by the name of Nahabu, who sneaks up on the Hundred Knights.


The Wingedmen are another race, known for their harpy-like features. It seems as though Metallica has some sort of proposition for them.





In a remotely far area from Metallica’s marsh, is the Valentine territory, where a witch by the name of Valentine lives. The place boasts the world’s best entertainment districts, not to mention that Valentine herself is quite the luxurious lady. She’s a powerful witch who uses the magic of flowers and has the title, “Great Duke of Flowers,” and is feared by many.


The imperial capital of the land is the Chocolata Floral Village, where flowers can be seen dancing during the night and day. Those who’ve had the pleasure to visit say that the experience was sweeter than chocolate.



This mysterious witch (pictured above) seems to have strong ties to Valentine. Similar to the floral witch, she is rather greedy, but seems to favor food over colors. She appears as a boss that confronts the Hundred Knights.




This little creature is known as the detested demon child, Korigon. Apparently, Lord Valentine suppresses and rules the area, but Korigon is often seen happily working regardless of treatment.


There’s a feature in the game called “Witch Dominion,” where you’ll be breaking into homes of different villages and towns to bring it under control and seize family treasure. Of course, the villagers aren’t going to sit there and let you take their valuables or be under control by the unknown, so they’ll do everything they can to retaliate.


Defeating them will have their building under Metallica’s control, along with their valuables. However, they say that doing this too much may result in something rather unexpected.


The people living in villages all have their own thoughts and feelings. What you do as the Hundred Knights may have an impact on their feelings and actions.


The Behavior Panel (shown above) is used to gauge a person’s feelings. The three points are: Friendly, Fear and Hatred. Some conversations will only be established when the entire chart is green, for friendly.



In our earlier report, we got a peek at what looked like a change of appearance in the Hundred Knights. It has been revealed as the “Faucet” ability, which changes our little soldier’s appearance and abilities. In addition, you’ll be able to level up your Faucets and gain special abilities that go with them.


Here’s a look at three Faucet styles:



Wonder Knight: This is the default Faucet you’ll be starting out with. It relies on stable equipment and is well balanced.



Power Fortress: This Faucet is a small fortress-like Faucet that focuses on physical strength and defense, but it is weak against magic.


015 016

Marginal Gaze: Contrary to the Power Fortress, this one is strong with magic and specializes in handling specific types of weapons.


These three aren’t the only Faucets, as you’ll be able to unlock many more in the game with different abilities and features, which can be unlocked as you advance through the story.


018 019

The Witch and the Hundred Knights is slated to be released on July 25th in Japan in regular and limited editions, for PlayStation 3.


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