One Piece: Unlimited World Red Is Part Monster Hunter

By Spencer . May 23, 2013 . 5:00pm

imageNamco Bandai has a new game in the One Piece: Unlimited World series in development for Nintendo 3DS. A magazine scan for One Piece: Unlimited World Red shows Luffy, Sanji, Roronoa Zoro, and Tony Tony Chopper fighting a humongous dragon.


Unlimited World Red has the feeling of a multiplayer hunting game, but the game is more than battles. It also has fishing, digging, and bug catching.


Namco Bandai calls One Piece: Unlimited World Red a “multi action-adventure” game. It supports up to four players.

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  • Göran Isacson

    Multi action adventure… on the one hand One Piece HAS precedent for the team teaming up to take down giant enemies, but only the Oz fight felt like an actual FIGHT. Gonna keep an eye out for what other action-forms there is in this multi-action title, THEN I’ll know if I want this or not.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    Sounds good… Now, we just need a (great) story mode :)

  • Jah-keem York

    “Unlimited World Red has the feeling of a multiplayer hunting game, but the game is more than battles. It also has fishing, digging, and bug catching.”

    Soooo like Monster Hunter? LOL But for real I hope it’s more of a Dynasty Warriorish, Action RPG hybrid those tend to work for 4 players without being too much of a cluster. Thaaat and I’m slowly getting tired of all these games jumping on the hunting genre. There’s been a lot last year and it doesn’t seem to be letting up this year at all..

  • Jah-keem York

    Sooo Fishing, Digging and Bug Catching… like Monster Hunter? LOL Just kidding quite honestly looking forward to seeing how this turns out though. Just hoping for not yet another Hunting game thrown into the mix getting a lil tired of the variety. God Eater, Soul Sacrifice and of course Monster Hunter are enough for now.

  • Highasthesky

    So whats with the name “red” in the title? why not just call it one piece unlimited world? does this mean there is going to be a blue version, if so what are the differences?

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Red refers to Red Line perhaps ?

  • Cazar

    Here we go, another unnecessary Monster Hunter reference every time a video game has a big monster in it.

    • ronin4life

      Well to be fair, it also has Bug catching, fishiing, and “Mining” in an “adventure style 4 player co-op” package.

      That does sound like MonHun…

    • Here we go, another refusal to acknowledge that literally nearly every major developer in Japan is looking at the success of Monster Hunter and wants a piece of the pie.

      It’s the same thing with life-sims on 3DS. People look at how successful Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing are, and make their own life-sim variants. Fantasy Life, Rune Factory, Magician Quest etc.

      • Dexward

        Wait. Isn’t Rune Factory a Harvest Moon spin-off title?

        • Yup. But they wouldn’t have come up with if Harvest Moon hadn’t sold as well as it did.

      • Jesse Torres

        Here we go, yo always having something to say.

  • konsama

    As long it’s not another Dynasty Warriors-like button masher, count me in as sold.

  • Why do I even look at stories like this?… When I know I am never going to play it..

    • Prinny Dood

      I know what you mean its kinda like there teasing us, frankly I rather they not annouce anything thats not coming overseas

  • Nanaki

    Fishing, digging, bug catching…
    It reminded me of Pokemon for a second. ^ ^

    • fireemblembeast

      Plus, the title ends in “red” as in Pokemon Red!

  • FJLink

    But that dragon is from the storyline itself. I don’t think it is a monster to capture, but rather a single boss battle, Oars-like.

    I just noticed now… it seems like you will need help for the biggest fishes. Hope I won’t need three more friends with the game for them xD

    • Herok♞

      Well if it was following the story the dragon fight would have Ussop and Robin, not Chopper and Sanji.

      • FJLink

        Actually, if you have played Unlimited games before you will know that all enemies (except mud fighters and the final bosses) are some sort of “illusion” based on previously-fought enemies and memories. (go to min 13)

        Marineford mode from Cruise SP would be the exception, as (I think) that mode was just the arc’s battles, without any sort of exploration or original story.

        (I suppose I should have expressed myself better. By “from the storyline” I meant that it was a single character with it’s own story (unlike Zombies or Marines) and that it would probably be a boss.)

        I drag too much, don’t I?

  • Pombar

    Eh. Even if it’s not as good a series, Toriko would make for a much better MonHan clone, methinks.

  • isotrex

    Because every time the word Monster Hunter is mention in the article or title, most readers will no doubt click the link and read it in disappointment. hahaha

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